Soldier of Misfortune achievement in Far Cry 2

Soldier of Misfortune

Unlock field manuals for all weapons (Ranked match)

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How to unlock the Soldier of Misfortune achievement

  • Chilli ThunderChilli Thunder828,390
    18 Jul 2009 18 Jul 2009 26 Jan 2015
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    You will need to rank up to at least Level 19 to receive enough diamonds to unlock all weapons ( higher if you have reset your diamonds at any point )

    To make things a little easier, I've listed the number of weapon kills (Maintenance Manual) , executions (Operations Manual) & headshot/ Multikills (Bandoliers) you will need to achieve, in the same order as that found on the in-game Player Statistics page, and also included the class and level for each weapon.

    Weapon______Class__Lvl__ Kills __Exec__ H/S__ M/K
    Makarov______Shrp___1___100____ 50___ 50___ 0
    6P9____________Sab___1___100_____50___ 50___0
    Star .45_______Com___1___300___200__ 100___0
    Eagle.50______Gun____1__ 300 ___200__ 100__ 0
    MAC-10_______Guer___1__100____ 50___ 50___ 0
    Uzi____________Rbl_____2__ 250__ 100___ 100__ 0
    Flare Pistol ___Shrp___2__ 100____0______ 0___ 0
    IED___________Guer___2___ 0_____ 0______ 0___ 100
    M-79__________Com___2___ 100___ 0______0____100
    G3-KA4_______Com___1____100___ 50____ 50___ 0
    Silent MP-5____Sab___2___ 100___ 50____ 50___ 0
    AK-47_________Com___2___ 250__ 100___ 100__ 0
    AR-16_________Sab____3___ 250__ 100___ 100___0
    FAL PARA._____Com___3___ 500__ 250___250__ 0
    Homeland 37__Guer__1____100___50___ 50___ 0
    SPAS-12_______Guer___2___ 250__100__ 100__ 0
    USAS-12_______Guer___3___ 500__ 250__ 250__ 0
    M1903_________Shrp___1___100___50____50___ 0
    Dragunov SVD__Shrp__2__ 250___100__ 100__ 0
    AS50___________Shrp___3__ 500___250___250__ 0
    Dart Rifle_______Sab___1___250___100___100__ 0
    M-249__________Gun___3__ 500___250___250__ 0
    LPO-50_________Rbl____1___ 250___ 0____ 0_____ 0
    RPG-7__________Rbl____2___ 100___ 0 ____0____100
    Carl-G__________Gun___2 ___250___ 0____ 0___ 100
    MGL-140_______Rbl____3___ 500___ 0____ 0___ 250

    Good Luck.
    Edit: According to Timutimu the Carl-G multikills is meant to be 200, I can't recall as it was a long time ago now, funny that
    no-one else picked up on it.
    2nd Edit : I've changed Carl-G back to 100 multi-kills after several people have reconfirmed what I had originally. Thanks guys.

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    HolyHalfDeadI got this done in a weekend with 3 Xboxes, 1 copy of the game, 1 XBL Gold membership and 1 48 hour XBL Gold code.

    XSX - Main account with XBL Gold
    XOS - Account 1, Home console (shares game and Gold)
    X360S - Account 2, Original game download, 48 hour code

