Warlord achievement in Far Cry 2


Achieve Rank 30 (Ranked Match)

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How to unlock the Warlord achievement

  • SSCPSSCP839,144
    07 Mar 2012 12 Mar 2012 11 Feb 2014
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    Hello everyone.. The secret is out. This is the fastest way to earn this achievement.

    Say " Goodbye " to the TA ratio...

    This is only possible due to Ubisoft placing a cap on the XP limit, So say thank you to them, And a big thank you to us!

    It is best if you get the other rank achievements out the way first, or they will be out of order ( like on my profile... )

    NOTE - If you have used all of your diamonds on the upgrades i don't think you can de rank...
    1 - Start your Uprising game on whatever map you like, we used Last Bastion... The person going for the achievement should not be host.

    2 - Proceed to break the 1500 XP limit. Using the down captain, revive technique posted in other solutions.

    3 - When you reach over 1500 XP ie 1560... Capture the flags and end the game

    4 - The person going for the achievement can not go back to dashboard etc ... If your game crashes etc just break the 1500 XP cap and proceed on.

    5 - Next you need to set your diamonds onto a class, and press (Y) then to reset them, these will take away your XP and de-rank you... You can only do 1 diamond per match.

    6 - Keep repeating step 5 until you are level 1 with 0 XP.

    7 - When you reach said level and XP, finish the game, and back out to the main menu, click the additional content button, then exclusive content...

    When the Ubisoft screen appears, press the B button or X ( depending if you have signed up to Uplay) This is faster than quitting to the dashboard to get out of the game.

    8 - Proceed to the MP menu and you will see you are a level 30, with negative XP. Enter a lobby and...

    ( Achievement Unlocked !! )

    If you want you can continue to De-rank from 30 to 20, and unlock that achievement, then to 10 and 5 if you so wish... This is still a bit untested so i would suggest doing the 5,10 and 20 whilst going for your soldier of misfortune

    I honestly feel for the people that suffered the 30 hour straight boost, as my friend bugaj sat through it more time than he dares to count! And I for one had 3 copies and 3 boxes ready to do this, but there is no need now!

    We have just saved you many hours of your life, feel free to vote, and if you appreciate what we do subscribe to our youtube channel.

    There is a video to make this easier to understand from us...


    This is the best way to get everything with the least amount of fuss. This should hopefully answer every question that I receive on a daily basis.

    1) First complete all the manuals for ONE class before doing any other weapons.

    2) De-rank to reset your diamonds.

    3) Now you will have 1 class with all manuals etc complete, But no diamonds set on it. The manuals will stay complete even though we no longer have those weapons unlocked.

    Move onto the next class...

    From here continue towards the "Soldier of Fortune" achievement. You should have 15/18 weapons purchased and you will still be able to reset your diamonds once you get to rank 20. You will be at around Level 18 once all manuals are complete. Boost to 20 using the Captain revive method, or play legit.

    4) Use the glitch to get Rank 30 and you have completed Far Cry 2 in the least amount of time possible!

    NOTE: You can boost weapons on custom map in Ranked games by unplugging a USB drive or memory card at the map selection screen and plugging it back in. It took me just over 20 hours to get Soldier of Misfortune this way but when I was all done, I was only level 18.

    Video for boosting Method...

    Credit to Mixy - From Nextgenupdate.com for confirming the method!


    EDIT 22/04/2012
    Before you read the next part this is a message from the person that sent me the derank method, but ended up with -1 diamonds. But i encountered this on previous test and knew how to fix. Unfortunately the person who wrote this for me does not want to be named, and i will honor that. So any questions about this il have to relay through them as its a way i have not been involved in. So here you are...

    This is the last statement from them then il post the method how they deranked...

    "Unfortunately it just seems to work deranking from 19 to 18, higher ranks would also derank but the amount of available diamonds would be 0 or positive.
    I don't know whether the game reacts to that and resets the diamonds.
    So the line with having -1 diamonds left only applies to to deranking from 19.
    It's probably worth a try even for higher ranks (maybe the server reacts generally to deranks) but I can't guarantee it."


