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Update 1.11.1: Village & Pillage

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Update 1.11.1: Village & Pillage

Master Trader achievement in Minecraft

Master Trader

Trade for 1,000 Emeralds.

Master Trader-1.0
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How to unlock the Master Trader achievement

  • SunkenStyxSunkenStyx
    15 May 2019 15 May 2019 22 Jun 2020
    [Important note for all players on all systems]
    The tracking will only go up consistently on Xbox/Switch/etc if you trade the annoying way. Which is to hit cn_Y (Xbox) or cn_X (Switch) on the item you're trading while interacting with a villager, which will place it into the villager/trading menu. Then move your cursor over the emerald, and hit cn_A (Xbox) or cn_B (Switch), to take the emerald and complete the trade. Rinse and repeat. If you use the 'quick' trade system on the left of the trade menu, you will not gain progress for this achievement.

    [Edit] According to @WhiteHellJumper, @Leo Ascendent and @evil terrorr the quick trade system now works for achievement progress.

    [Edit] It's cumulative, so it will count any emeralds gained from trading at any time, from any world. You do not need to hold 1000 emeralds in your inventory at one time.

    Local/Xbox One Method
    [Edit] @RKH pointed out another possible method for those who can't host a world on Win10. If you are able to import the tutorial world from the Xbox One edition, you can mine the emerald blocks and diamond blocks from the elytra area, as well as gather other nearby resources. Then save/quit the world when you're ready to trade for a bunch of emeralds, then use the same method as usual. Making copies of the world and then continuing to run through the copies until you have received the achievement. @RKH confirmed that the villagers spawn with the new trading system, and that the same rule applies for NOT using the quick trade system.

    Alternatively, If you can't host on Win10 in any way and aren't able to get a original Xbox one tutorial world to transfer over, this achievement will take a very long time. I'd suggest using the seed 1431023779 , which has two villages right near spawn (644, 73, 110 and 874, 68, 197), as well as a ravine (612, 70, 61), and a desert temple (776, 64, 45). Load the world on Peaceful and gather the required resources to complete the first level of trades with as many villagers as possible. Once you have enough resources to gather 50-100 emeralds in one go, save and quit. Make a copy of the world and then load up the copy. Once in, perform all the trades you can, gaining as many emeralds as you can. Then quit out, delete the copy, then make another copy of the original world. Rinse and repeat.

    Cross-Platform Method
    Full credit goes to Dillinium for this solution, since they created the map and posted it to the Win10 Minecraft guides. I'm posting this here simply for those who don't check the Win10 Minecraft achievement guides.

    This method only works if you can host a world on your own PC, or have a friend do it for you.

    Use this link and download/import the "Update 1.11.1 Achievements" map into Minecraft on Win10. Once the world is loaded and running, join with whatever other system you want (Xbox, Switch, etc). The spawn is right in front of the required area and the host will have meat in their inventory, but any secondary accounts will have to take from the chests nearby.

    Make a few copies of the world and then simply run through the grind. There's more than enough resources in the chests so grab an inventory full, then run through all the villagers. Each run through will gain you 200 emeralds, meaning you have to run through 5 full times for each player/platform.

    [Edit] Again, make multiple copies of the world, and run through each copy. Once you've traded with everyone in one map, quit and boot up a fresh one. Don't waste time killing villagers, it takes considerably longer.

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    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 02 Jan 23 at 16:09
    EpiphanyFartDo you have one for Minecraft 360 Edition?
    Posted by EpiphanyFart on 02 Jan 23 at 17:19
    The GmrScrThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by The GmrScr on 18 Dec 23 at 23:01
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  • mer0u1mer0u1
    16 May 2019 17 May 2019 18 May 2019

    After a lot of searches around the Internet, here's the solution I used to make things/emeralds farming easier and, more important, faster.

    But, as the other solutions already mentioned, whichever you're gonna use will take time.

    This step-by-step solution is for players who don't have any save allowing them to farm emeralds. So, to make things easier, we will create a new world.

    This solutions has 2 steps.
    The first one is for preparing the save for farming, which takes about 10-12mn to achieve.
    And the second one is purely farming, and will take most of the time until the achievement unlocks. But it can be achieve between 2h30 - 3h.