    Slowest was 250 multi kills with the grenade launcher and the flamethrower, so I left those to the end.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 22 Nov 20 at 18:55
    My RingtonesThis achievement will not take you 18 hours to complete. It will take you about 70 hours and over 10,000 kills because weapons headshots do not count as kills. Multi kills are also extremely glitchy and don't properly count. This is the time for boosting with two people and you aren't screwing around, If you aren't averaging 102 kills a 15 min match with the two other people and aren't min maxing, you're easily looking at 85-95 hours. The people above me falsely claiming they did this in a little as weekend used an achievement unlocker and are giving you an extremely false impression of just how horrible this is. For instance, a single flamethrower kill will on average takes around 14 seconds. Of course this method involves the kill revive method which means another person as to back up and forth for the entire time to revive the person dying, then when the person dying actual dies they have to run back from spawn. For other guns it takes bare minimum from spawning to death is 9 seconds, the people spawning in have to fire and constantly shift spawns after every death, even at an optimum pace at 9 seconds a kill that's 30 hours if you never slip up or make a mistake. That's you doing the same thing for 30 hours, kill after kill with these guns. Of course that's just for you're killing time you have two other partners who need to kill as well.
    Posted by My Ringtones on 28 Mar at 00:55
    DarkDragonEye7The person above is making it sound way harder than it actually is, if you work efficiently and double box (doing the multikills with someone else - or just triple box it by yourself) it should take around 30 hours.

    Make sure to use the USB method to be able to use a custom map in ranked games (see 'Th3 Dude 17' guide below). This method will save you dozens of hours so it should be the top solution imo.

    Also I am not sure how they were getting only 105 kills in a 15 min match? You can easily get around 200 kills a match if you kill someone on the opposing team and then have someone from their team revive them after they go in a downed state. If they are referring to executions (where you can't revive) you can still get around 150+ executions/ headshots a game if you have 2 enemies on the opposing team. I double boxed these steps and was getting 85-90 executions/ headshots with just 1 enemy, so if you do it with 2 enemies you will definitely get more than the 102 mentioned above.

    Kills track and I never had any issues with them saving, the only issues with can happen is when you disconnect from the server mid-game (in this case you will lose the progress made in that game), however I only got 2-3 of these during the whole grind so its not as common as some people are mentioning. Just make sure to plug in your ethernet cable in both your 360 and One when doing it.

    So yeah, all in all just use USB method to get custom maps on ranked and double box as much as you can and this achievement isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
    Posted by DarkDragonEye7 on 24 May at 18:51
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  • TOM1013TOM101386,831
    23 Mar 2011 21 Feb 2011 23 Mar 2011
    49 6 7
    This achievement requires hundreds of kills, executions, multikills, and head shots.
    -Kills are anytime you've put down another player but they are still able to be revived.
    - Executions happen when you shoot a player who is down and waiting to be revived.
    - Headshots are kills that take down a player and leave them unable to be revived. Headshots do not count towards "Kills".
    -Multikills require you to kill 2 or more players at once.
    This is my method for getting this achievement somewhat quickly. You will need 2 xbox's and 2 copies of the game, or a friend who will join your match and then walk away until you are done boosting.
    First download the Renavista map. It is a user created map, you'll find it in the "approved for ranked play" list. Use your main account to set up a custom match of Uprising. Set the map as renavista, respawn time 5sec, and turn off voting. Launch the match and then search for a custom game of Uprising with your secondary account. Join the match, usually your game will be the only one listed. As soon as the dummy joins, force launch the game. If anyone else ends up in your lobby you need to ban them. A quick force launch avoids you making someone sit through the loading screens only to be banned when the match starts.
    You will be the APR captain, run across the bridge connecting the two sides of the river. You will find the your dummy standing in the computer room. Kill them and then stand near their body until they respawn. If you face the computers and look to your right you will see an ammo crate. The dummy will have respawned just past this crate near the windows overlooking the river. Run over to him, kill him and stand next to the body until they respawn, which will be back at the first spot. As long as you stay in the area of the kill, the respawn point will alternate between these two spots. If you run around to much they will respawn somewhere else You just need to run between the 2 points and get as many kills as you can in the 15 minutes you have. I can get about 30-40 kills every match. It depends a lot on which weapon you are boosting. Some are very slow to reload(dart rifle) or very slow to kill(flare gun) or they may jam and break after a dozen shots.
    This will also help you level up fast. You should get to rank 20+ by the time you are done.
    To get the multikills, I like to use this same map. Get 2 boosting partners. Have them join your custom match. You should be alone on the APR team. Meet at "point A" on the bridge. There are two ammo boxes in the middle- you'll need these. The dying team should stand by a wall so that when you miss with your rocket or grenade it still explodes near them.If everyone is quick you can get 20-40 multikills per round. When on the dying team always fire your weapon when you respawn, you are invulnerable for awhile after you respawn and shooting will clear your "shields". (Thanks xxspazemxx for pointing that out to me.)
    If you have 2 360's you can do this with one other person. You may get slightly fewer kills per round due to running 2 controllers, but you will get more kills per hour.
    Last Bastion is also very good for Multi-kills.