    "So here is how I reset my diamonds after having placed them all (therefore losing the ability to reset and derank).

    What you are going to do is to manually derank yourself.
    So the first thing to do is to play matches and getting negative XP (preferably with team kills).
    The problem here is that the game won't actually allow you to derank, you'll just get that much negative XP until you hit the XP threshold for your current rank.
    Once you lowered your total XP to this value, you won't get any more negative XP.

    This is where the basic principle of the Warlord glitch comes into play...

    Assuming you lowered your XP to this point, you will now have to finish one game with more than 1500XP.
    Once this is done, you will have to start getting negative XP again.
    Like before, do that until your total XP hit the XP threshold of your current rank (you won't get more negative XP at that point).

    After this is done, restart the game (dashboard out or go to "Additional Content" -> "Exclusive Content").
    Once you logged in again, you will have successfully lowered your rank (while being very close to the next rank) because the server will subtract the amount of XP you had over 1500 XP.

    Now DO NOT PLAY ANYMORE GAMES so that you won't rank up again!
    If you host a ranked game and check your load out, you will probably see that your diamonds are still in place and you have -1 available diamonds.
    Now you will have to wait, quit the game and do something else for about 24 hours.
    Once you logged in again, your diamonds should be reset.


    To make it a bit more visual, here is a little example (short version if you want to call it so):

    Let's say you are rank 19 with 205.000 XP and you have all diamonds set (can't reset them).

    1. Play matches and get negative XP.
    2. Once your total XP lowered to 200.000 XP (threshold of rank 19), you won't get any more negative XP.
    3. Finish a match with more than 1500 XP (1560 for this example).
    4. Again, get negative XP until your total XP is 200.000 (you won't get any more negative XP at this point).
    5. Restart the game (dash out, "Exclusive Content").
    6. Login to MP, the server will subtract the 60 XP from (3.) and derank you to rank 18 with 199.940 total XP.
    Your Load Out will still have all diamonds set right now with -1 available diamonds.
    7. Quit the game and don't touch it for 24+ hours.
    8. Login to MP, your diamonds should be reset now.

    This is just an example, variables like your rank, your rank's XP threshold and how much you go over 1500XP at (3.) may vary. "

    It could be that I have some good news.
    A friend of mine was in the same situation that I was (rank 19 with all diamonds set, so no reset possible).
    I wanted to try the manual derank method with him, so in preparation, he got negative XP (he dropped from 205k to 200k, which is the XP threshold for rank 19), but stayed on rank 19 by then.
    I can't tell whether it was by suicides or team kill though.

    So, yesterday (2 days later) I wanted to show him how to actually derank, but it wasn't necessary because his diamonds were already reset.

    Long story short: It could be coincidence, but maybe it is enough to get a big amount of negative XP in a short time (in this case -5000XP in one gaming session) and then wait for a day or two to get your diamonds reset.


    [EDIT 11/02/2014]
    Re-wrote some of the solution to try to reduce the amount of questions I receive about this solution. Hopefully the "Best Method" part is easier to understand now. Apologies to you all.

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    BPBPBPBPBPBPBPJust triple box script revives
    Posted by BPBPBPBPBPBPBP on 04 May at 23:42
    TheGamingDad91so if you earn 30000 xp from 10 matches and then you leave. you will only have gained 15000 xp?
    Posted by TheGamingDad91 on 05 May at 10:45
    xxHAWKBITxxYes, it is correct, you have 15000 XP. Try it and you see. After a long boosting session with 2000 Xp every match, I derank next time when I want to start continue boosting. (Check your xp after boosting with more then 1500 XP every match and check your Xp next time after dashboard.) And thats the logic for the glitch. (Level 1 with 0X and get minus XP= loose Xp from a game over 1500XP after you get 1500 minus XP from reset diamonds 3 times and finish the process to dashboarding.)
    Posted by xxHAWKBITxx on 05 May at 22:22
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  • L0Straniero91L0Straniero91143,884
    04 Feb 2011 04 Feb 2011 13 Mar 2012
    80 19 32
    After lot of sacrifice, I achieved Warlord on the 04/02/2011!
    I boosted this achievement with a lot of people that scammed me (or the other boosters), gave up (deleting me on the friend list, not caring to explain why) or some guys who wanted to ruin mine boosting attempt!

