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Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage

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Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage

Sound the Alarm! achievement in Minecraft

Sound the Alarm!

Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village.

Sound the Alarm!0
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Sound the Alarm! achievement

  • oONeonDemonOooONeonDemonOo
    28 Apr 2019 28 Apr 2019 02 Feb 2022
    This achievement can be really buggy and it never unlocked for me until i did this easy and fast trick:
    It seems to work when you hit any villager and if a golem start to chase you.
    I did this on the desert village seed, the village is in front of the spawn.
    I went into the village, hit a villager guy, noticed the golem chasing me and ran to the bell:

    No seed number needed, just create a desert village world.

    Achievement popped few secondes after ringing it,
    hope it helps people having troubles to unlock it as well.

    EDIT: if it still doesnt work, you should try the methode suggested by Dooey Hoo in the comments:

    "I thought this one was glitched too, it simply wasn’t working for me. What I did was destroy the doors on the majority of the houses and replaced them with any solid block so the villagers couldn’t get inside. Then I mined and placed the bell. Then I waited until nighttime, and once mobs swarmed the village and started attacking the villagers, I started ringing the bell and it finally popped. I’m not sure what the exact trigger is still but that’s what worked for me"

    (Sorry for the late edit, hopefully everyone can unlock it without troubles now)

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    xMagic JeffI think I know the solution. I believe there needs to be a bed nearby the bell and villager. I did a test and got this to work without being in a village and verified a bed is required. You need a bed a bell and a villager that is being attacked by a hostile mob. I think they all need to be within 16 blocks of each other. You will see a green particle effect from the bell when you place the bed near it when a villager is present.

    I think a desert village works better because it is more compact and more likely to have beds close to the bell. I would bet if you collected all the beds in any village with a bell and placed them back down around the bell you could get this achievement to pop easily. Wait for the night time and ring the bell when the villagers are getting attacked in their beds.
    Posted by xMagic Jeff on 18 Feb 22 at 10:34
    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 02 Jan 23 at 16:09
    The GmrScrThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by The GmrScr on 18 Dec 23 at 23:01
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  • IdenicIdenic
    24 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
    Start up the world with the seed 190800072 on Easy, with the bonus chest and coordinates turned on. Craft a sword, and make your way towards 440, 65, 460. This is the location of the Pillager Outpost. You can either make a bed to set your spawn here or copy a save of this world in case you die. You’ll know which one is the Pillager Captain because they have a large banner over their head. It’s best to attack him when he is alone away from the tower as his guards can be annoying to fight. Once you kill the Captain, you will receive the Bad Omen effect, as well as an achievement.

    Now head towards 560, 65, 520. This is the location of a village. Upon entering the village with the Bad Omen effect, a raid will commence, and you should get an achievement for starting a raid.

    You have some time to loot the buildings for bread as well as set your spawn with a bed. The raid consists of 3 waves, with 4 enemies each. Try to draw the pillagers close to buildings so you have some cover from their arrows. Once the enemies are killed, you’ll have some time to heal up and put on any armor that was dropped before the next wave starts.

    At any point during a wave, head to the golden bell hanging over the well and ring it while pillagers are nearby. Make sure they are in the village and you should get the achievement.
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    HolyHalfDeadGetting it during a Raid is hard, as the Villagers hide in their houses. After 3 hours of trying I got it in 3 minutes when a Drowned showed up.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 03 May 19 at 13:52
    Iceberg082006glitchy not unlocking
    Posted by Iceberg082006 on 10 Sep 19 at 00:49
    pablodanielminoThis worked for me! Nice guide. I struggled many times with other guides. Thanks.
    Posted by pablodanielmino on 07 Feb 21 at 21:59
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi
    04 May 2019 05 May 2019
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