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Equip 5 different character victories

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Achievement Guide for Victorious

  • Kazudai94Kazudai94844,610
    26 Apr 2019 26 Apr 2019
    22 1 10
    Not sure if it's a definitive solution but I just got my first victory pose while doing the skull kabob achievement. I have yet to find one in the krypt so this may be the way to unlock them.
    For anyone who doesn't know how to do the skull kabob achievement it requires you to do 50 fatalities on 1 character. It doesn't matter who you are as long as your opponent is the same. Also, must be done in towers. I did mine in towers of time so I am unsure of klassic towers working as well.
  • uhKillswitchuhKillswitch576,823
    30 Apr 2019 30 Apr 2019 03 May 2019
    23 14 8
    As of the 3rd of May 2019 this has been patched and is not working anymore.

    This guide is for using an exploit

    In the Krypt go to where the stands for the impaled heads are.
    Turn right and go through the big gate and down the stairs towards Goro's lair to get the nearest checkpoint.
    Quit out to the main menu. Back at the menu press A to load back into the crypt but keep holding A.
    Don't let go of A when you're in control of your character instead just walk towards one of the stands still holding A. This will impale that head.
    Repeat the process.
    Be quick before they patch this. Good luck!

    Edit, credit to RAMrod RAMpage:
    Impaling 10, 20 and finally all heads opens up Shang Tsung's treasure room and two more rooms within it. It is located at the beginning of the Krypt map right behind you.
    In this room you find lots of chests for 25000 Koins which each hold a Victory and an Intro for a character.
    Thanks for the heads up.
  • Venom x RIPVenom x RIP4,860
    01 May 2019 30 Apr 2019
    9 3 4
    You can also get a victory pose by doing the top left tower the one one where you spend coins to play a certain characters tower. if you finish the tower 3 times it gives you a victory pose when its complete.
  • DarknessEmp21DarknessEmp21297,171
    14 May 2019 14 May 2019 14 May 2019
    4 1 0
    Edit: Set difficulty to very easy. Enemies won't do much to fight back then. Also if you have previous fatalies from enemies later on in the first 5, focus on the other 3 and then tower select once you get their heads for example. Hope this all helps.

    Easiest way after patch i can think of. Set your rounds to 1 to win. Go to Survivor tower for this in Klassic Towers and (Personally I did) pick Noob Saibot and set it to AI letting the AI do all the hard work. You can do this yourself but kept myself busy letting AI do this. Do the first five battles then tower select back into it.

    DO NOT LEAVE THE TOWERS SECTION! WILL RESET MOST LIKELY rinse repeat this and watch some videos on your phone or something while clicking A every now and again to set for next match. If you've done other achievements (getting the character towers out of the way for the intros achievement) this may shave off a little time but have been told this is a roughly 3-5 hour grind if you're just starting out. Brutalities Should count for this I believe too. And AI will 95% of the time end with a fatality with Noon usually. Good luck!
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