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Getting Dizzy

Land a 720 double backflip

Getting Dizzy-0.1
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How to unlock the Getting Dizzy achievement

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    Sounds complex, but rather easy to pull off with the right conditions. Begin a Career session on any world you prefer, but I suggest Highlands (or Desert if you have Career+ unlocked).

    Play through a few tracks and make sure to pull off tricks and slides with the right thumbstick to score rep. The goal is to unlock a couple crew members that give you perks to make the trick much easier to complete.

    You unlock a crew member at 1,000 rep and another at 4,000 rep which is easy to rack up in one or two levels. You get a choice between four random perks, so if you don't get good perks, just end the session and give it another go. The crew member perks you want are:

    Landing Impact
    Spin Speed

    Bunny Hop
    In-Air Correction

    Once you get the crew member perks, choose a track with a high stunt and steepness rating. Next, ride through the track until you find a suitable ramp (or hill off of the track) to get enough air to pull off the 720 backflip. As soon as you take off of a jump, hold back and either to the right or left on the right thumbstick. In relation to a compass, hold the control stick to SW or SE. Once you do the flips and spins, level out your bike and land as best you can.

    May take a few attempts, but using my guidelines should make it no sweat.
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    GerbasgamerEasily done on the Highlands boss stage without any crew member upgrades. Then try to avoid the finish line and cycle back to the hill (or crash) to get the other stunt related achievements.

    EDIT: Actually you can just press B to get back to the previous checkpoint without losing a life.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 26 Aug 19 at 07:39
    pezboybenI just earned this with a tweaked double backflip 900 on the Highlands boss stage so over rotating is fine. I lost track of my spins lol.
    Posted by pezboyben on 31 Mar at 19:01
    Lil BabyJesus7I've nailed this twice and still hadn't popped. Only achievement I've had issues with popping thus far.
    Posted by Lil BabyJesus7 on 22 Jun at 19:41
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