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Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves achievement in Sea of Thieves

Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves

Receive the Commendation for completing 57 Grade 5 Hunter's Call Commendations.

Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves-33.9
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How to unlock the Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves achievement

  • thatNoseyParkerthatNoseyParker908,859
    28 Aug 2019 09 Jul 2020
    12 0 20
    Hi guys! I don’t make many guides but there’s a bunch of extra information about fishing criteria that hasn’t been mentioned, so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents to help out!

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    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    First things first, like all things Sea of Thieves, this will be a grind, albeit an arguably more relaxing grind than others. Assuming you don't get grieved by randoms that is. My best advice regarding that particular pleasantry is don’t go too long without cashing in. I’d probably say an hour or so max but it’s up to you. If you do find yourself being chased, your best bet is to simply sail the seas going past the different Sea Posts and have a couple people jump off each time as you sail on, naturally prioritising the rarer fish first.

    To get this achievement, there are 57 commendations in the Hunter’s Call that you have to max out. This consists of 50 fish-related ones, 6 cooked meat ones and 1 miscellaneous junk-fishing one.

    Cooked Meats
    Each type of meat must be sold 50 times for grade V.
    Unlike the fish, these items must be perfectly cooked in order to count, but never fear, this is easy with minimal practice. There are two indicators to tell you something has been cooked.
    1) The colour has changed - as food cooks, its colour progressively changes, with larger meats (Megladon, Kraken, Trophies) taking longer. The final colour is a bit different for each meat, but you’ll soon get to know them, especially when you use...
    2) The sizzle sound - there is a key difference in the sizzling between when something is cooking and when something is going to burn. The post-cooking sound is more like a spitting oil sound.

    Chicken, Pork, Snake - Respective animals have a chance to spawn on a variety of islands
    Shark - Spawn after spending a decent chunk of time in oceans
    Megalodon - After defeating a meg it will normally drop 3-4 pieces of meg meat
    Kraken - After defeating the kraken (can spawn in server if no fort/fleet events are currently active)

    Most fish species consist of four rarity tiers (below, increasing numbers will indicate increasing rarity) and a luminescent (below denoted by L), the latter of which have much higher spawn rates at night. Furthermore, the majority require one of three types of bait that can either be found in barrels or have a chance to be dug up.

    Earthworms can be dug up on the grassy/midland areas
    Grubs can be dug up from the sand
    Leeches can be dug up at the closest point between the sand and the waves

    That said, there are some fish that require additional criteria to spawn. This will be noted where applicable.

    Splashtails - Spawn anywhere (except ponds), no bait required.
    1: Ruby
    2: Sunny
    3: Indigo
    4: Umber
    L: Seafoam

    Pondies - Spawn in ponds on islands, no bait required.
    Tip: Try Hidden Spring Keep (I8) or Mermaid’s Hideaway (B13)
    1: Charcoal
    2: Orchid
    3: Bronze
    4: Bright
    L: Moonsky

    Islehoppers - Spawn on outskirts of large islands, no bait required
    Stone, found at Shipwreck Bay, Shark Bait Cove, Crook's Hollow, Sailor's Bounty, Cannon Cove and Fetcher's Rest.
    Honey, found at Discovery Ridge, Plunder Valley, Kraken's Fall, Sunken Grove and Crescent Isle.
    Moss, found at Ashen Reaches, Thieves' Haven, Marauder's Arch, Lone Cove, Wanderers Refuge and Ruby's Fall.
    Raven, found at any of the aforementioned large islands, but with a much smaller chance.
    L: Amethyst, found at Devil's Ridge, Smuggler's Bay, Mermaid's Hideaway, The Crooked Masts, Old Faithful Isle, Flintlock Peninsula and Snake Island (still at night).
    Edit: Islehopper corrections credited to https://seaofthieves.gamepedia.com/Fish

    Plentifins - Spawn in The Shores of Plenty, requires earthworms.
    Tip: Try Smugglers’ Bay (F3)
    1: Olive
    2: Amber
    3: Cloudy
    4: Bonedust
    L: Watery

    Wildsplashes - Spawn in The Wilds, requires earthworms
    Tip: Try Shipwreck Bay (M10) as semi-enclosed and has relatively decent grass coverage. You will also get Stone Islehoppers.
    1: Russet
    2: Sandy
    3: Ocean
    4: Muddy
    L: Coral

    Ancientscales - Spawn in The Ancient Isles, requires leeches
    Tip: Try Thieves’ Haven (L20) as well enclosed. You will also get Moss Islehoppers
    1: Almond
    2: Smoke
    3: Sapphire
    4: Bone
    L: Starshine

    Devilfishes - Spawn in The Devil’s Roar, requires grubs.
    Tip: Try up north as you can avoid volcanoes, just not too far as it won’t count as Devil’s Roar
    1: Ashen
    2: Seashell
    3: Lava
    4: Forsaken
    L: Firelight

