Slayer Supreme achievement in Dauntless

Slayer Supreme

Reach Player Level 40

Slayer Supreme-27.6
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How to unlock the Slayer Supreme achievement

  • WolframX25WolframX25831,072
    30 May 2019 11 Jun 2019 10 Oct 2019
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    This guide is about my method on getting this achievement and to start off I want to say its really grindy past level 30, so unless you just play as you go and have fun, its really just time consuming. I, on the other hand just wanted to 100% game so I grinded non-stop which was kinda mind-numbing. This method has a lot of preparation but its quite efficient and always helps you tick off mastery as you go. Also credits to MushaConvoy : "Regular players get around 100 exp killing Lesser Embermane, Elite players get around 150 exp. It certainly helps to get some of the Mastery ticks, it doesn't help the ones for crafting weapons and taking them to +6/+10/etc."

    Before I go through the steps, here are additional tips that are provided by NXBL's from the comments:
    1. If you have twitch prime, u can get prime loot every month which grant you daily patrol chests (30, I guess). This helps you a lot since crafting weapons and armor grants also ticks.
    2. You can get daily login bonus and get a extra Daily Patrol Chest (go to Store > Event ).
    It's totally free but you have to get it every day. Those Daily Patrols don't expire so it's worth to get it every day although u don't to play.
    3. You can actually buy 100 Daily Patrol Chests Bia shop, which cost 1.000 Platinum.
    This is great if u don't mind cashing into this game and it helps u a lot.
    If you really want to skip a lot of pats, that's what u want do buy. I didn't buy it tho, because I saw this offer at Lvl 39, so it wouldn't have been worth it.

    Below is my grindy but effective guide on getting the achievement.

    Step 1 - Play the game until you beat most of the monsters. After you do, by then you probably will have a strong weapon and armor and still feel fresh from the game.

    Step 2 - The Grind - Armor

    I played the game by playlist patrols. I started from neutral - blaze - frost - shock (I got to level 40 when I was doing the shock playlist). I first decide to craft all armor types in a playlist. For example, I would play the neutral playlist (breaking required parts for crafting) to grind neutral orbs, and get parts for Gnasher, Quillshot and Shrike armors. Once I do, I farm more neutral orbs to upgrade them to each of them 6+ and I stop. Now from now on, I will use the respective armors to fight each monster in the playlist (There is a mastery for hunting monster with their own armor 10 times). You will have to this either way for the next step.

    Step 3 - The Grind - Weapons

    Similar to Armor, after getting armors for each monster in the playlist. You would have to craft their weapons. There is about 3 weapons for each type. (3 swords, 3 Axes, 3 Chain Blades, 3 Hammers, 3 War Pikes). Also its noteworthy to mention (Credits to ScoobyDoobyD0nt's comment) -"with repeaters you can level 4 different things at once, making great quick progress for a while as you use them, leveling up all the barrels and prisms to the 2nd XP bar, the handle and (2nd part i dont remember right now) were both completely maxed out on XP. so yea, i would definitely do that before going for the other weapons."

    Also according to Avoids "While using the guns you are leveling up 3 different things at the same time. So you get 3 ticks for 300 exp, 3 ticks for 900 exp ETC." In my case I created all the swords and upgraded them to 6+ and move on to the next weapon type. This is really grindy but its the fastest way in my opinion and unless your weapon is 8/9+ to reach to 10+ I don't recommend to grind the weapon mastery 10+ for that weapon it just takes too long in my experience. You also have to rotate between weapons as you reach their respective mastery. So change weapons as you go and deal damage as well to help tick off mastery objectives.

    Step 4 - The Grind - Switching playlist

    Once you have all the weapons for a particular playlist upgraded to 6+. Repeat step 2 and step 3 with the next playlist - blaze, frost... etc until you get enough mastery objectives done to reach level 40.

    This is what your mastery should look like as you finish each playlist as you go.

    For each weapon
    External image

    For each monster
    External image

    For each type of weapon
    External image

    External image

    The length to complete this achievement will differ for everyone, I rotated between weapons so I had my mastery for some weapons fully max and my build during endgame was all mostly valomyr. I honestly started grinding after getting my second last achievement which is getting each weapon type to 10+. From there it took me about a week playing everyday during my holiday break. So yeah, all the best and happy hunting.

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    VfV SaviorReached lvl 40 but cheevo did not pop. Any tips?
    Posted by VfV Savior on 23 Jan at 09:37
    WolframX25@VfV Savior, that did happened to me in other games like far cry. the achievement popped four days after. If you reach level 40, i am pretty sure it will unlock by itself eventually. If not, people usually recommend hard resetting your xbox but just check back tmrw or the day after
    Posted by WolframX25 on 23 Jan at 09:57
    NxblGood guide!
    Posted by Nxbl on 31 Mar at 00:20
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  • JonC1971JonC197166,293
    01 Nov 2019 31 Oct 2019 12 Feb 2020
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    I recommend doing this achievement last as it is the most time consuming. It'll take dozens of hours to complete since it involves a lot of grinding. We are talking hundreds of successful hunts. It might help to join a guild where you can team up with players who know the fights and have proper gear because hunts can take much longer or even fail if you are playing with inexperienced people. I highly recommend a base gear setup using +6 Iceborne and +6 Toughness. It's incredibly effective against all behemoths as it heals you as you do damage and makes you much more resistant to being downed.

    The best experience in Dauntless is earned by finishing each mastery bar. Behemoths and each weapon type has mastery tasks to complete.

    Do not try to grind to level 40 by using the same weapon as your progress will slow to a crawl. Because the experience gain from a successful hunt is a small fraction compared to the experience gained completing any mastery task.

    Complete 3 Patrol hunts or a single Escalation hunt with each different weapon (14 unique behemoth types x 7 weapon categories plus multiple legendary weapons = 100+ weapons). Just craft level 1 (or level 2 or 3) weapons for most of the weapon types if you're willing to take on the easier behemoths. At most 3 hunts are needed complete your two 50K damage done for each weapon type mastery tasks and it'll fill the first 300 experience earned for each weapon. Repeaters are especially good for gaining experience since there are multiple components which will give mastery task completion experience. So ideally, it's best to craft all the Repeater components first.

    If you are still short of level 40, you can finish 900 experience bar for each weapon and the 150K & 250K weapon damage mastery tasks. Crafting materials permitting you can also boost weapons up to level 6 or even 10 for more mastery experience.

    You can also add +3 acidic or barbed cell to any armor configuration to help complete each of the behemoth wound tasks and +3/+6 weighted strikes or knockout king cells for the stagger tasks while you are in the process gaining experience with each weapon.
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    MiZ DoveThank you for this guide. Until now I did not realize about XP from mastery. I've been at 29 forever and after a million hunts and quests, its still not budging. Now I know. Gave this a thumbs up. Thanks again
    Posted by MiZ Dove on 06 Nov 19 at 15:15
    techie76cheers for the guide pal going to do this till lvl 34 sick n tired of having to change armour because it has 3 slots...
    Posted by techie76 on 03 Jun at 13:14
    techie76cheers for the guide pal going to do this till lvl 34 sick n tired of having to change armour because it has 3 slots...
    Posted by techie76 on 04 Jun at 22:50
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