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Pure Gold

Achieve a Gold skill rating

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How to unlock the Pure Gold achievement

  • Sky ManiacSky Maniac633,130
    13 Jul 2019 04 Jul 2019 13 Jul 2020
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    To achieve a "Gold" Skill rating you need to earn a score of 2000 in the Ranked online Mode.

    - Patch 1.12 has landed with another rebalance of the skill system
    - Patch 1.09 has landed with a rebalance of the Skill & Safety ranking system.
    This update isn't a definitive patch for the ranked system but is a work in progress.

    This achievement is skill based, you will need to consistently beat other players to improve your skill rating, which can also decrease with poor performances.
    Because this is Skill based, only tips can be offered.
    The rest is up to you on how you compare to your fellow competitors.

    The skill system has been and is still being updated by Codemasters - so far the updates have made it easier to get Gold due to the loss of points being reduced dramatically.

    Codemasters welcome all feedback on the skill system, if you have something to say about it please post it on their forums:

    How to get Ranked:
    There are 3 Main ranks, with 3 tiers each: Bronze 1/2/3, Silver 1/2/3 & Gold 1/2/3.
    You will need to complete 5 Ranked races to get your first rank.
    After you have completed the 5th race you will be given a rank depending on your performance across the 5 races.

    You will also receive a Safety Rating, although this isn't needed for this achievement there is an Achievement for receiving "A" safety rating. I would highly recommend trying to keep your safety rating on S or A as this will reduce the chance of being placed against dirty drivers.


    How the Skill System works
    There are several factors which affect your rating:
    1) Number of Players
    2) Skill Ratings
    3) Assists
    4) Finishing postion
    5) Penalties
    6) Quitting

    Players & Skill Rating
    The skill system works on a 1v1 basis. This means you will be rated against every single driver in the lobby.
    Beating drivers with a higher rating than yours will increase yours more than beating a driver with a lower score.
    Likewise, being beaten by a driver with a lower score than yours will decrease your skill rating more than by being beaten by a higher ranked driver.
    With this in mind you stand to gain or lose a lot more score in a lobby of 20 drivers as opposed to a lobby with 5 drivers.
    With update 1.12 the scoring system has been improved to allow you to still earn decent points with a smaller lobby of players.

    With update 1.09 a weighting system was added to allow players to earn more score for not using assists.
    Each assists has a different weight value, with Traction Control the most weighted.
    The score gain from not using assists is minimal but will add up over the races, therefor only turn assists off that your proficient without.
    The assist system is also on a 1v1 basis - you will gain more score for beating no assists users.

    Finishing Position
    with update 1.12 your finishing position now gives you far better point rewards.
    The top half of the lobby will get a score bonus - with each higher position getting bigger bonuses.
    e.g. 10 player lobby - aim for top 5 for best score gain.

    With Update 1.12 you will now lose score from penalties (possibly warnings too)
    The penalty system on the F1 games isn't great and sometimes you will be penalised for another players antics.

    Quitting early
    Quitting before a race starts e.g. One-Shot qualification before it loads to the race will net you only -10 score. This is a fixed amount.
    Quitting during a race will give you a big race loss which can be up to -100 score depending on the amount of players and their ranks in the lobby. This also counts for game crashes or disconnections.
    It's best to finish every race you start.
    Note: If you do quit a race, the score loss wont show until you complete another race of restart the game.


    The achievement won't unlock as soon as you hit Gold, like the "A" Safety Rating achievement you will need to start another ranked match. It will unlock at the end of the one-shot Qualifying .

    - Setups:
    Although setups are not as potent as they have been in previous F1 games, they will certainly make your life easier. The easiest way to get a setup is to load up Time Trial and download the setup of someone who has already set a time via the in game leaderboard menu.
    Make sure you save the setup!

    - Safety Rating:
    You have 2 options with this:
    1) Aim for S or A
    These 2 Grades will place you against players who want to race fair - you are less likely to encounter players whose only plan is to ram everyone off or cut every corner.
    The disadvantage with this is less players and harder opponents (you are more likely to face off against decently skilled racers)
    2) Safety Rating of B, C or D
    You're more likely to find races quicker and have more players in the lobby.
    However the chance of being placed against dirty drivers is far more likely.
    With these ratings you can try and play the game: Qualify on Pole and lead from start to finish or qualify last and allow the 1st corner carnage to play out in front of you - slowly weaving your way through.

    IMO stick with S or A Ratings - This will save your sanity from cheaters.

