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The Golden Run

Full session without bails

The Golden Run+47.3
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How to unlock the The Golden Run achievement

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    This is by far the most difficult achievement in the game, but can be made much easier and doable using some techniques and tips that I used to complete it. You must start a Career session in the Highlands and play through all the worlds ending at the Peaks. As the description says, you can't bail at all through the whole session or you must retry from the beginning.

    General Tips:

    1) Don't pull of tricks or go off big jumps too fast as doing so will increase the likelihood of wrecking.
    2) Focus on getting a couple good crew members at the start of you session, but don't be too concerned with scoring rep.
    3) Take it safe and easy, it's not a race.
    4) Practice the Canyon and Peaks boss jumps in freeride mode! Keep practicing until you feel confident you can complete the jumps at least over 50% of the time.
    5) Crew members you want to unlock in order of importance are: Fewer Obstacles, Speed Wobbles, Landing Impact, and In-Air Correction. Not absolutely necessary but the are very helpful.

    The most challenging parts to complete this are the Canyon and Peaks boss jumps. For the Highlands and Forest worlds, just simply ride around the boss jumps and through the finish line. You don't have to actually complete the jump to travel to the next world, but for the Canyon and Peaks boss levels, there is no way to navigate around the jumps.

    For both the Canyon and Peaks boss jumps, you want to aim for a speed of 75 to 80 kmph by the time you hit the ramp. No slower or faster or you will under or overshoot the jump.

    The more you play, the more you will know how to avoid close calls and wrecking by adjusting your bike certain ways as I did a few times. The video below is the run I achieved this that shows the general strategy I outlined. Also a few really close calls.

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    LaB1I would add that for me, the flame jump in peaks was far more forgiving with the ramp speed. I failed on the last boss jump in peaks probably 8 times on the normal jump and then passed after 4-5 tries on the flame jump.
    Posted by LaB1 on 19 Jun 19 at 19:15
    VexuLGood advice, and funny you mention that as I remember the first time I beat the Peaks boss jump was after completing the fire node. Then again, I thought you were supposed to jump over the helicopter as I was trying to go as fast as possible..
    Posted by VexuL on 19 Jun 19 at 20:28
    Er PaBlEtOrI've completed 2 sessions without bails at the career plus session. The achievement didn't unlocked angry
    Posted by Er PaBlEtOr on 29 Jun 19 at 01:36
    Er PaBlEtOrI talked to the developers and they said the achievement only unlocks on the regular career.
    Posted by Er PaBlEtOr on 29 Jun 19 at 15:18
    ROGUE 1992Tip for the boss jumps for where to start your run. You want to aim for the middle of the final rope barrier section. You should hit about 80 kms an hour from that point. Seems to always be the same no matter how sharp a decline it is.
    Posted by ROGUE 1992 on 10 Aug 19 at 07:20
    AmethystineFor anyone wanting to practice, this is the Peaks boss jump seed number: 41078843216
    Posted by Amethystine on 05 Apr 20 at 23:24
    Fluke939my tip, ignore bonus objectives, you don't need extra lives cus the goal is to not lose any lives. I had to work hard to break that habit, I'd sometimes try to fail the no brakes/always accelerate objectives right away so I wasn't tempted.

    Also. Not tested with this achievement, but slowing down and pressing B to respawn at checkpoint, or View button to restart the level doesn't cost a life, so might be possible to get yourself out of a bad situation, like if you go off track and can't stop until you are miles from the track
    Posted by Fluke939 on 27 Apr 20 at 09:54
    R3D D3VIL 84I can confirm i got the achievement while pressing B twice to respawn during my golden run.
    Posted by R3D D3VIL 84 on 30 May 20 at 06:28
    NesmasterJust got this on my first run thanks to the vids and Amethystine for the seed. Can confirm the above comment. Came up just short on Canyon, in that I hit the edge but didn't bail. B saved me from falling to death. Still got Golden Run.
    Posted by Nesmaster on 31 Jul 20 at 02:44
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