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Skull Kabob

Impale a head in the warrior shrine

Skull Kabob0
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Achievement Guide for Skull Kabob

  • Maka91Maka91988,113
    27 Apr 2019 28 Apr 2019 24 May 2019
    41 2 11
    To unlock this achievement, you will need to get a fatality against the same opponent 25 times in any of the Tower related modes; including Towers of Time or Klassic.

    My recommendation is to follow these steps:
    - In the main game settings, change Rounds to Win to 1. This will allow you to get a fatality in every fight.
    - Go to the Klassic Tower mode, and choose Survivor (only tower where 1 round works).
    - At the character screen, select any character you're comfortable playing as, and set the difficulty to Very Easy.
    - Perform a fatality in this fight, by getting the opponent to the Finish Him state, and then doing the button prompt. If you're not certain what the prompts are, go to the Move List and pin it to your screen.
    - Proceed to the second fight, and as soon as you gain control of your character, pause, go to Tower Select and Confirm, to start the tower again.
    - Repeat this process until you perform the fatality against the first opponent of the tower until you have 25 (or more), and unlock their severed head.
    - Go to the Krypt, go to the Warrior Shrine (connected to Courtyard), and place the head on the respective spike. Unlock the achievement, and gain the rewards of the chest.

    Following these steps, a head can be earned in as little as 35-40 minutes. Since the character chests at the warrior shrine can also unlock victory and intro poses, this may be a decent grinding method for those interested.

    Additional Notes:
    - It is possible to do this using an AI fighter if you prefer.
    - Leaving and returning to the Klassic Tower mode will shuffle the towers, so you may need to do this a few times to target the fighter you want if done across multiple session.
    - Many users have reported that Brutalities also work, but they seem much less consistent.
    - You will not get the notification of the head reward if you haven't been in the Krypt yet, however it will be your inventory once you do, if you've done the 25 fatalities.

    NOTE: As of a recent patch, heads now only require 25 fatalities.
  • zZJohnHuayraZzzZJohnHuayraZz72,145
    27 Apr 2019 27 Apr 2019 27 Apr 2019
    15 4 5
    Mortal Kombat-Skull Kabob-Impale a head in the warrior shrine
    Time:150 min

    To unlock this achievement: You need to perform 50 fatalities with any fighter to the same opponent, to get a KRYPT KEY ITEM (Severed Head of “NAME”). So you can impale the head on the krypt later

    1.Start a classic tower-SET IT UP IN EASY.
    2. Chose any fighter you want and perform a fatality to the first opponent.
    3. In the moment you start the second combat, push pause-menu; go to TOWER SELECT-CONFIRM TO START AGAIN THE TOWER WITH THE SAME OPPONENT.
    6. With “the Krypt key item”, GO to the kript to the WARRIOR SHRINE (1246,-5767).
    7.Push A to impale the head.

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