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Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Kollector

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Achievement Guide for Kollected

  • AlahertAlahert619,604
    23 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019
    13 1 0
    To get this really fast press cn_start on the main menu and change "Rounds to win" from 2 to 1. Then go to local and play against a second controller or the CPU, if you're fighting the CPU I'd highly suggest setting it to "Very Easy", making all the achievements far easier! Select Kollector and spam cn_down + cn_Y and cn_upright + cn_A or cn_B , when "Finish Him" appears on the screen perform your fatality.

    1st Fatality (Close): Down, Down, Down, Down, cn_B
    2nd Fatality (Close): Down, Forward, Back, cn_X

    Video for Reference:
  • ckingrevengeckingrevenge513,391
    22 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019
    6 0 0
    At the main menu press cn_start change rounds to win from 2 to 1.
    Then go to Fight and select Local. Press cn_X to switch the opponent type from a second player to the CPU (or use a second controller for a guaranteed win).
    Select Kollector and an opponent, loadouts don't matter.
    Then once you get to the end of the Match when "FINISH HIM" comes onto the screen input one of these combination at the specified distance:
    -For the Kollection (Close/right next to the opponent) cn_down cn_down cn_down cn_down cn_B
    -Head Lantern (Close/right next to the opponent) cn_down cn_right cn_left cn_X

    *Directional inputs are assuming you are on the left side of the Screen*
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade748,251
    27 Apr 2019 04 May 2019
    0 1 0
    In this video guide I will show you how to perform two different fatalities with Kollector. For the first 10 characters I just used the klassic towers to get the achievement progress for I Want It All. Make sure to put it on very easy to make things quicker. Also pick the shortest tower.
    After getting your I Want It All achievement the method with be a lot faster. Once in the main menus press the start button to go into the options menu. Scroll down to change the rounds to win to one. Then back out, go into the fight menu, select local, make sure to press X to turn on the CPU, and then select your character. You only have the one health bar to deal with to get to the fatality.
    Achievement progress also counts if AI do a fatality.

    For The Kollection (Close) - Down, Down, Down, Down, B
    Head Lantern (Close) - Down, Forward, Back, X

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