Mata Hari Manners achievement in RAGE 2

Mata Hari Manners

Destroy 30 Spy Drones

Mata Hari Manners+0.2
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How to unlock the Mata Hari Manners achievement

  • CoreScanCoreScan1,016,789
    14 May 2019 15 May 2019 29 Aug 2019
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    This achievement was a serious pain in the ass, as finding my remaining 28 drones took me hours upon hours of additional exploration.

    If you don't know what spy drones look like, hit cn_back, go to the Projects tab, select "Search & Recover" (which you might need to unlock first), hit cn_A, then highlight the 2nd perk of the 3rd tier; "Spy-Drone Tracking". This is the most important perk when going for this achievement, and the perk-related video shows you exactly what spy drones look like.

    I found spy drones at any kind of location: bandit dens, arks, pit stops, exploration spots, repowering stations. They're always outside, usually (not always) several meters above the ground, and upon aiming at a spy drone, its blue light turns red, and then it flies away. I used the assault rifle to take them out. Also, you can hear them when you are close to them; they make a whirring sound. Therefore, I would clear a location of possible enemies, search for items indicated on my compass, and as soon as I heard/spotted a spy drone, I would save the game. If you can't destroy one before it flies away, just reload your most recent save.

    Now, the big "mistake" I had made prior to going for this achievement, which later made searching for the spy drones a time-consuming nightmare, was purchasing the perks "Embedded-Feltrite Tracking", "Storage-Container Tracking" & "Ark-Chest Tracking" pretty early on in the game (with some of them being mandatory purchases if you want to unlock the tracking for spy drones). The non-mandatory purchases turned out to have been a serious mistake, as all items use the same signal-strength indicator on the compass.

    I don't know how many spy drones there are in Rage 2, but upon finding my final one and unlocking this achievement, I had visited every single location on the map and I literally had no idea where else I could search. The highest spy-drone log I unlocked for destroying a drone was #0034, meaning there could be 34+ drones in the game.

    You can check how many drones you've found by hitting cn_back > Log > Info > Lore > Spy Drones.

    Edit May 16th, 2019: I found a YouTube video uploaded by PS4Trophies a few hours ago, which provides further assistance. According to this video, the drones spawn randomized.

    Edit August 29th, 2019: Upon replaying this game months after its release, I noticed the devs recently implemented several improvements in order to make obtaining this achievement way easier. Players are now able to see collectibles by holding down cn_LB, and even the signal-strength indicator has been patched to now show what collectible you are looking for, making this solution near-redundant. I'm not removing it, though. It will stay as a reminder on how annoying and time-consuming this achievement was pre-patch. 😂

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    DuBear61The bear is not scary....I think the issue is that I died sometimes after getting drone. On the respawn, the drone is there again, you can kill it again, it increments main counter, but not counter for this Cheevo.
    Posted by DuBear61 on 22 Mar at 21:49
    FULL Hache DA few tips.
    I'm spanish so I'll try to explain the best I can.

    - Is easier if you save the game before attempting to kill a drone but If a drone flies away, aim at it until you lose it on the horizon. Open the map and trace a line from the arrow of the player to the next location in that direction. The drone will be there (or in the nearest one). I've lost the same drone twice and found using this method. Also, it's mentioned in the loading screen.

    - You can do it in several playthroughs: I first played on Ultra Nigthmare, then Easy Ironman, then Iron Man NG+, then loaded my Ultra Nightmare, changed to easy and completed all locations... I had 19 intels from drones and was unable to find any other...
    Started a NG+ with this save, went to Professor mission (so I can search for drones) and after doing the mission I was able to easily find a lot of spy drones. My stats showed 31 when I got the achievement but I think I found like 35+
    Posted by FULL Hache D on 16 Apr at 19:01
    Korean B B QUgh, currently at 35 and no achievement.
    Posted by Korean B B Q on 23 Apr at 17:37
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  • The Last RascalThe Last Rascal445,329
    31 May 2019 31 May 2019 31 May 2019
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    UPDATE: I've noticed on subsequent reloads that I'm losing drones (based on intel counts). I thought my numbers had seemed off before, but I definitively caught one and reloaded to before the associated bandit den. However, the achievement later popped at 27 intel, so it's possible the internal count was still correct. Regardless, a word of caution.

    Adding to other solutions, the PowerPyx guide has been absolutely invaluable (see below). It lists 88 potential locations for the spy drones with screenshots. I recommend checking the locations against those completed on your map and taking your Icarus to those found to be incomplete or undiscovered. Your Icarus can travel in a straight path, saving you a substantial amount of time.

    BE SURE TO SAVE ON ARRIVAL. Check the local screenshot and if possible go in after the drone first and hit it with a direct single shot from your rocket launcher. One shot, one kill. Note, the drones can zip off in battle and it's easy to not hear or see them do it depending on their location.

    Hope this helps!

    I unlocked my achievement early into the fourth of six regions, despite failing to destroy multiple drones and clearing a significant amount of locations. There's still hope for you if you were in my boat.

    Big thanks to Skate 323 for linking the page in the comments.
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    TrimblerUsing the PowerPyx guide above, I was able to find 28 drones after inspecting all locations … I did the usual save, investigate using the perk for done location, and listening for the throbbing sound from the drone.

    My achievement popped at 27 drones located. I'd searched for the final drone as I only had 3-4 locations left.

    One suggestion for those using the guide: I strongly recommend getting a map of each location and marking all locations the PowerPyx guide has drones for … they creating your own ordering for how you visit them. The order listed in the PowerPyx guide seem random and will have you visiting opposite ends of the map on subsequent searches … and then have you go right back to a location very near where you had been. It made an otherwise excellent guide a bit less fun to use.
    Posted by Trimbler on 11 Jun 19 at 04:10
  • FPSnoob2012FPSnoob2012204,157
    02 Jun 2019 03 Jun 2019
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    IF you've already tried collecting items from all sites with the goal of getting the green check-mark for each, using a guide may be overkill given the spawns are random. Just use the Icarus to fly from location to location on your map and use the sensor to detect the presence of a collectible. If you've cleared the sites already and the sensor detects something, it's likely a drone. Land, save, destroy!
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    oO NiGhTbAsE OoYeap, this is basically what I did and cleared them up within a few hours. I found a large proportion of them at Bandit Dens. The thing to remember is that you might not have even discovered all locations yet. Even after I had completed the game and been to every 'known location', I still kept finding new ? marks on the map as I was flying around and was finding Drones at them too! I'm sure there is probably more ? marks I haven't even found on the map yet, but I have all 30 drones, so I'm done exploring for now.
    Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 09 Jun 19 at 09:47
    wolfsburgrazThanks, it seems this is the tactic I'll have to use too. I've been to most locations on the map and only have 22 drones shot. I remember seeing them at nearly every stop during the early game and now that I've got the weapons to handle them in one shot I can't seem to find them.
    Posted by wolfsburgraz on 08 Jan at 18:37
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