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Field Hospital

Get 500 revives (Ranked Match)

Field Hospital0
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  • DistorationDistoration91,623
    05 Mar 2010 06 Mar 2010
    28 1 1
    You also can boost it with 2 other guys.
    one guy is the dummy and don't get any points, the other guy is the shooter and you are the reviver.

    First make sure that the person who is going to revive is in the same team as the dummy.
    Than start a TD on lastbastion, go to the middle of the map en shoot him with a weapon (I prefer the first shotgun) and revive him. If you do it well you'll be able to gain between 70-80 revives a match.
    Make sure that no one gets more than 1500 Xp, because that's the max that ubisoft created.
  • Chaos CougarChaos Cougar120,594
    14 Nov 2008 17 Apr 2009
    14 2 0
    the way i did it, and what i think is the best way is play on a small map, team deathmatch and dont really worry about kills, as soon as someone gets downed run straight for them, i averaged about 10+ a game and came first in points for a lot of them, so it definately helps on your way to level 10
  • 13 2 0
    Do a 2 vs 1 Uprising match, and if the three of you are also trying to boost your ranks make sure the person on a team by themselves kills the other Captain.
    Its 30 exp for killing a Captain and 15 for a regular enemy.
    Keep hitting revive and you should get 60-80 a match depending on how fast you are.
    Keep in mind, sometimes you can't revive the other person, the person has to kill you and the person you're reviving for the revives to start working again.
    Should have the achievement for all three people in 18-20 games.
  • TOM1013TOM101376,140
    08 Jan 2011 06 Jan 2011 02 Feb 2011
    11 0 0
    I've noticed in some of the matchmaking lobbies that the people who play this game a lot (rank 20+) tend to make their way on to the same team. They will usually switch a team DeathMatch to Uprising or Capture the Diamond. They will then intentionally not score the last point they need win the match. Team DM is capped at 100 kills and the match will end quickly for a really good team , Uprising and capture the diamond have a 15 minute time limit and allow for unlimited kills.

    I used unevenly matched teams to my advantage. I looked for the games with lots of high ranked players on one team and then I switched to the other team. In a recent match my team was all players ranking below 8 against a team that were all ranked 20+ including 2 rank 30's. I spent the entire match reviving (and dying) and ended up with 28 revives.
    After I started always switching to the worse looking team this achievement came very quickly.
  • TJ2012TJ2012101,303
    14 Mar 2011 18 Mar 2011
    9 1 0
    Okay this Achievement Should not be that bad if you do boosting i got it within 2 to 3 Hours. First off Find 2 more people counting you then start an uprising game 2 V 1 And be on the 2 Team. Let the one person by himself run to your spawn area and have the dummy person stand next to a crate or anything but a house (Will go through when revived). Stand next to the dummy well the person Shoots him down. do this the hole round and then you switch i found it best to say "hey can i Revive most of the time" if you have a good team they well just go for the kills because it leads to more points for them anyway and you should be getting this chivo in no time

    Tip: When Reviving i found a glitch type thing where if you look up until the Y to Revive goes away then move it to where it just appears gain and press Y you wont have to go through the annoying cut scene of you picking him up and it faster this way you can just keep taping Y if the dummy's in a good spot

    Hop this help you get your Chivo
  • L33isB345TL33isB345TThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    09 May 2009
    11 11 3
    YOu can either just follow people and pick them up the enitre game. Or host a ranked game and have your friends join in and have one person down somebody and you revive them. It's a good source of xp and revives.
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