Safe Mode achievement in F1 2019

Safe Mode

Achieve a safety rating of A in multiplayer mode

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How to unlock the Safe Mode achievement

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    There are 2 ways to do this: do it yourself, or let the AI do it for you!

    First off, head to the Multiplayer tab and choose Ranked. You'll need to do 5 placement races in order to get a safety rating, and then you can use the following races to increase that rating until you get an A. I would suggest 5 lap races for the quickest turnaround.

    To increase your rating, you need to finsh a race with 0 penalties. You can have up to 2 warnings per race without affecting your rating, but a penalty will lower it. The problem is, if somebody rams in to the back of you, you will also get a warning despite it not being your fault. Corner cutting is also set to Strict which leaves very little leeway for running wide.

    If you are doing this yourself, you need to be cautious of other cars around you and ensure you take a clean line throughout. I would suggest qualifying very slowly, and hanging at the back of the field. It is boring, but the safest way to have a clean race. Always be cautious at turn 1 off the start, slow down and let the melee subside before continuing!

    AI Method
    The easiest and safest way to get your A rating is to let the AI race for you. To do this, start up qualifying and as soon as you are in control of your car, hit pause. In the race, you will need to perform a manual start, and then hit pause. The AI will now take control of your car and complete a safe race for you, albeit a slow one. So far, I have not had the AI concede a single warning or penalty whilst in control.

    If you use this method, you should place with a mid-B rating. It will then take 3-4 races to get to 100% (you will see the rating increase in the post-race screens), and 3 more clean races after that to be bumped up to an A. One final race should pop the achievement.
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    Alfa ArtyGonna add something about safety rating

    S - "The So Called Clean Drivers" until you get into a lobby full of S drivers and half of them are sweats and will just shove you off the track if you even try to overtake them
    A - "The Actual Clean Drivers" I had races in over 120 online ranked races and can say that drivers with A can be considered cleaner than S
    B - "The Not so Bad" Drivers with this safety rating are alright... can be a mixed bag sometimes though.
    C - "The Dirtiest and The Worst aka Cunts" can safely say drivers with this safety rating are just the worst out of the worst... the fact on how the safety rating works it takes 1-2 fully clean races to get from D to C and when you are in C with about 70% doing 10 dirty race with 1 clean race will constantly keep you in C and most are doing just that with this rating.
    D - "The Unlucky Victims or Those who Don't bother" been racing with these drivers quite as much as with C and S and can say that drivers with this rating are better than C or S in terms of being fair on race track and giving other drivers space

    If by any chance you get D, B or A rating while being in C or S lobby before the race. ALWAYS back out of the C and S lobby. And try searching for new lobby with A, B and D as they will be far better.

    What this game doesn't acknowledge is that it should remove you from the lobby if your safety rating changes opposed to other in the lobby as you become a TARGET of say C and S lobby drivers as those drivers will just love to mess up your safety rating more. I have done more than 120 5 lap ranked races and when I was A rating in the lobby full of S drivers... they destroyed my rating with only 2 races and now I am in C...

    It's like S drivers are the big brothers of C drivers
    Posted by Alfa Arty on 05 Jul 19 at 10:31
    Sky ManiacI wouldn't completely agree with the S rank there Alfa - I'm S rank and I've been matched up against all clean drivers so far...
    No stupid over defending
    No first corner do or die divebombs
    people actually give room when fighting for position.

    Maybe I've just been lucky? Had a race against you the other day around Baku, fair to say you stormed off into the lead laugh
    Posted by Sky Maniac on 05 Jul 19 at 13:27
    Alfa ArtyYeah I love Baku... it's one of my strongest tracks. And I spent about 15 races in S lobbies and about 10 of them people just tried to actually shoved me off. Maybe I was just unlucky? laugh
    Posted by Alfa Arty on 05 Jul 19 at 13:42
    JMC Dave ListerOnce u get to A rating just do the qualifying of the next race and u will get the achievement
    Posted by JMC Dave Lister on 16 Jul 19 at 16:17
    I NVIII ISo far going for this and the GOLD rating I keep getting taken out making it seem that this will all take forever or never cry
    So frustrating having online achievements.
    Posted by I NVIII I on 30 Jul 19 at 12:46
    PeachCloud87115awsome thxs
    Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 17 Jul 20 at 14:18
    RallyForLifeIs there any method to have a private achievement in this mode? Leave the xbox on in a race after leaving home was alone in 1 lobby, if you get dnf and the game ejects you.
    Posted by RallyForLife#742 on 25 Aug 20 at 19:25
    CaptApfelsaftHey Freunde,
    Wer den Erfolg mit mir boosten möchte, der schreibt mir bitte eine Nachricht auf xbox live um ein Treffen auszumachen
    Gamertag: CaptApfelsaft
    Posted by CaptApfelsaft on 23 Dec 20 at 17:38
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