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Bling, Bling achievement in Guitar Hero: World Tour

Bling, Bling

Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings

Bling, Bling0
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How to unlock the Bling, Bling achievement

  • Potato HandlePotato Handle
    05 Mar 2011 07 Jun 2010 01 Apr 2014
    Greets there fellas! This is an in-depth guide for those of us that just want to use all-talkie songs on vox for the most part of this ridiculous achievement.

    The following set of songs are all-talkie songs which you can play on expert by pointing a fan at your microphone:
    No Sleep 'til Brooklyn - On disc - $760 - 4:32
    Grave Of Opportunity* - Free DLC - $665 - 4:15
    On Broken Glass* - Free DLC - $625 - 3:50
    Debaser* - DLC (160MSP) - $540 - 2:57

    (All based on 100% with no SP usage.)

    *Unfortunately, if you don't have these songs already, you can no longer get them, because most/all GH DLC has been pulled from the marketplace because of licences expiring.

    They all work out roughly the same in $/min, once you factor in menu/loading times. So what I suggest you do is place all the songs you have in a setlist and play them all. The advantages being that you will only have to load the venue/setlist/etc once, at the end of a song the next song will be preloaded, making it a tad quicker if you move away from the 360.

    If you don't have any of the DLC tracks, you'll have to repeat 'No Sleep' over and over again. It won't be that much slower, but it'll take a bit more interaction to scroll and pick the song after each play.

    If I'm missing a song or have made a mistake, please comment and I'll fix it up ASAP.

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    planting42Fastest way is to simply play (locally) in a band with someone that already has Bling Bling unlocked the hard way... as in:

    I've earned it the hard way (guitar and bass actually) but if you play in my band at my house (LIVE won't work) the achievement (as well as several campaign related ones) will unlock.

    Barring access to someone like that - use the guide above wink

    See my bot's achievements in the game:
    Boost Buddy 42's achievements in Guitar Hero: World Tour
    Posted by planting42 On 17 Dec 17 at 03:20
    Will The 22Great guide, I earned 775$ on "No sleep till Brooklyn". Thank's!
    Posted by Will The 22 On 12 Jan 18 at 00:16
    The S bot 9000Been playing this game for like the past decade casually and i'm only at $190k. Can't believe how ridiculous this grind isangry
    Posted by The S bot 9000 On 07 Apr 20 at 19:45
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  • Crimson RidleyCrimson Ridley
    11 Apr 2009 11 Apr 2009 29 Oct 2009
    I think I've found the quickest, easiest way to get this Achievement. Having just unlocked it myself, I can say that I managed to get 500k in a week with this set.

    Right, so you want to be playing Expert Bass on your profile, and have a second profile/player on Beginner Vocals at all times.

    Play the following;

    Dammit - $1,235 - 2:41
    The Kill - $1,380 - 4:11
    The Middle - $1,195 - 2:50
    Rebel Yell - $1,860 - 4:47
    Scream Aim Fire - $1,610 - 4:27
    Stillborn - $1,105 - 3:11

    So that's roughly 21 minutes, and around $8000.

    This adds up really quickly.

    Another way is to just play Dammit over and over again as it's really short and gives you over $1000 a time.

    It will get very boring though, but like I said I got half of the money in a week, playing for about 5-8 hours a day.

    Good luck people and have fun, even though playing this set for the next 50 hours will get very boring. =P

    It may be wise to put in some of your favourite songs (Unless these are your favourites, in which case, you're set!) from time to time so the setlist isn't as boring.
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    Zoda iZ CruelHave to say that "The Middle" wasn't possible for me, because the game is laggy on my new tv.. (even through calibrating it), but songs i still played were (from A - Z , all bass)

    1. About a girl
    2. Dammit
    4.The Kill
    5. Lazy Eye
    6. Rebel Yell
    7.Re-education through labor
    9.Scream Aim Fire
    10. Stillborn
    11.Toy Boy
    13.What I've done
    14.Nothing all the time (free dlc)
    15.the touch (free dlc)

    its not so boring like playing dammit over and over and over again.
    unfortunality my guitar broke so i use the vocals method.
    hope this helps ppl which rather play then hanging around.
    Posted by Zoda iZ Cruel On 15 May 12 at 18:24
    NearDLawlietI never knew about these methods. Callum, I can see where you're going with the FC Expert Bass stuff, but I'll probably end up using the NSTB way more. I find the songs way too easy now on guitars (I don't have space for the drums) unless I'm playing against someone good online, and I've been at LV25 seemingly forever. Is there a rubber band method for the NSTB vocals? I'd love to be able to do something without having to tend to the game.

    Also, I need the Band vs Band achievement but there's never anyone online anymore. If anyone can coordinate one, please send me a message! :)
    Posted by NearDLawliet On 13 Sep 12 at 05:52
    platinumpwnzorOK, so I figured out a strange quirk that was causing my FC $ to be off. If your score with this (mic+bass) band method is lower than your solo bass score, you won't get the New High Score $25 bonus. So if your no-star-power FC score on Band is lower than your solo Bass score, it would be better for you to use star power. -$10 is better than -$25.
    Posted by platinumpwnzor On 13 Dec 13 at 00:13
  • Xx NTABiz xXXx NTABiz xX
    02 Mar 2009 16 Mar 2009 16 Mar 2009
    Ok, here is the deal with this achievement. Each time you do No Sleep Till Brooklyn on expert vocals you should get $760. This averages out to equal about $10,000 an hour. So thats 100 total hours of that song. BUT, there is an even faster way..this will require you to play though. Sign in the profile you want the money on as a vocalist. Then plug in a guitar or drum set. Go into band quickplay and chose No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Set the mic by anything that makes noise like you normally would and play any difficulty on the other instrument. You should get about $1200-$1400 every time. Reducing the time required by a lot. I guess it just depends on if you actually feel like playing or not. Either way good luck!
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    LearFoolIf you play drums on X and FC it, it works out to $1,615 per play for the vocalist. There's nothing tricky in the drum part for an expert drummer.
    Posted by LearFool On 16 Jul 12 at 03:09
    SithVampirodont know if they updated or what. but it dont work anymore.
    Posted by SithVampiro On 03 May 15 at 19:57
    otaku1412Did it this way (along with playing Grave of Opportunity and On Broken Glass) and got over 1 mil but it didn't unlock. I went into the career and played one of those songs on the Create A Setlist and it popped after it finished.
    Posted by otaku1412 On 31 Dec 18 at 19:34
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