    Weapon______ Class__Lvl__ Kills __Exec__ H/S__ M/K
    Makarov_______Shrp___ 1___100___ 50___ 50___ 0--------- If you finish the executions with a handgun and still need more regular kills. Use one of the rifles to get the executions, it will save you time later.
    6P9___________Sab____1__100____50___ 50___0
    Star .45________Com___ 1__300___200__ 100___0
    Eagle.50_______Gun____1__ 300 __200__ 100__ 0
    MAC-10________Guer__ 1___100___ 50___ 50___ 0
    Uzi____________Rbl____ 2__ 250__ 100___ 100__ 0
    Flare Pistol _____Shrp___ 2__ 100____0____ 0___ 0 ----------Shoot the flare at their face it should fall at their feet, as soon as they are on the ground execute them quickly with the AS50
    IED___________Guer___ 2___ 0____ 0____ 0___ 100--- remember to stand back, or you'll blow yourself up too
    M-79__________Com___ 2___ 100___ 0____0____100- lots of misfires--- I had trouble getting simultaneous double kills with this one(both people would die and both names would appear at the same time but the Multi-kill wouldn't register) I ended up firing a few AK-47 rounds into their legs to weaken them before firing the grenade, this ensured that the multi-kill counted
    G3-KA4________Com___ 1___100___ 50___ 50___ 0
    Silent MP-5_____Sab____ 2__ 100___ 50___ 50___ 0
    AK-47_________Com___ 2___ 250__ 100__ 100__ 0
    AR-16_________Sab____ 3___ 250__ 100__ 100___0 best gun in the game in my opinion. I got the field manuals for this one in regular matches without trying too hard.
    FAL PARA._____Com___ 3___ 500__ 250___250__ 0----
    Homeland 37____Guer__ 1____100___50___ 50___ 0
    SPAS-12_______Guer___ 2___ 250__100__ 100__ 0 ------- when you are going for the regular kills aim low or it may count towards headshots.
    USAS-12_______Guer___ 3___ 500__ 250__ 250__ 0when you are going for the regular kills aim low or it may count towards headshots.
    M1903_________Shrp___ 1____100___50___50___ 0
    Dragunov SVD__Shrp____ 2___ 250___100__ 100__ 0 ---
    AS50__________Shrp___ 3___ 500___250___250__ 0
    Dart Rifle_______Sab___ 1___250___100___100__ 0---- so slow
    PKM__________Gun___ 1____250___100___100__0
    M-249_________Gun___ 3___ 500___250___250__ 0-----
    LPO-50________Rbl____ 1___ 250___ 0____ 0___ 0-------Slow burn, I could get only about 25 kills per round with this. You could try using it in a full team game on a small map, hide somewhere and light people on fire when they run by.
    RPG-7_________Rbl____2___ 100___ 0 ____0___100
    Carl-G_________Gun___ 2 ___250___ 0____ 0___ 100 You have to reload manually after every shot...
    MGL-140_______Rbl____3___ 500___ 0____ 0___ 250 --------only 8-10 rounds of boosting. 8-10 rounds with 3 players getting a turn is 24-30 matches , about 6 or 7 hours firing this gun. Oh and jams after about 10 shots and it breaks after about 20 shots. When you finally get the maintenance manual you can get another dozen shots out it, but you'll probably never have a reason to use this gun again....Doh!
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    misfit119I thought you needed 3 people to boost, but you talk about just having two people boosting in this guide. Does that work somehow?
    Posted by misfit119 on 11 Jan 14 at 04:34
    HolyHalfDeadPeople say MGL-140 is the best weapon in the game, I disagree.