    So, before you actually start to boosting for this achievement, ask yourself a question: how much you are dedicated to this one? Because if you ask to boost, but then you give up, probably you don't care of this achievement or you just not strong enough to survive the 200+ hours you will put in the online part of the game!

    After you decide if whatever it's worth to get this achievement or not, you have to find 2 other dedicated partners, who are hardcore enough to survive with you and, of course, reliable.

    There are other ways to do this achievement, that will explain later.


    Assuming that you just need WARLORD, and not the other achievements, here's what you have to do for starting:

    Boosting Far Cry 2, usually, involves to do it with 3 people, with each have a different role!
    The KILLER, the REVIVER and the DUMMY.

    The KILLER kills (wow), and it will be the guy who will gain the most point out of the match. The KILLER is always the captain, and he is a lone wolf (means he has to be alone, without any teammates in his team). The KILLER kills the DUMMY.
    The REVIVER is the soldier (not the captain) in the opposite team, and he will revive the DUMMY.
    The DUMMY is the captain in the opposite team (with the REVIVER), he will get slashed by the KILLER and revived by the REVIVER.

    First thing! Have the REVIVER host, because he's faster when reviving (unless he has a very bad connection), and provides to shorthen the duration of the match.

    When hosting, you have always to put this settings (starting from the main menu)

    Multiplayer > Ranked Match > Create Match

    Game Mode: Uprising
    Map Cycle: Last Bastion
    Minimum Players: 6 (the will avoid randomers to start the match)
    Respawn Time: 5
    Go to Advanced Options and put "Yes" on "Hardcore Mode" (more damage)

    Then "Launch Match"

    As soon as the lobby is up, have the other players to join your room by going from the main menu

    Multiplayer > Ranked Match > Join Custom Match

    Game Mode: Uprising
    Map: Last Bastion

    Select "List Matches"

    Pick the room, if is the uncorrect one, just back out and join the correct lobby.

    As soon as everyone is in the lobby, have players set correctly in each teams, using "Switch Team" option if needed.


    KILLER *insert a gamertag*

    REVIVER *insert a gamertag*
    DUMMY *insert a gamertag*


    REVIVER *insert a gamertag*
    DUMMY *insert a gamertag*

    KILLER *insert a gamertag*

    If randomers join the lobby, the host can kick them, highlight the gamertag, press A then Kick Player! Then press Force Launch! If someone joins during the countdown, don't worry, as soon as the match starts and you picked up your loadout, press the BACK button, highlight the randomer and press A then Kick Player.

    Now, here's how to boost!

    *1* As soon as everyone is in the game! Everyone will go near capture point C, there is a huge stone block on his side, the DUMMY will crouch there, facing the block. The REVIVER, now, get close to the RIGHT side of the DUMMY, it's important to prevent him moving when revived. The KILLER goes to the left side, and start slashing with the machete pressing ONCE the right trigger, just ONCE, nothing more. As soon as the DUMMY is down, REVIVER will press Y to revive him, try to get the "extending arm" animation, not the fully animation where you make the captain stand up! Now, KILLER slash again, REVIVER revives,and so on, till the KILLER has 1500 points! After that, the DUMMY will start capturing all 3 points, and in the meantime the REVIVER kills the captain to rack up more points. When all 3 capture points are captured, kill the KILLER and you will finish the match.

    That's how usually Far Cry 2 is boosted. It's all team efforts, usually the match, if nothing happens, lasts 4-5 minutes! Have people rotate the DUMMY, KILLER, REVIVER/HOST sometimes!

