Mike Checka' achievement in Guitar Hero: World Tour

Mike Checka'

Score 123,450 or higher on the song Beat It as a Vocalist (Solo)

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How to unlock the Mike Checka' achievement

  • xs Silence sxxs Silence sx334,841
    28 Jul 2009 25 Dec 2011 21 Mar 2019
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    I made this video that that will sing from your computer speakers to get the achievement. It doesn't do the freeforms, so if you want extra points (which you probably won't need) you can sing them yourself. Use starpower as much as you can. The video will combo the whole song but Guitar Hero has a sketchy vocals engine so it'll only get you about 98%. Also, only the left speakers will be making noise, so don't try it on the right speakers.

    Start the video a tiny bit after the first freeform section ends. I realize the audio and video sync is off in the video, which didn't happen until I uploaded it to youtube, but it'll still work just fine smile And make sure your lag is set to 0ms, or at least something you can use on your TV. If you're having trouble syncing it up, this might be why.

    The video is a recording of me using this method to play the song on expert.

    Enjoy! wave

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    MuppeT May CryStill working, and yeah, start after the free vocal section (About half way between that and the start of the lyrics)
    Posted by MuppeT May Cry on 03 Apr 20 at 14:34
    janol33still working great. 165K point which lead me to 158 top rocker on this song. set the audio lag on +10ms i got it my second try. is good to use mic from headset rather than mic from gh/rb
    Posted by janol33 on 14 Jun 20 at 01:08
    SmokiestDadnstill working in 2020 even with covid9 about.

    just work on your start, i was goining too late.

    use ur score on the first bar as a measure of your future success, otherwise restart.
    Posted by SmokiestDadn on 05 Nov 20 at 04:10
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  • BigDaddyNigelBigDaddyNigel345,650
    23 Apr 2009 27 Apr 2009
    102 23 35
    'Mike Checka' - Score 123,450 or higher on the song Beat It as a Vocalist.

    If you are having trouble singing this song, or nailing the 'Freeform' sections. I found this video on the internet, you can play this video into the Mic and it will score enough to grab this achievement.

    You will still have to trigger star power, it will probably take a few tries to get the video in sync with your game, and to come up with a star power path you like.

    I have heard you can do it on Expert, though I was able to get it done on Hard.

    *This is not me in the video, I do not want credit for it.
    I was able to get this achievement using this video, and I wanted to pass on the knowledge.
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    platinumpwnzor127k on Expert after about 10 tries. Make sure you don't turn it up TOO LOUD! I think my problem was that the background noise in the vid was getting picked up by my mic. The notes that were hitting were timed correctly, so I turned the volume DOWN and it started racking up combos for 4x. Once you can get it to maintain 4x some, use star power where there are a lot of notes. I got it with about 85% notes hit using star power where ever I could (no particular path.)

    I also used the headset mic as it seemed to work better than the actual GH mic.
    Posted by platinumpwnzor on 02 Dec 13 at 18:08
    Bastian ReaderThanks so much for this! Took me about 15 mins of finding the perfect sync. Just make sure to activate your star powers during the long sections that have the same pitch.
    Posted by Bastian Reader on 19 Jan 20 at 00:58
    Bastian ReaderThanks so much for this! Took me about 15 mins of finding the perfect sync. Just make sure to activate your star powers during the long sections that have the same pitch.
    Posted by Bastian Reader on 19 Jan 20 at 01:01
  • Kore OtterKore Otter104,792
    04 Nov 2008 07 Feb 2009 20 Feb 2009
    26 1 1
    Name of the achievement is " Mike Checka' ". Score 123,456 or higher on the Song "Beat It" on Vocals.

    This achievement can be a pain, but there are basically 2 main things you need to focus on:

    1. The Freestyle sections at the beginning and before the final chorus are where you can get the most points. I did this on Hard (it was easier keeping a multiplier on Hard)

    2. The game has a lag feature on the microphone where it takes about approx. 1/10th of a second for the sound to register in the game once you sing it in the microphone. To fix this, you can either start singing before the actual note, or you can set a lag via the pause menu.

    Do you best during the first and second verses and chorus, trying to keep a multiplier up as much as you can. When the second freestyle section begins, you'll want to have enough star power to last through the entire freestyle section and a multiplier of x4 at least.

    The Freestyle sections basically require you to freestyle in them, but what they reward you for is how many notes from the song you can hit during the time frame. Every new note pitch you hit increases the freestyle multiplier, so if you can hit like 5 or 6 notes, you can get a higher multiplier. The other thing is to make as many notes as you can in the pitches. It's hard to explain, but what I did was basically "beebled" my tongue up and down making the beeble sound, and it'll make the point counter go crazy if you do it on the correct note pitches from the song. (Like the pitch for "Beat it" during the chorus). It may sound difficult, but it is possible. I did it on my 3rd try, so good luck!
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    bo ozzbut what 'is' the achievement, what do you have to literally do to achieve this? Score xxx points on song xxx with vocals?
    Posted by bo ozz on 20 Feb 09 at 11:09
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