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Scoop up an enemy with the Wheeldozer

20 November 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Dozing

  • AussieG17AussieG17431,999
    16 May 2019 17 May 2019
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    There is a spawn spot for the Dumpster Truck at the Mutant Bash TV arena in the far west of the map as shown in the attached video.

    Then all you need to do is slowly drive into an enemy and use LB to pick him up.

    Here is a simple video guide:
  • Apache117XApache117X652,082
    15 May 2019 15 May 2019 19 May 2019
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    The Wheeldozer can be located at Bridge Block a Road Block to the left of Gunbarrel.

    Use the cn_LB to lift an enemy up with the front scoop. Drive carefully towards the enemy so you don’t kill or run him over.

    The Wheeldozer is a large yellow excavator. They can be found in other locations. Even if you have cleared the mentioned location it will still spawn there.

  • AlterPredAlterPred329,364
    04 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019
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    Not a solution just some tips that I did not see mentioned in the many solutions and felt a comment would get lost.

    The enemy you pick up with the dumper truck does not have to be alive, it can be a dead body.

    I did this at the bridge block roadblock. After killing all of the enemies i just found one of the goon bodies lying in the road and scooped it up.

    If you are having trouble with getting the body into the bucket use vortex the pop it onto the bucket or a more level surface for scooping.
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade754,031
    19 May 2019 20 May 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to pick up an enemy with the bulldozer. There are other locations for the dozer as well. I used the location Bridge Block in the area Broken Tract. It is in the southwestern part of the map. Once there you will see it up near the wall.

    Once you get in the dozer you will need to try and drive slowly up to an enemy and press the LB button to raise them up in the air. You might be able to get one of the enemies in that area but it might be difficult since they will typically try to shoot you and run away. So you might want to try and leave the area and find the group of enemies out on the road. Or if you find a mutant which they try to melee you, they will get in close so you can slowly drive up to them and wait for them to get in the bucket and raise it. If you find the group of people on the road like I did try to drive very slowly behind them and try to get the bucket right on them and raise it up. Or hopefully one will be dumb enough to climb into the bucket on their own and then just raise it and the achievement will pop.

  • Enigmatic ElkEnigmatic Elk254,104
    20 May 2019 09 Jul 2019
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    Hello everybody!

    First thing to acknowledge, there is no vehicle called the Wheeldozer. They mean the Dumper Truck. With that said, there is a dumper spawn at the MBTV location in the Sekreto Wetlands. While looking at the entrance, turn to the right and run down that path to the dumper truck. From there, just drive around until you come across an enemy and press cn_LB while the front is down to lift him up in it. bing bang badaboom.

    Skip to 7:09 for Dozing
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