    I did find a bug with MGL-140 which means you never have to reload - which saves quite a bit of time and reduces the number of jams. If you never fire the last grenade you never have to reload. For example, fire 2 grenades then grab more ammo. You will see you have 2 grenades left in the chamber and 2 extra. When you fire those last 2 grenades a bug means those 2 extra grenades appear in the chamber without reloading - but remember not to fire them until you pick up more ammo.

    Headshots can be combined with Executions, same way Kills can be Combined with Executions. I found this out the hard way at the end of a match when the 100 kills and executions with a pistol I had been working on didn’t count as kills but counted as head shots. This will only work with weaker weapons where you have to double tap to get a head shot.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 22 Nov 20 at 19:02
    Fooga^ MGL trick isn't working for me. When I fire the last 2 grenades he just tries to reload, same when I get more ammo.
    Posted by Fooga on 08 Feb at 07:57
  • PiemarzPiemarz50,378
    30 Nov 2008 29 Sep 2011
    50 11 14
    To achieve this you must first unlock all the guns and get executions, headshots and kills to get the manuals. With explosives you need to get multikills to rank it up.
    Here is the list directly copy and pasted from: (credit to the_b1ues)

    Weapons -----------Op Man ------Main Man ---- Bandoliers.

    G3KA4 ........... 50 Execs ...100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    AK-47 ........... 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    FN FAL ...........250 Execs . 500 Kills . 250 Headshots
    MP5 ............. 50 Execs .. 100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    AR-16 ........... 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    M1903 ........... 50 Execs .. 100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    Dragunov ........ 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    AS50 ............ 250 Execs . 500 Kills . 250 Headshots
    Dart-Rifle ...... 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    Homeland.37 ..... 50 Execs .. 100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    SPAS-12 ......... 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    USAS-12 ......... 250 Execs . 500 Kills . 250 Headshots
    Kalashnikov PKM . 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    M-249 SAW ....... 250 Execs . 500 Kills . 250 Headshots
    RPG-7 ........... n/a ....... 100 Kills . 100 Multikills
    Carl-Gustav ..... n/a ....... 250 Kills . 200 Multikills
    MGL-40mm .........n/a ....... 500 Kills . 300 Multikills
    LPO50 ........... n/a ....... 250 Kills . n/a
    Makarov ......... 50 Execs .. 100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    Star Model P45 .. 200 Execs . 300 Kills . 100 Headshots
    Eagle.50 ........ 200 Execs . 300 Kills . 100 Headshots
    6P9 ............. 50 Execs .. 100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    Flare Pistol .... n/a ....... 100 Kills . n/a
    MAC-10 .......... 50 Execs .. 100 Kills . 50 Headshots
    UZI ............. 100 Execs . 250 Kills . 100 Headshots
    M79 ............. n/a ....... 100 Kills . 100 Multikills
    IED ............. n/a ....... n/a ....... 100 Multikills
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    PiemarzI'm sorry the rules changed in the nearly three years since I posted this.
    Posted by Piemarz on 29 Sep 11 at 18:33
    Epsilon ThetaNo worries, the rules have changed quite a bit. I have made a spreadsheet so you can easily keep track of your progress. Feel free to copy it for personal use. If you are distributing it to third parties, you must post a link back to TA.

    Google Docs spreadsheet
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 29 Jul 12 at 15:42
    Geraldo Junior6Acabei de fazer essas conquista demorei 14 dias pra fazer ela.
    Posted by Geraldo Junior6 on 19 Jul 19 at 19:42
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