Finished prologue achievement in Darkwood

Finished prologue

Make it through the Prologue.

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How to unlock the Finished prologue achievement

  • Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity433,459
    19 Jun 2019 19 Jun 2019
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    This will be your first achievement in the game.

    After you start a new game you'll wake up in a house sleeping at a desk. You'll need to get up and enter the room to the left of the one you woke up in and search the wardrobe. Take the key and everything else (alcohol, rags, matches, wood) by hitting cn_RT to transfer the items to your inventory. Now head back into the main room and interact with the front door on the right by hitting cn_X. Use the key on the door to unlock it and go outside.

    Head to the East to a fence and hit cn_B to hop over it. Continue to proceed to the East until you reach an Axe laying on the ground. Pick it up and then open your inventory with cn_Y to select it and move it to your hotbar (the three slots on the left side of the screen) to equip it. Once it's equipped, select it and walk up to the large fallen tree that blocks your path to the right. Hold cn_LT to raise the axe and then hit cn_RT to swing it. Do this a couple times to chop the tree and clear a path.

    Head East a little ways and then head South (it's very linear here) and follow the path until you reach an area with a bonfire. Loot it and take everything. Now head North a little ways until you get the message "These parts of the woods are dark, I should craft a torch". Hit cn_Y to open your inventory and then scroll over to the right to the crafting interface and make yourself a Torch. Equip it to the hotbar similar to the Axe and equip it to head further East until you come to an Abandoned House. You can search the house if you want to, but nothing done during this point in the game makes a difference. Keep heading East until you find a man laying on the ground with a trail of blood around him. Search the man and take his key. A cutscene will play for a bit here.

    It turns out you are actually the man that was in the woods and now you need to escape. Once the cutscene is over and you break free from the chair you'll need to search the clothes against the South East corner of the room to get 2 rags and 2 Wire. Hit cn_Y to open your inventory and use these to craft some bandages and a lockpick. Use the bandages to heal yourself and the use the lockpick on the container in the North West corner to obtain a shovel and a flashlight. Equip both of these to your hotbar. Equip the shovel and just like how you did with the axe, take some swings at the barricaded door to the East. Three strikes should break it, but that also breaks your shovel.

    When you exit the room all the lights will go out. Equip your flashlight and head South into the room where the wardrobe was earlier. It will have been moved to block a door on the West wall. You can push it out of the way by walking into it until the door is no longer blocked. Enter the door and head to the North part of the room to find a crate. Search it. You will find a Gasoline Can and a Table Leg. Equip both of these to the hotbar (replace the broken shovel with the table leg). Equip the gasoline can and head to the South East corner of the room you're in to find a Generator. Walk as close to the generator as you can and hold cn_LT to raise the gas can and then hold cn_RT to fill the generator up with gas. Once you've emptied the gas can turn the generator on and the power in the house will be restored.

    Exit the room and you'll see that the radio turned into a corpse. Wait a minute and the corpse will begin to say a combination: 4...8...9..2... Head to the North West corner of the main room and you'll find a locked door next to the cages. Enter 4892 to unlock it. The door will be stuck and need some force to free it so equip your Table Leg and swing at it with cn_LT and cn_RT. Keep it equipped because the crazy doctor is in this room and will rush you. You need to swing and hit him a few times before he finally goes down. I found walking backwards while winding up with cn_LT and then getting closer to swing with cn_RT worked best. You can hit cn_RS to dodge if you need to, just be make sure to watch your stamina. Once you beat him down he will say a few things and everything goes crazy before a cutscene starts. Your achievement should pop here.

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    NebuCHADnezzaryThank you for taking the time to write all of this down. I was looking to get a quick achievement in this game for my Bean Dive. I greatly appreciate all of the detail.
    Posted by NebuCHADnezzary on 31 Jul 20 at 15:11
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  • Mr WhiteshirtMr Whiteshirt996,224
    02 Nov 2019 18 Dec 2019
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    Here is a video guide of the Prologue.
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