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Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage

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Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage

Buy Low, Sell High achievement in Minecraft

Buy Low, Sell High

Trade for the best possible price.

Buy Low, Sell High0
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How to unlock the Buy Low, Sell High achievement

  • IdenicIdenic
    24 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
    Start up the world with the seed 190800072 on Easy, with the bonus chest and coordinates turned on. Craft a sword, and make your way towards 440, 65, 460. This is the location of the Pillager Outpost. You can either make a bed to set your spawn here or copy a save of this world in case you die. You’ll know which one is the Pillager Captain because they have a large banner over their head. It’s best to attack him when he is alone away from the tower as his guards can be annoying to fight. Once you kill the Captain, you will receive the Bad Omen effect, as well as an achievement.

    Now head towards 560, 65, 520. This is the location of a village. Upon entering the village with the Bad Omen effect, a raid will commence, and you should get an achievement for starting a raid.

    You have some time to loot the buildings for bread as well as set your spawn with a bed. The raid consists of 3 waves, with 4 enemies each. Try to draw the pillagers close to buildings so you have some cover from their arrows. Once the enemies are killed, you’ll have some time to heal up and put on any armor that was dropped before the next wave starts.

    The final wave has a Ravager that spawns, he looks like a rhino. Kill him to get an achievement and finish off the remaining pillagers to complete the raid.

    You will then be given the Hero of the Village effect which gives you a discount on trades with the villagers. Do any trade you can and you will get the achievement.

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    Leo Deo NeoIf anyone is needing help with any achievements for minecraft, I’ve created a world specifically for achievements, few free to message me what one you need help with and I’ll gladly help when I can.

    GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo On 04 Aug 20 at 19:03
    killerbobombMy third wave spawned somewhere hidden i can hear them but they aren’t there i think they are in the mountain next to the village with no visible caves does anyone else have this problem? I need some help I can only hear them near that mountain
    Posted by killerbobomb On 01 Aug 21 at 13:21
    PokerocraftThis seed no longer works with the latest version of minecraft because of the world generation update. Went to the specific coords and was in the middle of the ocean
    Posted by Pokerocraft On 19 Dec 21 at 13:57
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  • ChiveTheLizardChiveTheLizard
    25 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
    This achievement can be attained after winning a raid. Upon winning you should see the hero of the village symbol on the right (an effect emerald with a ribbon)

    You need to speak to one of the remaining villagers, and complete one of their trades that has been reduced

    Heres how I did it:
    seed: -1813740965

    I recommend using a starter chest so that you can craft a boat and make your way to the locations faster. Also, make sure you are not on peaceful, as the pillagers won't spawn

    First, go to this blacksmith's chest and if you're lucky you will find iron gear which will help a lot:

    1491, 64, -725

    Now make your way to the pillager outpost at 1530, 70, -520. Here you need to kill the raid captain, he's the guy with the banner on his back. Once he's dead, and you have the bad omen effect (Read eyes effect on the right) make your way to the village to defend:

    1500, 70, -420

    Here the raid should start and three waves of 4 lots of enemies should attack (In my experience). Once they are all dead you should receive the hero of the village symbol on the right (an effect emerald with a ribbon)

    You now need to speak to one of the remaining villagers, and complete one of their trades that has been reduced
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    A BatwomanI had to go back to the 1491, 64, -725 village for the raid. I cooked items to help found a cave nearby and found iron for an iron sword. Also using bed spawn point helps a ton. Used one of the houses to cook and store stuff. I had to kill tons of animals.

    Some achievements pop late or don't pop yet until update. Thank you for the help. Didn't need an achievement world was pretty easy just making back up saves for other account makes it faster for other devices.
    Posted by A Batwoman On 24 Apr 19 at 03:15
    DabkinggSo I went to the EXACT coordinates but it was just IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN this doesn't work with 1.19
    Posted by Dabkingg On 25 Feb at 22:50
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi
    04 May 2019 05 May 2019
    Trigger a pillager raid *Host Only*

    This is how to setup for this host only achievement

    This guide will also get you:
    Kill a Pillager Captain, Kill a Ravenger and Buy Low, Sell High

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