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How to unlock the True Descender achievement

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    This achievement requires you to start a Career session from “Highlands” through to “Peaks”.

    This is actually not all that difficult.

    On each level you undertake try and complete the bonus challenge as this gives you an extra life. The extra challenges are quite easy in
    Highlands, Forest and Canyon. In peaks I didn’t bother with any of the extra challenges as I had 12 lives as I started peaks. Take it slow and try hit the final boss track with as many lives as possible.

    Crew members
    If and when you unlock a crew member. I would suggest picking the ones that allow you to land harder jumps before bailing, crash heavier before losing multiple lives and more powerful bunny hops.

    Once you have those three I would pick the one that prevents non track and no storm modifiers. The more rep you earn the more crew members you can unlock to use.

    (Skid trick) To slow your self down massively, just literally push cn_RSr and cn_LSr then both sticks right/left/right/left together and this will slow you down and you can easily finish no brake challenges with this.

    On the track selection, you can either go for the shortest route possible to unlock and finish the boss track or you can do as many as you want to unlock more rep and lives. I personally just Used the shortest route and managed to complete nearly all the extra challenges throughout Highlands and Forest.

    Difficult obstacles and Boss jumps

    On almost every track you can ride around some of the more difficult obstacles, rather than potentially lose a life you can ride around the boss jumps on Highlands and Forest. Any obstacles that are even remotely difficult I would suggest riding around as to keep as many lives as possible.

    You don’t need to stay on the track, especially on Highlands, I used to just head in the direction of where the track is going, getting speed and hitting the odd jump to gain rep.


    No braking - I was able to use this one even in peaks, just literally ride down the track pushing the right and left stick together either left or right, causing you to skid continuously. This allowed to complete the no braking challenge easily.

    Full acceleration: In Highlands and Forest, just face down hill and don’t even bother riding the track, you will get some easy lives in these worlds. I would suggest the skid trick whilst holding the acceleration down.

    360, 720, Backflips and Frontflips

    These are pretty self explanatory. Make sure you are hitting a jump big enough to complete the trick. Don’t try and impress anyone with how many tricks your doing, your just going to increase the likelihood of you crashing and losing lives.

    Highlands boss jump - Train jump, 60-70kmh (More than enough) You can ride around this instead.

    Forest boss jump - Tower jump - 50-65 (50 you land on top and can ride off it and 65 you will jump it and land on the ramp.
    You can ride around this

    Canyon Boss jump - Huge gulley jump - 80-90kmh - Probably the easiest in my
    Opinion. Huge landing and big run up. Try not to overjump and land to heavy or you may crash.

    Peaks boss jump - Massive helicopter hung jump.

    70-85kmh - Try not to overjump the first jump otherwise you will not have enough speed to make the second part of the jump.

    All I can suggest is bunny hop off the first jump and bunny hop off the jump hung from the helicopter as it’s not the easiest jump to time. I wouldn’t bother doing any tricks, just make the jump.

    Once you finish the peaks jump, if you have not completed all the fire icon tracks throughout each world it will take you to the tutorial level, which is an achievement itself when you complete that.

    If you did finish all the fire levels, it will take you to “Volcano”.

    Complete this For another achievement, I have not attempted this Volcano one yet as I only unlocked this one myself yesterday.

    Good luck
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    CurtiesonTo get to the volcano do you have to finish the Fire Nod and jump through the fire circle on the boss level for each environment? That sounds hard.....haha
    Posted by Curtieson on 31 May 19 at 14:14
    MrProudyyYeah you do have to jump through the fire hoop on the boss level
    Posted by MrProudyy on 01 Jun 19 at 17:13
    exactor itThanks for the write-up! Nice text guide. Your tip on sliding definitely helped. Only had three faults in the end.
    Posted by exactor it on 04 Jun 19 at 19:15
    GerbasgamerHad 11 lives when I attempted the last jump. Wasted 6 or 7 of them on this jump alone.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 30 Aug 19 at 05:58
    DementedSquire7The sliding tricks helped me gain enough lives for that last jump on Peaks. Nice tip
    Posted by DementedSquire7 on 28 Mar 20 at 13:36
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