    Now, up to the other boosting method and the hours you need if you start from scratch (Rank 1)

    1 vs 1 BOOSTING: 300+ hours for each person = 600+ hours for everyone.
    This is the most painful way to boost Warlord if you don't have a 3rd guy, and I tried it... What you have to do is just to trade kills:you kill, then your friend will kill you, you kill him again and so on... I won't recommend it, but, if you are so desperate! Nobody will get close to 1500 XP, unless you like to abuse!

    1 PERSON BOOSTING WITH 2ND XBOX: 250 + hours
    If you have a 2nd Xbox, this will be the only way if you can't get a 3rd guy to join! Basically, what you have to do is to run back and forth to the spawning point of Last Bastion, using each guns suits your style, and killing the captain till the time runs out (you can do 1500 XP in 15 minutes, the full match duration).

    1 PERSON BOOSTING WITH 3 XBOX: 100 + hours required
    If you have a lot of money (or friends who let you borrow them Xbox), you can save a lot of time and do it by yourself!

    2 PEOPLE BOOSTING (WITH 2ND XBOX): 100+ hours for each person = 200+ hours for everyone
    That would be the best method if you have a 2nd Xbox, the 2nd account will be always the DUMMY, while you and your friend can rotate KILLER,REVIVER role, everything works like the prefered boosting method.

    3 PEOPLE BOOSTING: 100+ hours for each person = 300+ hours for everyone.
    This is the prefered method. It's wrote on the top, search for *1* wit the searching function of your broswer.

    3 PEOPLE BOOSTING (WITH 2ND XBOX): 100+ hours for each person = 300+ person.
    This is a special version of the 2 people boosting with a 2nd Xbox, but now with 3 human players! Thanks to my friend UNeakONE! First of all, have the owner with the 2 Xbox to set up the lobby. The REVIVER will be the player, while the stationary account (2nd Xbox) is the DUMMY. Now, on the other team, there will be 2 KILLERS, that's right! 2 KILLERS! But wait, before you start, who is captain, goes to capture A and B, the soldier, in the meantime, runs to the huge stone block and start killing the DUMMY till he gets 1410 points, the captain now should have captured A and B before the soldier has finished, so the captain runs where the boosting is taking place, and as soon as the soldier gets 1410, he starts killing the DUMMY, till he gets 1420 (or something). Now, the captain captures C, and the soldier kills the DUMMY. Everyone will get 1500 (the REVIVER 1410). That is how I boosted my last points, and it worked like a charm! The match will last 5 minutes, like the normal boosting :)

    LEGIT: 500+/700+/Endless hours required
    Really, why you would do that?? No one plays the game anymore, probably back in the 2008, when the game came, you probably have done it after months of playing, but now, everything is changed! If you can ever get in a lobby, you would stay in a team with low ranks againts rank raging from 20 to 30! And usually this guys host, and they lag the connection and gain most kills, and, even if you manage to land a shot or two, you will get kicked for no reason, and you the point you did will not count! Do yourself a favour, boost or don't care!


    The one sitting boost is, pratically, a non-stop boosting exceeding over the 1500 XP cap per match! This is probably a suicide, but if you want to do it, here's how!

    First of all, you can do it only using the 1 PEOPLE BOOSTING WITH 3 XBOX, 2 PEOPLE BOOSTING WITH 2ND XBOX or with 3 PEOPLE BOOSTING! What the KILLER have to do is to NOT STOP, keep killing the DUMMY until the time runs out, that will make you able to gain 8,000+ XP for a perfect match!

    It sounds amazing, but hold your horse: Ubisoft made a patch which cap the point you can do per match, that is 1500 XP! You can still go over that cap, and the point will be added, BUT, when you goes to the dashboard, or lose connection with Ubisoft servers, everything over the 1500 will be deleted, yeah, that's right! The one sitting boost requires you to boost for 26 hours (if you start from rank 20).
    Once you start, you can't turn off your Xbox or lose connection from Ubisoft servers! If that happens, you're pretty much screwed, so watch out! If you don't trust your connection, then DON'T DO IT! Anything can happen: Xbox Overheating, Bad Weather, Server Going Down, ecc...