    - Practice:
    Learn the tracks!
    You can setup a private lobby using the Multiplayer cars and set the rules to strict to simulate Ranked matches - practice in this mode to learn where you can abuse certain areas of the tracks to your advantage.
    The main rules to remember when taking a corner is Slow in, Fast Out

    - Assists:
    This is personal to each player. If you're competent without assists then skip this tip.
    If you’re an assist player I would recommend at least trying to race with Traction Control on Medium & Manual Gears.
    Medium TC is not much different from Full - it's still hard to spin the car and you will bog down far less - you will notice this on race starts the most.

    Bare in mind update 1.09 now gives non-assist users a slight score boost.

    - ERS:
    If you use automatic ERS deployment - switch it to Manual! A lot of the energy is wasted on Automatic.
    At the start of the race, leave it on Hotlap until around the 3rd corner then switch it down to medium. From there manage the ERS and use Hotlap/Overtake on the straights and Low or None in slow sectors with no long straights. (Once again if you usually run auto, practice it in custom lobbies)

    - Qualifying
    Qualy doesn't award score unfortunately, but getting a decent position can be vital.
    Your aim is for the front row (1st or 2nd) to decrease risk of being pushed off track or losing time fighting for positions.
    There is an oversight with qualifying - Logically you should gain more score from starting further back and gaining positions, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that.
    However, if you qualify near the back and dont want to continue you can leave the session (before transitioning to the race) and lose a maximum of 10 score.

    - Starts:
    Set starts to Manual and practice a few. Try to balance the rev bar at around 1/3 of the way and then increase throttle input once lights have gone out.
    Practice this with TC on Medium or Off for the best starts - The cars bog down way to much on Full TC to the point where you may as well leave starts on Auto.

    - First corner:
    This can be vital, reach the 1st turn 1st and you're looking good. If someone is looking a little jittery give them space, slow down and go for the cut back.
    Brake a little earlier than you would in clean air and just try to avoid contact.
    Another option is to "ghost" the first corner by pressing the start button after the lights have gone out.

    - Stay Calm:
    If people are racing dirty, try not to get fustrated. Fustration will only lead to slower lap times.

    - If you do accidentally run someone wide, best to give that position back. Mistakes happen, own up to it and your oppenent will be less likely to try and get revenge - ruining both your races and potentially losing you over 100 score.

    - Boosting
    As the player count starts to die down you can slowly start to boost this achievement.
    It will require all players to be on the same Safety Rating & a similar Skill Rating
    - Aim for quiet times & trade wins (I find 01:00am BST was queit even around the game launch)
    - with update 1.12 this has become a lot more viable due to hardly losing any score.
    Refer to Opus Taki's guide for a more information.

    - do the 5-Lap sprint races for the quickest score as race distance doesn't affect score

    This achievement may seem unfair at points as you can lose score even when you have performed well or lose large chuncks of score due to other players playing dirty.
    Just keep at it, stay focused and you will improve.

    Patch 1.12 updated the guide to outline update - cleared some parts up.
    Patch 1.09 has dropped with a rebalancing of the way points are awarded / Deducted.

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    SPACE ODDITYI am up for that Paul Weall
    Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 13 Jul 20 at 09:20
    WR Wendersonpessoal se alguém quiser impulsionar mais rápido estou disponível só chamar GAMERTAG WR WENDERSON

    só chamar
    Posted by WR Wenderson on 17 Nov 20 at 03:06
    CaptApfelsaftMöchte jemand mit mir auf Gold boosten?
    Ich habe den Sicherheitsrang S und bin bei 1844 Punkte in Silber
    Posted by CaptApfelsaft on 30 Dec 20 at 08:40
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  • Opus TakiOpus Taki1,130,485
    08 Sep 2019 28 Sep 2019
    14 0 1
    Okay, so this is my solution for the Pure Gold achievement.

    First off, you will need a partner with the same safety rank for this.
    Then we'll need an empty ranked lobby.
    At both safety rank A and S I found 25% lobbies to be perfect, as there's little traffic, which should make it easy to link up with your partner, and kicking the odd random who does pop in is simple enough too.

    Between you and your partner decide who is going first -- highest skill rank being the logical choice -- and start up the OSQ session.
    Which you both quit immediately.
    Start the race and quit in reverse order of where you want to finish -- first to finish last, last to finish first.

    Since the update, 1v1 has been paying out 25+ points for a win and around - 7 for a loss. And even with loading times you can probably bang out a race every 2 or 3 minutes. So even if you need several hundred points to hit gold it shouldn't take long at all.
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    Sean ReinhardlThis may have been changed a little. still works

    Am doing this after patch 1.10 and am getting 20 XP a win(all assists off} Vs my dummy account with xcloud.
    Posted by Sean Reinhardl on 31 Jan 20 at 12:02
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