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Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage

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Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage

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Buy Low, Sell High

Trade for the best possible price.

Buy Low, Sell High-1.7
19 January 2020 - 6 guides

How to unlock the Buy Low, Sell High achievement

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    Start up the world with the seed 190800072 on Easy, with the bonus chest and coordinates turned on. Craft a sword, and make your way towards 440, 65, 460. This is the location of the Pillager Outpost. You can either make a bed to set your spawn here or copy a save of this world in case you die. You’ll know which one is the Pillager Captain because they have a large banner over their head. It’s best to attack him when he is alone away from the tower as his guards can be annoying to fight. Once you kill the Captain, you will receive the Bad Omen effect, as well as an achievement.

    Now head towards 560, 65, 520. This is the location of a village. Upon entering the village with the Bad Omen effect, a raid will commence, and you should get an achievement for starting a raid.

    You have some time to loot the buildings for bread as well as set your spawn with a bed. The raid consists of 3 waves, with 4 enemies each. Try to draw the pillagers close to buildings so you have some cover from their arrows. Once the enemies are killed, you’ll have some time to heal up and put on any armor that was dropped before the next wave starts.

    The final wave has a Ravager that spawns, he looks like a rhino. Kill him to get an achievement and finish off the remaining pillagers to complete the raid.

    You will then be given the Hero of the Village effect which gives you a discount on trades with the villagers. Do any trade you can and you will get the achievement.
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    Lord Betus Stellar guide!

    For some reason the raid waves 2 and onward didnt spawn in the first time. So it worked when I tried it a second time. I recommend saving before you start the raid and making a copy just in case it bugs out on you like it did for me.
    Posted by Lord Betus on 14 Sep 19 at 04:25
    Pure Pip Raptor At the coordinates by the spawn dig down at 575 17 48. I got some iron ore. On the way down I saw more at 575 26 49. In total 13 ore
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 01 Nov 19 at 14:58
    R u raging lol This happened to me where after the raid there was three villagers alive and none of them had jobs if that happens you can turn one of them to any job and trade a discount item and you still get the achievement
    Posted by R u raging lol on 20 Nov 19 at 02:49
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