Cool and Calm achievement in F1 2019

Cool and Calm

Reach maximum sportsman rating

Cool and Calm+0.1
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Cool and Calm achievement

  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt823,022
    09 Aug 2019 11 Aug 2019 18 Aug 2019
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    In this video, i show you every single RIGHT answer in which to get your sportsmanship bar/rating all the way up (Or as it is in game, all the way to the left).
    In this video, all you will see is EVERY SINGLE RIGHT ANSWER! So if your struggling with an answer, watch the video, and it will appear somewhere.

    Please be aware that because everyones career mode can turn out differently, Claire may ask different questions to the ones that were in the video BUT they are usually all in the same principle!
    She will ask you the same sort of questions throughout your career (Albeit worded slightly different) but PLEASE keep that in mind!
    My video shows you whats happened when you put the difficulty down to very easy and win every single race and quali!

    Another big tip to give is, default you only get 10 seconds to answer usually, but on the loading screen to the next race, click pause for options, go to prefernces, gameplay settings, and at the very bottom is "Turn interview timer.." Click that to off, then you have all the time in the world!

    After practices, qualifying and races (You have to actually race, never simulate) there is a chance you can get interviewed by Claire. She will ask a number of questions based on what happened in that current session, about the team, or about your rivals etc etc.

    Now with this being sportsmanship, the answers you need to give would be friendly, positive, and nothing but nice about everything and everyone.
    So even if you have an incident with a drive, Claire asks what happens, you say the nicest thing available like "We are both great races, just one of those things ETC.

    As long as you watch the video, you should be fine and hopefully get it quicker than i did!
    Be aware though, this is down to luck about which questions she asks you and how many.
    Sometimes it can be between 2--4 and ask crap, or it could be just 2 but asks questions that help you..

    I had my old F2 rival Lukas Weber qualify second with me on pole 5 races in a row, so that helped me big time.
    I got this done by Australia in Season 2, sop hopefully with this video you can get it done quickly as well!

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    TheWelshHuntYeah all the way to the end..
    It does that as you get towards the end.. it's frustrating to be fair but it was the same for me..
    The closer you get to the end, the less the bar moves.
    Just keep going and you will get it mate I promise that lol
    Posted by TheWelshHunt on 29 Apr 20 at 06:50
    Scholesy CityOk cheers dude. I’ve had some luck this evening with Weber qualifying & finishing behind me in 2nd in the last 3 races. I’m on the 4th arrow from the left so it shouldn’t take me much longer I wouldn’t imagine.
    Posted by Scholesy City on 29 Apr 20 at 20:24
    TheWelshHuntGood stuff mate!
    Yeah, keep that up and hopefully wont be too long :)
    Posted by TheWelshHunt on 29 Apr 20 at 21:28
    Scholesy CityGot it done after the Mexican GP in my 2nd season. Got to do the Showmanship one now :(
    Posted by Scholesy City on 01 May 20 at 08:10
    TheWelshHuntNicely done mate!
    Its a pain in the ass aint it i found having to do both lol
    But you got this man!
    Playing music, or films in the background helped me a ton when i got bored.. little tip for you lol
    Posted by TheWelshHunt on 01 May 20 at 08:49
    OneHandStanceHorrible achievement. Very frustrating when you can do 8 qualifying and races in 3 hours only to be given the opportunity to give 4 answers that will boost sportsmanship, ultimately moving you 5% closer to the max.
    Posted by OneHandStance on 01 May 20 at 18:54
    TheWelshHuntYeah onehand im with you.. The same for showmanship which personally i found worse.
    I wouldn't mind if it was one or the other, but to have to go through like 2, 3, 4 maybe even 5 seasons, just ended up hating it in all honesty.
    Posted by TheWelshHunt on 01 May 20 at 21:21
    RallyForLifeMax and don't pop, i loved this cheevosredface
    Posted by RallyForLife#742 on 04 Sep 20 at 09:54
    RSpecializedBest solution for this Achievement would be to focus on it after you have unlocked: Seeing it Through to the End - Applied all vehicle upgrades from one department. (If you have managed to unlock it during your first season when doing the vehicle upgrades then well done).

    This is because it's best to skip Practice sessions to speed things up when going for the Sportsman Rating Achievement.

    The best way I found was when doing Qualification and you're leading the lap, if you notice one of your old F2 Rivals (Ghost Car) just behind you then try and let them get on Pole by slowing just before the finish line. If it's someone else then grab the pole yourself. This will trigger the Interview but if your F2 Rival is on Pole then a guaranteed Sportsmanship question will pop if not two questions. (I had difficulty set to 55 so maybe lower if you need to so you can slow if required or speed up if it's not a Rival looking set for Pole).

    When the 5 lap race starts try and get one of your F2 Rivals in first place and slow the pack down a bit. Then catch up and trade places but eventually letting the F2 Rival win the race. If they win the race then 2/4 interview questions will pop with a chance of majority Sportsmanship answers available. If they didn't get on Pole or are too far down the pack then win the race yourself trading places and mixing with the action.

    I was getting a good amount of interview questions after each qualification and race if an F2 Rival won or at the very least finished on the Podium with you winning.

    I managed 6 successfully Sportsmanship answers in 1 race weekend.

    Another trick is to make sure a Rival is always set from your Laptop between races. Don't beat a Rival over a specific amount of races and then leave the Rival option blank. I did this over 3 race weekends and didn't even get one single interview so always have a Rival set as this helps prompt the interviews to happen.

    Also watch the above video from TheWelshHunt which is very helpful. I took screenshots on my mobile phone of the answers and used them for some of the questions. Not all Sportsmanship questions are covered though as there are many more.

    Hope this helps a bit.
    Posted by RSpecialized on 01 Oct 20 at 18:33
    adiash73Having popped this today, I'd just add the following comment:

    The tracker bar is longer than it appears / you may think, so keep going if you are close

    I reached what I thought was the end of the tracker bar on the post qually / race results tracker, but nothing had popped

    I then noticed the tracker bar on the Driver Profile screen was not showing as full, so kept completing events until this looked filled

    Once I had the driver profile tracker looking "full" and it hadn't unlocked, I was thinking it had glitched on me

    Having got this close, I decided I may as well keep going and did 2 further qualifying sessions and it did register, crept up a bit further and finally unlocked

    As stated elsewhere, it will pop after the answer has been given

    Hope that helps anyone worried about this one
    Posted by adiash73 on 15 Dec 20 at 17:06
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