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Cook an Epic Cell with the Middleman

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  • firestormworldfirestormworld191,529
    24 May 2019 22 May 2019 24 May 2019
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    The middleman is the shady looking guy to the left of where you spawn. He will have a quest once you progress enough that teaches you how to cook cells. Cells come in three colors green, blue, and purple. Purple is epic. Combining two greens takes 24 hours. Combining 2 blues takes 48 hours. Once you cook two blue cells and wait two days the achievement should unlock.
  • BlaizicusBlaizicus791,196
    27 May 2019 27 May 2019 29 May 2019
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    For this achievement, you need to combine two cells of power level 2 with The Middleman, who is left from where you spawn in Ramsgate.

    You unlock him quite shortly into the story.

    To combine cells, you require 2 cells of the same rarity (Level one, two or three)

    If you combine 2 cells of the same name (so Sharpness +1 and Sharpness +1) you will get a sharpness +2.
    Also, if you combine 2 cells from the same category, you will get a cell of random quality from the same category (so 2 random technique cells (1) will produce a technique cell (2)
    2 totally random cells of the same level will produce a totally random result (so technique (1) and power (1) has a chance to make any (2) available.

    It takes 22 hours to make a Level 2 cell, and 46 hours for a level 3. This can be expedited if you have earned the purple chips available from the "Hunt Pass" Which you only need between 20-40 of dependant on the time remaining for cell fusion. (You can also Exchange two random level 3 cells for a new random level 3 cell, which takes 74 hours too)
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