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Overly driven

Reach an Overdrive multiplier of 10

Overly driven+7.6
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  • OsakamitsuOsakamitsu350,593 350,593 GamerScore
    18 May 2019 18 May 2019 25 May 2019
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    I got a X10 after only 10 seconds or less in the area. It has a mutant nest (aka "Mutie Nest" in the game) and the mutants just keep running at you. No armor guys from what I remember. I just used the assault rifle. I wast even trying and I looked down to see my multiplier maxed out. I'm sure any mutie nest will work but the one I used is in the Torn Plains region, right in the middle bottom just as you cross into the region from the Broken Tract region. I got a X10 here MANY times without even trying. I am pretty sure the enemies are infinite as long as the mutant pods have not been destroyed.

    Edit 2: If you have the smart rocket (In the strongbox ark located in the right center of the Torn Plains region); when using it with overdrive, it's pretty crazy and can eliminate a ton of enemies at once.

    I found a very easy place to get this close to the beginning of the game. I found this place immediately after completing the "Blackout" story mission, which is the mission you get the shotgun in. Could get this 2 or 3 times in this area in one go. I bet there is 30 enemies here. The annoying thing about this area is that there is a lot of armor enemies but if you hit them with the slug rounds my holding the left trigger with the shotgun they are not too bad. They can be bullet sponges so make sure you kill them and not just send them flying 40 feet back.

    You can make a save at the beginning of the area just in case. If you feel like you are going to fail, just let them kill you and it will start you right at the beginning of the base. Took me maybe 3 or 4 tries.

    The area is called Yeoman Growery and it's a Bandit Den in the Northern part of Broken Tract. I HIGHLY recommend having the shot gun as it was the main gun that I used. Make sure you buy the project that unlocks the ability to get to a X10 multiplier. It's located in the basic project upgrades and cost 1 point to unlock. I ran into this area throwing grenades everywhere. Took out the guys up front and then ran through the middle letting them all run at me from all directions and then activating the overdrive. I believe overdrive makes this a lot easier. So if you want try and go through the project upgrades and buy the stuff that helps overdrive and maybe the ones that allow you to carry more throwables and ammo.
  • Enigmatic ElkEnigmatic Elk253,543
    19 May 2019 07 Jul 2019
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    Hello everybody!

    This achievement has a very simple, reliable way of accomplishing it. The first thing you'll need is the second skill in the basic project skill tree, which extends your possible overdrive multiplier to X10.

    Afterwards, go to any mutie nest. Once in, shoot a couple of there egg... nest things to get a lot of them to spawn. Run around in circles for a few seconds to bunch them all together, and mow them down. You could probably use any weapon in the game to accomplish this, but the slam ability (especially with vortex skill) is easily the most satisfying. Also it helps you quite a bit on your way to this other achievement.
    RAGE 2Come on and Slam!The Come on and Slam! achievement in RAGE 2 worth 30 pointsCrush 50 enemies using Slam

    That said, if you want to use the rocket launcher instead, the same idea applies to this achievement.
    RAGE 2Postmodern PicassoThe Postmodern Picasso achievement in RAGE 2 worth 90 pointsRupture a total of 200 enemies using the Rocket Launcher

    Skip to 13:31 for Overly Driven
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade749,602
    18 May 2019 19 May 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to get an overdrive multiplier of 10 reached. Now you will first need to go into your basic projects menu. It will be available once you get to be able to go out into free roam. Once in the menu select the view projects (A button) menu. Once there you will then scroll down once and unlock that skill (X button) and unlock the skill for having the 10X multiplier.

    From there you will need to find a decently sized goon base or mutant infested encampment. Also if you have the shotgun you can build up the overdrive and when you unleash that on the shotgun you get a widespread shot and kill anything in front of you. You could use the assault rifle as well. I would suggest going to a mutant nest and getting a few kills to build the over drive then once you have that gather up some mutants by running round a bit. Once you have at least ten or so then use the over drive shotgun or assault rifle ability to take them all our in just a few shots. This will build your over all multiplier to 10X to unlock the achievement.

  • Green Rock YetiGreen Rock Yeti382,301
    16 May 2019 16 May 2019
    0 2 1
    mutants are your best bet, with the plasma rifle if you have it. but sadly this does not count in the mutant bash. i hit 10 several times and it never popped
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