    First, from the main menu, select Play then Create New and finally Create New World.
    On the following window, go to the right menu and change the difficulty to Peaceful. Next, activate Show coordinates. Now, in the Seed selection bar, click on the arrow and select the pre-created world Coastal Village (normally, it is the top middle one). Its seed is -1813740965. Then go to the left menu and click on Create.

    When you spawn, turn a bit to your left, walk a bit then dive and swim-follow the river to the right to reach the first village (1052, 64, 91). You will need to harvest every vegetables and collect hay bales but leave the wheat.
    There are 5 fields in this village and usually between 4 and 5 farmers.
    The first is at 1048, 64, 95 and has potatoes. The second is at 1054, 64, 103 and contains potatoes and beetroots The third is at 1039, 64, 112 and has 1 line of potatoes.
    On your way to the fourth field, if you cross the village, you will find 7 hay bales (1072, 63, 126). Pick them all.
    The fourth field, located at 1073, 64, 138, has 2 lines of potatoes. The fifth field is at 1081, 64, 153 and contains 2 lines of carrots. It's worth mentioning that if you're not fast enough, farmers will harvest those vegetables instead of you. So you will get less of them. But, when they sow seeds, you can sometimes harvest 1 unit of vegetable (carrots and potatoes only).

    Once you harvest everything, run across the meadows where you see a lone tree, climb two hills and go to the second village which is located at 987, 70, 391. On your way to the village, pay attention to the watery holes into the ground because you'll probably need to dig to get out of them since they're too deep.
    There are 3 fields in this village and usually between 2 and 3 farmers.
    The first thing to do is to collect the carrots from the filed at 983, 71, 395. Don't pay attention to the hay bales and quickly go the next field down the sandhill at 1001, 64, 445 and harvest the beetroots. Then come a bit backwards and harvest the potatoes on the previous field located at 992, 63, 433. Now that every vegetables have been collected, go back to the entrance of the village and pick the 19 hay bales up the sandhill at 991, 70, 394. You have a second pack (12 hay bales) at 985, 70, 412 and a third one (14 hay bales) at 983, 67, 418.

    When you've finished, go where the beetroots field is and run across the desert in front of it to the third village located at 1414, 68, 528. There's no need to swim so stay on the sand. There are only two sand hills to climb. As before, pay attention to the holes and watery holes into the ground on your way to the third village (mainly when crossing the savannah part). Stay on the top of the hill and you'll come across a savannah with only a few steps to climb before reaching a hill with a river at its base. Swim across it, climb the hill and you'll reach the village
    There are only 2 fields in this village and usually between 2 and 3 farmers.
    The first one is at 1454, 65, 559 and has 1 line of beetroots. The second is at 1465, 66, 550 and has 1 line of potatoes.
    A bit further, at 1486, 64, 542, you will find 16 hay bales to collect. Go backwards a bit and, at 1445, 64, 568, you will find 17 hay bales to pick.

    Now, go towards the cattle fences and keep running to reach the fourth and last village located at 1399, 72, 193. You will have to cross the meadow, climb two hills to reach the desert. Keep running and climbing two sand hills to reach another meadow with the village. At 1373, 70, 197, you will find the first field with 2 lines of potatoes. The second field is at 1372, 70, 155 and offers 1 line of beetroots and 1 line of carrots. Next to it, at 1362, 71, 158 is another field with 2 lines of carrots. At 1378, 70, 126 is another field with 1 line of beetroots. At 1387, 69, 105 is a fifth field with 2 lines of beetroots. And finally, at 1340, 70, 134 is the sixth and final field with 2 lines of beetroots.

    Now that you picked everything in this area, it is time to go back at the very first village which is located very near, at 1095, 67, 123. You can turn around the nearest sand hill with two villagers houses on top and cross the desert then the meadow to reach it. Go to the house at 1077, 67, 117. Before entering, go into your inventory and change your hay bales into wheat. You should have around 84. You can also make an empty slot in your inventory bar to see the emeralds you will collect next. Once done, enter the house and use the bed to sleep. If a farmer is already sleeping, just awake him then use the bed. Once awaken, leave the house and go down the hill to stand at 1064, 63, 109. Now, press the pause menu and select Save & Quit to go back to the world selection menu.

    The first step is now completed. Now begins the second one, and the most boring one because it's pure farming.