    Now, let's do some math!

    If you are going for the safe boosting: you get 1500 XP in 3 – 4 minutes, and the match lasts 5 minutes (if everything is done right). Ignoring loading times and setting up, in one hour you can get 18,000 XP! 18,000 x 83.5 hours = 1,500,000 XP! Here we go! With safe boosting you are looking for 83.5 hours, and that’s if you are starting from scratch! 70 hours if you are starting from rank 20!


    Rank 1: 0
    Rank 2: 150
    Rank 3: 450
    Rank 4: 1,200
    Rank 5: 2,100
    Rank 6: 3,300
    Rank 7: 5,500
    Rank 8: 7,000
    Rank 9: 10,000
    Rank 10: 15,000
    Rank 11: 20,000
    Rank 12: 27,500
    Rank 13: 40,000
    Rank 14: 55,000
    Rank 15: 75,000
    Rank 16: 100,000
    Rank 17: 125,000
    Rank 18: 150,000
    Rank 19: 200,000
    Rank 20: 250,000 MERCENARY
    Rank 21: 300,000 PROFESSIONAL
    Rank 22: 400,000 VETERAN
    Rank 23: 500,000 HARD CASE
    Rank 24: 600,000 DOG OF WAR
    Rank 25: 700,000 LIEUTENANT
    Rank 26: 800,000 CAPTAIN
    Rank 27: 900,000 COLONEL
    Rank 28: 1,000,000 FIELD MARSHAL
    Rank 29: 1,250,000 WARLORD
    Rank 30: 1,500,000 GRAND WARLORD

    If you think you are raking up fast from rank 1 to 9! You are! Then from 9 it goes slower and slower. And when you reach 21, you seem that you’ll take for ever to rank up… I’m not gonna say anything when you’re rank 28!


    1) When I play this game legit, I always get kicked, why?
    The host is either a douche or a loser! This happens if you kill him many times, or if he just sadistic enough to kick without any reason. Boosting this game is better IMHO!

    2) During the game I get “Far Cry 2 servers are unavailable. Please try again later”.
    Oh no! Perhaps one of the most annoying message! That happens when your game lost the connection to the Ubisoft servers, either for maintenance, bad connection or worst… closure ! Everything you did on the match is lost… “puff!”

    3) During the game, I get the “Network error occurred” or something similar then the match ends!
    This happen when you lost the connection to Ubisoft servers due of a problem of your modem, or when the last enemy player leaves the match! If the first thing happens, you lose the point because your stats cannot be saved into servers as the connection is missing, if the second thing happens, don’t worry then, you’ll stats will be saved!

    4) I have fully upgraded a weapon, but when I load up the game after a while, some of my kills are gone, why?
    Nobody knows the answer of that, it happened to me as well! Try to wait before quitting the game so your stats will be uploaded easily. It’s funny that you lose only weapon stats but not the XP you did!

    5) After I went to the dashboard and reloaded the game, some of my XP are gone, why?
    Maybe you didn’t read the warlord section, but I will explain It here! Due of Ubisoft not liking boosters, a patch was made to “prevent” this problem. It sets a 1,500 XP cap on each match, if you exceed that, everything but XP will be saved. That’s why you lose XP! And no, removing the patch won’t allow you to play on XBL, as the patch is mandatory! Avoid exceeding that amount… unless you are going for the “all-in-one-go boosting”!

    6) Is it possible to earn achievement in player matches?
    No! The achievements clearly says that you have to do them on ranked! And in player matches none of your stats will be saved and you only get to rank 19!

    7) I don’t how, but the dummy just went through the map and felt into and endless pit, why?
    Frankly I don’t know what’s happening, it’s a bug in the game! As I wrote in the Field Hospital section, the only way to block the dummy is to get close to his feet while he is on the ground and then reviving/killing it. By doing this, the dummy’s game still thinks he’s moving, but on your screens you cannot see it! If you are not fast enough to kill (or revive) the dummy, he will suddenly teleport outside the map and fall! The only way to stop this is to kick him!

