Get Your Boogie On achievement in Guitar Hero World Tour

Get Your Boogie On

Score 222,222 or higher on the song Satch Boogie as the Lead Guitarist (Solo)

Get Your Boogie On+0.3
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How to unlock the Get Your Boogie On achievement

  • Data555doughData555dough72,859
    13 Jun 2009 13 Jun 2009 27 Dec 2009
    54 0 15
    In addition to all that has been said about practicing and the solo methods, you may want to get used one of my best friends when it comes to guitar hero. Hyperspeed. If you are unaware of this "cheat," it is GBRYYRGG (corresponding letters represent beginning letters of the fret color, and it is simply entered in the cheat menu.) What it basically does is space out the notes more to make the chart easier to read. The higher the number (1-5), the more spread out the notes are.

    To start off, you may only want to put it on 1 or 2 (I personally use 4) until you get used to hyperspeed. Once you get used to it though, you will be so glad you had it. I actually had to put the hyperspeed to five in order to get the achievement (with hs4, I got 202k and with hs5 I got 232K).

    I'm pretty sure most of you already knew of hyperspeed but this is for those who might be sort of new to hyperspeed. I suggest doing this on hard since it is much easier than trying to do it on expert since solo f is so insane and takes a lot of practice to nail the two hand tapping.

    One final thing I would like to say is that these hammer-ons are very precise (huge learning curve going to this from GH3) and because of this, you may actually may want to strum most of them to ensure you hit the note. There's no penalty for strumming hammer-ons so perhaps try strumming every other hammer on...this may make things easier than trying to time everything perfectly.

    * Update* The following is a video (not me...I wish) of Satch Boogie being FCed (full combo) on the hard difficulty. It not only shows a decent path, but the player actually strums a lot of hammer-ons which I have said is a good way to ensure that you keep that 4x multiplier. As far as solo f goes, I would strum the first note of each set of purple notes as (it appears as each little set is 9 notes long) because if you strum, you have a better chance of keeping the 4x whereas there is a high risk of missing if you strictly rely on just timing the note perfectly.

    For anyone wondering about the touch slider on the new world tour guitar...turn it off immediately in the options! It works terribly. It is better to just use the original five frets.

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    Data555doughI'm honestly not sure on that one because it would be kind of difficult to calculate your score as a part of a band while attempting this, but the achievement description doesn't really specify.
    Posted by Data555dough on 26 Oct 12 at 03:21
    Ninja SynikGot to say, Hyperspeed definitely helped. Got it right after enabling it to 4.
    Posted by Ninja Synik on 31 Mar 14 at 18:20
    Elite1111111111Hyperspeed really helped. I only had it on 2 but it made it so it Hard was pretty much the same speed as Expert. Took me quite a bit to get it down but Hyperspeed made the biggest difference. Used my other hand to tap the blues for the Green Red Blue during the solo and the Orange during the Red Yellow Orange bit. Never got the fast trilly part down but hey I got it.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 12 Jun 14 at 05:01
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  • Tom115Tom11551,040
    22 May 2009 22 May 2009
    29 1 0
    This is one of the hardest achievements in this game, but if you actually take the time and practicea couple of sections, it's pretty simple.

    I unlocked this today on my third attempt after starting with a top score of 189,000, down to going into practice mode for 5 minutes and practising Solo D and F. (HARD difficulty)

    Solo D is quite short but you need to use 2 hands to hit it effectively. There are 22 orange notes so use your middle finger of your strumming hand to tap the oranges while holding down the other coloured fret as usual. I kept breaking my combo here because I didn't know how fast I should tap the oranges. Once I slowed it down and figured out there was 22 oranges to tap, I managed to come out of Solo D with at least a 3x multiplier.

    For Solo F, don't use 2 hands like I was doing! It's pretty easy to 1 hand the whole thing without losing your streak; if you're having trouble with it then slow it down in practice and then start speeding it up. It's important you hit the 2 star power phrases during this solo, once you hit them, use it instantly. If you have 190k+ at the end of Solo F then you're pretty much home and dry as long as you don't mess up in the easy section that follows.

    As for a star power path, activate first after the YO sustain, second just after Solo D where he double notes are. third at the start of Solo F, fourth as soon as you get SP during Solo F, fifth as soon as you get it, just before the end of the song.

    This is what I did and managed 229,000.
  • devourer pleasedevourer please207,475
    19 Dec 2008 03 Jan 2009
    33 13 1
    Get Your Boogie On - 30G

    In order to unlock this achievement, you must get 222,222 or higher on Satch Boogie on guitar.

    This is the hardest song on guitar, and therefore, this achievement is very hard to get unless you're very good at Guitar Hero. The best way to do this is on Hard with a near perfect performance and a good star power path. I don't think this is possible on Medium or lower.
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    EvoHeroFor those unable to reach this score on Expert (or even, like me, PASS the song on Expert), do not despair when you read the words "near perfect" performance on Hard. 222,222 can be reached with a note hit percentage as low as 94%, which is far from perfect in this game. It's all about the star power usage. There's no one right way to do it, assuming you can't hit every note in this song on Hard.

    Some general tips:

    -- Obviously, practice makes perfect, and this should be mentioned above all else. You can break it down in practice if you want, but the song is somewhat short and can easily be played through over and over again without burning too much free time. This will allow you to better see where the star power phrases are.

    -- When you enter the purple note section (Solo F), try to hit as much as you can, but more importantly, don't miss the two star power phrases hidden inside this section. They're only two notes long and can zoom by unnoticed by the untrained eye. If you're doing somewhat well in Solo F, these two star power phrases can increase a good run or, at the very least, improve the score towards the end of the song.

    -- Standard star power techniques definitely apply here: Save your activations for sections with lots of chords or lots of notes. There are several activation points that are very ideal, and several that are not so ideal, and knowing the difference is key.

    -- If your score is under 170,000 following Solo F, 9 times out of 10 you should probably restart the song, as making up 50,000+ points in the sections that follow is not possible, as far as I know. Anything above 170K, however, can possibly be done with well-used Star Power, and anything above 180K is mostly a slam dunk as long as no notes are missed following Solo F.

    Hope this helps, this one was a beast for me to finally unlock.
    Posted by EvoHero on 22 Jan 09 at 10:08
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