    Now that you're at the world selection menu, select the option icon (with the pencil) on the right of the Coastal Village's save name. On the right menu, go at the very bottom and select Copy World. As soon as the world selection menu appears, select and launch Copy of Coastal Village.

    You will find yourself in the very first village, with all your "currencies". Each village has an certain amount of farmers whom you need to trade with. Your main concern is to go as fast as possible, considering the currencies you'll need to trade for emeralds (vegetables and wheat) are random. Another very important thing to pay attention to is that you have to manually trade for each emerald, meaning when you interact with a farmer and hover a currency he trades for an emerald, select this one and place it in the empty slot just above your inventory (clicking Y works but only for this move). As soon as the required currency fills the slot, the Trade bar lightens. Hover it with your cursor and click it manually with A button. This way, the emerald you get will count for the achievement. If you do it differently, since the achievement is a bit glitchy, it won't count. Remember that you can only trade for up to 4 emeralds per farmer. When you reach this limit, the option won't be available anymore. You can wait a bit until the farmer offers you a new cost (generally a bit more expansive) but this will just make the farming process longer.

    So, in the first village, you will usually come across 4 to 5 farmers. They're usually near the fields but sometimes can go into the cattle fence or at the rear of the village near the hill, next to the house boarding the lake.

    For those who want to reduce time walking and running, once you're done with the first village's farmers, you can directly go to the end of this solution to find the "rinse and repeat" process. If you're lucky, within the first village, to can trade until 20 emeralds within 1mn30.

    Once it's done, go to the second village at 987, 70, 391. There's usually a farmer near the first field and sometimes up to 2 other farmers next to the two other fields down the sand hill.

    Once you're done with them, go to the third village at 1414, 68, 528. There are usually 3 farmers. Two are at the fields on the right of the village whereas the third one is in the wheat field on its left side, near the path you will follow to reach the fourth village.

    Once trade is complete, go to the fourth and final village at 1399, 72, 193. This one is a bit more tricky because farmers keep moving. But sometimes they gather in one place, allowing you to trace with them more easily. If I'm not mistaken, there are usually between 7 to 8 farmers around this place.

    If done correctly, you can harvest around 50 emeralds within 6 to 7mn. Once you trade everything you could, just press the pause menu then Save & Quit the game.

    Now is the time for the "rinse and repeat" process.

    As done before, go to the option menu (with the pencil) at the right of your Copy of Coastal Village save name and, on the next menu, go at the very bottom and select Delete World.
    Now, for the final part, repeat the process as before. At the world selection menu, go to the option menu (with the pencil) on the right of Coastal Village save name then select Copy World at the very bottom of the screen (on the right). Select and launch Copy of Coastal Village save and keep doing so until you reach 1000 emeralds and unlock the achievement.

    Good luck to all of you wink
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    mer0u1Well, considering there is a glitch with automatic trade, I preferred not making any mistake nor taking risk during the process. So this is why I introduce a safe way to avoid any inconvenience ^^
    Posted by mer0u1 on 26 May 19 at 17:15
    Pure Pip RaptorAwesome guide here!
    Weird thing but the third village is abandoned for me. And the fourth just wants carrots so I'm limiting myself to the first two. Got over 40 emeralds on one round though!
    No one else might want to but I made my own carrot and potato farm to have enough for both villages. Two 9 x 9 squares with a plot of water in the center. Watched a movie while waiting for them to grow.
    Anyways thanks again!
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 03 Nov 19 at 00:17
    mer0u1You're welcome! Nice trick with the carrots and potatoes farm but it usually takes time until you get the amount of vegetables you want.
    Posted by mer0u1 on 03 Nov 19 at 13:38
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3
    08 Jul 2019 08 Sep 2019
    This achievement can be unlocked in under 30 minutes in this awesome achievement world, made by BulletLukey

    (At the time of writing, I also have a realm going, which is the same world, but can be joined more easily. Head over to the gaming session for Minecraft (X1) set at the end of each month for more info.)

    The world can be downloaded here:

    (You will need a device to host the world from via crossplay (Phone, tablet or PC)

    Head over to the set up for this achievement (on the right). When you click the button, the villager respawns and you get the correct items in your inventory. Wait a split second for the villager to get the right profession. Then trade with the villager to acquire as many emeralds as possible. Once done, click the button again and start over. You get about 20-21 emeralds on average, thus you would require about 50 trades for the achievement.
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