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Cool and Calm

Reach maximum sportsman rating

Cool and Calm-1.8
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Achievement Guide for Cool and Calm

  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards672,306
    09 Aug 2019 11 Aug 2019 18 Aug 2019
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    In this video, i show you every single RIGHT answer in which to get your sportsmanship bar/rating all the way up (Or as it is in game, all the way to the left).
    In this video, all you will see is EVERY SINGLE RIGHT ANSWER! So if your struggling with an answer, watch the video, and it will appear somewhere.

    Please be aware that because everyones career mode can turn out differently, Claire may ask different questions to the ones that were in the video BUT they are usually all in the same principle!
    She will ask you the same sort of questions throughout your career (Albeit worded slightly different) but PLEASE keep that in mind!
    My video shows you whats happened when you put the difficulty down to very easy and win every single race and quali!

    Another big tip to give is, default you only get 10 seconds to answer usually, but on the loading screen to the next race, click pause for options, go to prefernces, gameplay settings, and at the very bottom is "Turn interview timer.." Click that to off, then you have all the time in the world!

    After practices, qualifying and races (You have to actually race, never simulate) there is a chance you can get interviewed by Claire. She will ask a number of questions based on what happened in that current session, about the team, or about your rivals etc etc.

    Now with this being sportsmanship, the answers you need to give would be friendly, positive, and nothing but nice about everything and everyone.
    So even if you have an incident with a drive, Claire asks what happens, you say the nicest thing available like "We are both great races, just one of those things ETC.

    As long as you watch the video, you should be fine and hopefully get it quicker than i did!
    Be aware though, this is down to luck about which questions she asks you and how many.
    Sometimes it can be between 2--4 and ask crap, or it could be just 2 but asks questions that help you..

    I had my old F2 rival Lukas Weber qualify second with me on pole 5 races in a row, so that helped me big time.
    I got this done by Australia in Season 2, sop hopefully with this video you can get it done quickly as well!

  • EVGEN RUS 05EVGEN RUS 05288,643
    05 Jul 2019 14 Jul 2019 14 Jul 2019
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    if someone was misled by the name of the achievement, I will explain,you need to be as correct and polite when communicating with the press! after the introductory part of the game, when you pass the training races and get acquainted with the main characters, you will be offered to sign a contract with one of the teams of your choice! at the conclusion of the contract, pay attention to the priority of the selected team! there are two directions of entertainment and seriousness! you need to choose a team that is dominated by seriousness, in this case you will get more suggestive questions on serious topics! the press will be interviewing you are always after the race, after qualifying, often, and very rarely after the free races! interviews will never be taken from you if you simulate a session! the difficulty of communicating with the press is that the answer is given only 10 seconds and you can not take a break during the interview!a charming girl with a beautiful figure will try to mix you with insidious questions about opponents and partners, about team resources and team relationships !The basic rules of communication - do not brag and do not be arrogant, respectful, but without flirting, talk about your rivals and partners, never admit your mistakes!about the team and design department answer with respect! This has a positive effect on your seriousness and overall reputation of the team!if you have any doubts about the correct answer, leave the question without comments or skip the question!You can find out your rating of seriousness on a scale of popularity! the far right is entertainment, on the left is seriousness! when the slider is in the extreme left position, you will reach the peak of seriousness and maximum athlete rating!I have reached the maximum rating for two full seasons! Unfortunately, I fell in love with a beautiful girl who interviewed, so I often get confused, give wrong answers and often brag! I hope that my advice will help you, and you will reach your goal faster than me! !Sorry for bad english! Leave your comments and ask questions!Friendly advice, if you have already reached the peak of entertainment and are going to become serious, start a new careerotherwise you must do double work!leave negative feedback, please explain the reason
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