    Battlegills - Spawn near active forts or skelly ships, requires grubs.
    Tip: As of 23/03/20, there is still a glitch where a skelly ship can be triggered whilst you’re at a shipwrecked ship and not be able to spawn (until you sail away) but you can still get battlegills so take advantage if this happens to you!
    Edit: from personal experience, even if you don’t move the ship an inch, the smelly ship will eventually give up and disappear - this will be obvious as the battle music will cease.
    Edit 2: This mini exploit may be fixed, awaiting further confirmation, thanks xSTU360

    1: Jade
    2: Sky
    3: Rum
    4: Sand
    L: Bittersweet

    Stormfishes - Spawn in storms, requires leeches
    Ancient, found only in storms within the Ancient Isles
    Shores, found only in storms within the Shores of Plenty
    Wild, found only in storms within the Wilds
    Shadow, can be found in storms anywhere. Some argue that best chance is in the Arena area between Shores of Plenty, Wilds, and Ancient Isles
    L: Twilight

    Wreckers - Spawn near shipwrecks (located by a dense flock of birds circling above), requires earthworms
    1: Rose
    2: Sun
    3: Blackcloud, Will only spawn by a shipwreck in a storm
    4: Snow
    L: Moon

    Treacherous Plunder i.e. Junk (x50) - Spawn anywhere, requires no bait.
    Tip: Try for these in the spots as pondies as it takes less time per attempt
    Whilst non-bait fish can still spawn when using bait, for these it is actually required. It spawns by suddenly appearing on your hook, no vibration or sound cue, so keep a sharp eye!
    Examples include:
    - Boot
    - Skull
    - Hat
    - Fish bones

    You can also find wooden planks and ashen keys, but these cannot be sold to Hunter’s Call and thus do not count.

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    Kexol@OJLean submit a ticket to SOT official support site
    Posted by Kexol on 08 Jul at 14:42
    thatNoseyParker@Friggin Grease, it boost their spawn rates from 0 to something;) jk I’ll change the wording
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 09 Jul at 03:52
    Friggin GreaseWell I suppose you are correct in saying anything above 0 is a boost, lol
    Posted by Friggin Grease on 10 Jul at 00:25
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  • Sgt Malarkey USSgt Malarkey US312,769
    26 May 2019 06 Jul 2019
    12 3 40
    The tracking of this achievement is stuck at 4%. Also, the achievement is not unlocking for multiple players. See comments. Thanks @mrbellek, Haiko728 and Silent3rd

    To get this achievement you will have to sell each type of fish, meat and treacherous loot you can fish 50 times for the commendation grade 5. For rare fish, you only need 10 to get the level 5 commendation.

    When you do that you will get 57 Grade 5 commendations.

    For the fish you do not need to cook them to count, for meats you have to cook them to make it count. You can find meats and fishes in shipwrecks. This is extremely useful for harder meats such as Megalodon and Kraken.

    Fish (Rare in Bold)
    Splashtails: Ruby, Sunny, Indigo, Umber and Seafoam
    Plentifins: Olive, Amber, Cloudy, Bonedust, Watery
    Ancientscales: Almond, Sapphire, Smoke, Bone, Starshine
    Wildsplashes: Russet, Sandy, Ocean, Muddy, Coral
    Devilfish: Ashen, Seashell, Lava, Forsaken, Firelight
    Islehoppers: Stone, Moss, Honey, Raven, Amethyst
    Pondies: Charchoal, Orchid, Bronze, Bright, Moonsky
    Battlegills: Jade, Sky, Rum, Sand, Bittersweet
    Stormfish: Ancient, Shores, Wild, Shadow, Twilight
    Wreckers: Rose, Sun, Blackcloud, Snow, Moon

    Umber Splashtails, Bonedust Plentifins, Bone Ancientscales, Muddy Wildsplashes, Forsaken Devilfish, Raven Islehoppers, Bright Pondies, Sand Battlegills, Shadow Stormfish and Snow Wreckers are the rare variant of each of their respective class and only need 10 for the level 5 commendation

    Total 50 different kind of fish. In other words, you need to catch a total of 4x50 regular fish, and 10x10 of rare fish to a total of 2100 fishes for the achievement.

    Chicken, Pig, Snake, Shark, Megalodon, and Kraken.

    Total 6 different kinds of meat. Total = 300

    Treacherous Loot: You can catch any of these and it will count towards the 50 total.
    1) Skulls
    2) Boots
    3) Fish Bones
    4) Hats
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    CosmoSeriouslyHow present a ticket?
    Posted by CosmoSeriously on 14 May at 23:47
    Ivd765Login with your gamertag in support page of https://www.seaofthieves.com
    Posted by Ivd765 on 21 May at 08:06
    JWDigby1990Anyone currently working on this feel free to add me for dedicated fishing sessions!
    Posted by JWDigby1990 yesterday at 06:17
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