    8) I exceeded the 1500 XP cap, can I do something?
    Yes, if the match is still running, suicide yourself. You lose 5 points! For example, If you have 1,520 XP, suicide four times, you’ll lose 20 points and you’ll be back to 1,500!

    9) During the match I lost an huge amount of point and I deranked, why?
    Because in the load out menu you pressed Y which will reset every diamonds you inserted and you even lose a rank for doing that! A message should appear warning you about that, you may have pressed A without read it! Try not doing this, because on greater ranks you’ll need a lot of points! If this happened, go to the dashboard or be banned from the game by the host! The reset option will stop working after you upgraded everything, well, because it would be pointless now to de-upgrade every class!

    10) My custom map won’t work on ranked, why?
    It would be too easy if you can upload a very small map for boosting this game! But it is not! Ubisoft will take a look on each map you upload, and if it’s good enough, it will be approved for ranked matches! Do not expect that your tiny map with all the respawning points close to each other will be used on ranked, I tried for myself, so don’t bother!

    11) I cannot revive anymore or pick ammo/climbing leader, the Y prompt button won't appear, what happened?
    It's a bug! Try these solutions:
    1) Change your controller layout and change it back to your favourite, sometimes works.
    2) Have someone kill you.
    3) One of my fellow boosters, UNeakONE, suggested to switch from your weapon to IED's (if using Guerrilla or Saboteur), this will fix the problem, though it may still happen!
    This problem won't happen to the host, so maybe you want have the host to be the reviver.

    12) When I shoot someone, seems invincible, why?
    When someone spawns, above his will be displayed an hovering white shield with a black medical cross on it, that's means he's invincible, the game gives 5 seconds of invincibility before be mortal again! If you want to remove this invincibility immediatly, have the invincible guy to shoot, no matter where, and all your problems are resolved!

    13) Can I still get points if I ban everyone or everyone leaves?
    Yes you can still get points, but I wouldn't ban everyone in a game (unless you're boosting) because this will harm your rep. Banned players cannot rejoin to your lobby, so you have to create a new one.

    14) Can I use Turbo Controllers for Revives?
    Yes, it helps a lot!

    That's it! I decide to wrote this guide as soon as I would hit Warlord, and since I finally got it after A YEAR I had this game, probably means that I'm an hardcore booster that doesn't like to give up.

    I'm also proud to say that this was my last achievement I needed for 1000 G the game! And, by looking my italian fellows, I'm probably the first italian to ever get the 1000G without hacking!

    If you are really willing to boost Warlord, sit back and relax, prepare to spend countless hour but then you will be really proud of achieving such and painful and time consuming achievement!

    I would love to thank seowbeng2003 and UNeakONE for helping me boosting the last ranks, and other people that helped me too: royal capri, P4iiNK1lL3r, matdan1212, SonicDPyscho, DECSTAR 1, DarKenshin13, davo015, ukinspro.

    And even if thus guys of them are scammers or gived up: signofthec0w, Aveus, DR FI2ANGSTEIN, II Kazz II, BeatsMeanzHighs and some others I don't remember! Even if these people scammed me, they have always helped me to gain boosting as long it lasted, so, even if I don't want to say it: THANKS TO EVERYONE!

