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Enough Already

Hit the Gong in the Krypt

Enough Already0
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Achievement Guide for Enough Already

  • GurnaldinhoGurnaldinho612,078
    23 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019
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    Easier if you watch my video but heres a text guide

    After an unskippable cutscene open either free chests in front of you, ones slightly off set to the left and one slightly off set to the right, open both as they are free and give you lots of koins and hearts although you only need one to open the door. Head straight forward once the doors in front of you is open and don't veer off as you will come so shao Khan's hammer which you can pick up by pressing A, do that, and then immediately behind where you picked up the mallet is a large door that has a brokenish looking section, swing your hammer at that section to break open a big enough gap to pass through by pressing X. Once in the next area and head left by hugging the left wall, you should come to a section of wall which juts out slightly but has a section which is broken but formed, press X to swing you hammer at that section to break open a hole that will allow you to pass through. Once through walk slightly forward heading left and you should see the gong quite visible, swing your hammer at the gong by pressing X and voila, achievements yours.

    I've tried my best to explain this with text but it really is easier to watch the video I've made below

  • TheWelshTurtleTheWelshTurtle482,400
    24 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade749,602
    27 Apr 2019 08 May 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to how to hit the gong in the kyrpt. When you start out you will need to buy a chest to advance and open the doors. After that walk forward until you grab Shao Kahn's hammer. Then directly behind the hammer is a door that you can smash with the hammer. Once through the door follow the path left along the wall until you see another cracked wall in the corner. Smash it with the hammer and walk through. Head to the left to find the gong. To find another gong head back into the main room with the hanging bodies. Head through the door that if you are facing the starting point if would be the left door. Once through the doorway keep heading straight until you see statues. Once in the area with statues and where you impale the heads turn right. Follow the path until you see another path split off to the left and follow it down until you see the other gong on the right side. The achievement will pop once the gong is struck.

    26 Apr 2019 27 Apr 2019
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