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Most Valuable Player

Unlock all bonuses at the end of a day.

Most Valuable Player+0.8
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How to unlock the Most Valuable Player achievement

  • PhantomSirenPhantomSiren2,311,424
    07 Jun 2019 08 Jun 2019 08 Jun 2019
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    This was the last achievement I earned. I thought this might come naturally but it never did for myself. There are certain guidelines you have to follow for this. I read on Reddit and Steam the exact same answer so I'll post it here --->

    ********** After the end of the in-game day, you'll get the table with the results. There will be different bonuses. For this achievement, you need to have almost all of them (except for new omensight). The easiest way to complete is right at the start of the game, on the first day with Draga.

    Regarding the Most Valuable Player achievement, getting the Stylish Fighter bonus can be pretty hard on the first day with Draga so here are what's needed to get the bonus.

    Ingredient used (any bomb, column or activate a trap): 3 used
    Companion ability: 3 uses
    Combo : 2 different types
    Ability (once they are unlocked): 4 uses for each (i.e. Phantom Blast 4 times, Phantom Grasp 4 times, etc.)

    So basically, use bombs a lot, use Draga's ability a lot, and get combo bonuses (10x sword bonus and Phantom Blast bonuses worked for me). It doesn't really matter if you get hit, as long you don't die. **********

    To clarify, you need to make sure on your 1st day you pick Draga and NEVER die. Reloading a checkpoint seems to count as dying so you must do this in one complete run. The level is decently long so I recommend playing it at least once or more to become familiar with it and make it easier for yourself to go through.

    For ingredients, the level is full of bombs. I personally denoted all of them to make sure I met the requirement.

    The companion ability can be used anytime. It does not need to be used with enemies. So you can just sit somewhere empty of enemies and use the ability, have it recharge, use again, and repeat. I want to say I used it at least 6 times to be sure.

    Now combo and the 2 different types needed are: light, heavy, heavy and light, light, heavy. Make sure to repeat those 2 combos playing through the level against enemies.

    Finally, the only ability you will have access to for the level is Phantom Blast (hold X and release which shoots a projectile). So you need to make sure when you are using your combos on enemies that once you have 1 full bar saved up that you use that full bar for Phantom Blast. For you to build up your power bar, you must make sure to not get hit by enemies or take damage from bombs/columns. At anytime you take damage, your power bar loses a percentage making it more difficult to obtain.

    For the Explorer Bonus you need to open chests. So as you play through the level, actively explore the level. The first chest I remember you can access is at the beginning when going down a hallway with Draga. An enemy will approach you but do NOT kill the enemy. Let the enemy go to a lever and use it. It will open the cells and give you access to a chest in one of the cells. There is another chest a little further in the level after opening a door and will be on your right next to a ton of breakable pots. To your left will be a series of platforms you have to jump to signaling you are in the right area for the chest. The last chest I remember is obtained by accessing a sealed orange door. Towards the end of the level, you will learn how to open orange doors aka a seal. Once you learn this you will progress to a point where you get on a vehicle and move in a linear path. The vehicle will stop at one point and you have to get off to defeat enemies and stop the enemies from detonating bombs to destroy the vehicle. Once you stop the enemies from trying to blow up your vehicle, you can explore the area. Do this first and do NOT get back on the vehicle. Towards the left side of this area will be an orange door. Open it and there will be another chest inside. These are the only chests I remember. The level is mostly linear and small. Just look around before moving on. I had no issue getting the explorer bonus the 3 times I played the level.

    I personally recommend playing the game first and learning how the game plays, the enemies, and controls. You can make a separate new game save at anytime and attempt this achievement whenever you want to. Now you can probably get this achievement on other levels but I found the first level the most convenient and easiest.

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    ALollzI can confirm that you do not need to unlock a new seal for this. I got it with just "new information" + the bottom three. My guess is that new information may also be peripheral, and that the bottom three are the only ones that matter. I'd also say not to worry about this too much until the end of the game. You get a lot of perks that makes it a lot easier to use all of the skills far more frequently than you can in the earlier stages.
    Posted by ALollz on 26 Aug 19 at 21:42
    bryan dot exeGood guide. Although the idea that there are three chests is laughable. It's closer to around ten
    Posted by bryan dot exe on 30 May 20 at 19:15
    EarthboundXNice, managed to get it naturally in chapter 3, picking Indrik as my first choice of the chapter.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Jul 20 at 10:05
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  • ChucklestyleChucklestyle1,277,576
    15 Nov 2021 15 Nov 2021 15 Nov 2021
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    Start a new game. When you finish the prologue you should be at the tree with enough xp to learn phantom blast. Use this (hold X with 1 level of power) and your companion ability (RT) whenever you can. I also detonated every bomb I could, but not sure if this counts,

    Chapter 1 Draga

    To get the explorer bonus afaik you have to find every currently accessible chest in the level:
    2 chests immediately inside the prison, one behind a locked gate (the enemy should use the lever but I think you can do so yourself)
    3rd chest in the next room. You'll see an orange seal. Go left and jump up the incline and then over the hall to the chest on the right.
    4th chest: BEFORE Letting Draga give you a boost up, go all the way right.
    5th is immediately after the platforming section she boosts you up to, in plain sight.
    6th is in plain sight when Draga reads the ancient Pygerian.
    7th is in plain sight immediately upon opening the door by the previous chest.
    8 and 9: Draga will boost you to brief platforming section, then again to behind the enemy barricade for a fight (note: there is a caged chest here I don't think you can get yet, so doesn't count). After combat in the next room is a seal on the left and stairs on both sides. Go up the stairs to see a ledge to jump to for 2 chests (and a memory.)

    End prison, to forest
    Board the Fury
    10 and 11 are at the end the segment where you prevent bombers from destroying the Fury DO NOT BOARD THE FURY YET.
    Backtrack along where the last fight just occurred to find an orange seal, your first use, and behind it is chest 12.
    After you leave the Fury and open a door, 13 on the right in plain view. You may also see a chest on the 2nd floor right here, afaik inaccessible at this time.
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