    P.S.: This guide will become useless by now. Who wants to sit through 150+ hours when you can just glitch it? I did that on PS3 but on 360 I had the boost before I knew (the day I read this) the glitch is working also on 360. It was nice to help till it lasted.
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    L0Straniero91The new fresh bug!
    Posted by L0Straniero91 on 30 Mar 12 at 15:59
    SlightlyEroticHey, I have 3 xboxes and want to do warlord IF i do 26h from 20-30 and then how i finish the game and is the points over the 1500 will count or what ?
    Posted by SlightlyErotic on 18 Aug 12 at 22:00
    Geraldo Junior6Estou com problemas para a conquista warlord 40G, eu coloquei todos os diamantes para fazer as armas e não consigo tirar eles mais ou seja a opção Y SUMIU ! estou com 200,000 Mil de XP vocês pode me ajudar ? essa é a minha ultima conquista. o que devo fazer ?
    Posted by Geraldo Junior6 on 17 Aug 19 at 03:33
    18 Aug 2009 20 Aug 2009 19 Oct 2010
    39 29 26
    Due to the amount of people asking me about the real boosting method i will post it here. I assumed everyone knew how to do it from other sites. You need to play game mode uprising on the map last bastion. You have three positions The dummy (obviously the one that dies), the reviver, and the killer. Now before you do anything you must make sure that the dummy is the captain he will be by himself on the team. Reason being is that you get 30 points per kill as opposed to 10. Go to point C on the map and position your reviver on top of the barrels there and position the captain next to the barrels facing the short wall. Have your killer use the blade weapon as soon as the captain starts to get up slash him again it takes time and you have to get used to the timing but you should be getting 400 kills every 15 minutes. At least thats what i was averaging. Beware when you do this you may get several threats from people on top of the leader boards as they don't want you taking their precious spot.

    Just block them and don't join there parties or send them messages if they join your game you can kick them. I had stalkers consistently until i fell from the number 1 spot on the leader board. I had to constantly tell them i didn't care about the leader board i was just trying to get the achievement.

    This acheivement has been made alot harder now that ubisoft made a patch putting a cap on the xp you can get a round. Heres how i did it.Get three xboxes and boost your self to the 1.5 million but have your body ready as this is more of a test of how long can you last.How bad do you want it kind of thing because you have to do it in one sitting.

    You need to average at least 11,000 xp every 15 min. I suggest having at least rank 20 before going for this as it will be easier to boost for 27 hours straight than 54.You can not turn your xbox off once you start or go to the dashboard.

    You are at the mercy of many things you have no control over,example power outages,servers going down,xboxes breaking down.Therefore there is a luck factor involved. I boosted for 26 straight hours to get this i failed 4 times before getting it. Heres some things that will help.

    1.Install the game to your harddrive to prevent overheating
    2.Have at least 26 hours of freetime
    3.Buy Monster energy drinks
    4.If you start wearing down take a shower or splash water in your face
    5.Check your forecast

    Good luck any questions feel free to ask me

    This acheivement has been made alot harder now that ubisoft made a patch putting a cap on the xp you can get a round. Heres how i did it.Get three xboxes and boost your self to the 1.5 million but have your body ready as this is more of a test of how long can you last.How bad do you want it kind of thing because you have to do it in one sitting.

    You need to average at least 11,000 xp every 15 min. I suggest having at least rank 20 before going for this as it will be easier to boost for 27 hours straight than 54.You can not turn your xbox off once you start or go to the dashboard.

    You are at the mercy of many things you have no control over,example power outages,servers going down,xboxes breaking down.Therefore there is a luck factor involved. I boosted for 26 straight hours to get this i failed 4 times before getting it. Heres some things that will help.

    1.Install the game to your harddrive to prevent overheating
    2.Have at least 26 hours of freetime
    3.Buy Monster energy drinks
    4.If you start wearing down take a shower or splash water in your face
    5.Check your forecast

    Good luck any questions feel free to ask me
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    Defrosted Jayi think more of what you put in the comments should be in your guide, but it's all there and its a good guide so thumbs up from me
    Posted by Defrosted Jay on 13 Jun 11 at 00:37
    RocksTheBurtonlove the advice to get monster energy drinks! LOL
    Posted by RocksTheBurton on 27 Jul 12 at 21:57
    Geraldo Junior6Estou com problemas para a conquista warlord 40G, eu coloquei todos os diamantes para fazer as armas e não consigo tirar eles mais ou seja a opção Y SUMIU ! estou com 200,000 Mil de XP vocês pode me ajudar ? essa é a minha ultima conquista. o que devo fazer ?
    Posted by Geraldo Junior6 on 17 Aug 19 at 03:36
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