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Beginner's Luck

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Beginner's Luck-1.0
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How to unlock the Beginner's Luck achievement

  • Ch1psCh1ps884,006
    01 Jun 2019 31 May 2019 01 Jun 2019
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    Reach the Eye of the universe in one loop.

    The other solution is great if you're working your way towards
    Outer WildsArchaeologistThe Archaeologist achievement in Outer Wilds worth 197 pointsHidden Achievement
    and you don't want to lose that progress, but if you're running this from a new expedition and just want to get the achievement here is the step by step guide:

    NOTE: If you die at any point, you need to quit and start a new expedition again, this needs to be done in a single loop.
    1. Acquire your launch codes from Hornfel in the Observatory
    2. Launch your ship and head to the Ember Twin orbiting near the Sun
    3. Land near the Distress Beacon (bright blue light being projected into the air) and acquire that Signal by scanning it with your Signal Scope
    4. Hop back in your ship and fly to the Ash Twin (the other planet attached)
    5. Land offset of the equator so your ship doesn't get sucked up in the sand and wait for a little bit. (You're waiting for the tower to be uncovered)
    6. The tower we need to use is broken roofed one found by following the bridge from the Sun Shaped tower, there are two towers here, you want to enter the one with the dead Nomai laying in front of it (should have a broken/exposed roof)
    7. Stand against the wall and look up, making sure you're underneath a piece of the remaining roof as to not get sucked up into the sand
    8. Once the black hole teleporter (the purple square on the floor) is exposed, you are ready to teleport
    9. To teleport, wait until the sand has come around and is going directly overhead, as it's passes over step into the middle of the room while looking up and you will be warped to the core of the Ember Twin
    10. Once you've entered the core, run around the loop until you reach the orb switches, deactivate the shielding around the warp core and turn of artificial gravity and grab the newly exposed core
    11. Maneuver your way back to the White Hole warp pad and leave the core and return to your ship
    12. Fly to the Dark Seed Bramble and enter it with the Distress Signal searching, following the signal through seed until you arrive at the source
    13. Turn around and follow the little light blocks until you reach a seed with a bunch of dead Nomai around
    14. Shoot your Scout through the seed and watch it land on the Vessel now fly down to the red light
    15. Stop just outside the red light seed and get out of your ship, making sure your air and fuel are full
    16. Line up so you're not looking directly at any of the white lights and SLOWLY move forward to enter the seed.
    17. Once you enter you should just be floating perfectly passed the Anglerfish, if you NEED to make adjustments make them very sparingly. Your goal is to float past them and when the scout reads ~1.5km you can move a little faster
    18. Head to the scout location being careful of the one other potential anglerfish
    19. Once you reach the seed, you can fly fast into it and head straight for the Vessel on the otherside
    20. Enter the Vessel and head to the left in the hallway and enter the entryway on the left to find where you need to place the warp core
    21. Place the warp core, move the orb switch to the code input device (so move it to the right) and then enter the code
    22. Once the code is entered and the code entry machine descends downward, grab the orb switch and pull it upwards and enjoy your achievement!

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment!

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    GRAND NOBLEYeah you can blast through the Dark Bramble most of the time. There's only 1 bramble-node that you pass (on this run) with Anglers. And getting through that node, even at a slow pace, only takes about 30 second to a 1 minute.
    Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 21 May 20 at 20:25
    Fl0ydPinkert0nWell, that's good to know. I watched the guide from one of the other solutions, and he seemed to take it pretty slow through most of the Dark Bramble.

    Solution for Beginner's Luck in Outer Wilds

    I thought that was the case, especially since I'd get swallowed if / when I did use the boost.
    Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n on 21 May 20 at 20:43
    mauro is coolI never looked up how to get to the vessel before, but I can confirm you don't need to leave your ship if you don't want to. I have made about 5 total trips in my playthrough and never once did I leave my ship, so you are safe regardless. In fact, you can actually speed up a bit before entering the orange seed and you'll float a little faster too
    Posted by mauro is cool on 30 Jan at 02:19
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  • HipCagneyHopHipCagneyHop426,919
    21 Jan 2020 16 Mar 2020 16 Mar 2020
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    Here is my Video Guide, with commentary. I did watch a few videos and found it hard to work out what people were doing until I was more experienced in the game. Let me save you the bother. Can be done in 25 minutes Enjoy

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    Armstrong x360aBig help, easy to follow, did it on the third try through the bramble.
    Posted by Armstrong x360a on 06 Feb at 19:30
  • King fiShiZKing fiShiZ282,779
    31 May 2019 01 Jun 2019 02 Jun 2019
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    Since I'm there first here to unlock this I'll add a new Guide, but I've got the Tip from Ch1ps (cheers!)

    As the Description says you need to Reach the Eye of the universe in one loop. Every time you die you start a new loop - so you need to start a new Game to unlock this.

    But since you properly won't want to lose your Progress for the Archaeologist Achievement do this: Unplug your Network Cabel or go-offline, then go into the Game Settings and delete your Savegame and start a New Game.
    Outer WildsArchaeologistThe Archaeologist achievement in Outer Wilds worth 197 pointsHidden Achievement

    The Achievement will unlock after used the Warpdrive (so if your playing offline you can't see that, but you can exit the Game after that) After this Plug the Network Cabel or go Online and start the Game again then you should get a Request if you want to use your local (new) or cloud (old) save - chose the Cloud Save to Recover your Progress.

    External image

    Microsoft / Xbox One doesn't like you playing offline, because of that the Achievement won't unlock after the Credits Screen (where it properly unlocks normally). For me, it popped the next Day (~12 hours) while playing.
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    Frankie DrumsNY"Cable," not "cabel."
    Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 03 Jun 19 at 02:54
    SkarrKilla@Frankie If you take the time to be that dude, really pass over the words and correct them all or did you only see that one first and jump on. It's not a terrible spelling error, you and everyone else will read it as cable.
    Posted by SkarrKilla on 08 Jun 19 at 01:56
    WhyattThrashYou only need to be offline when you boot up the game, to avoid the syncing of save files (or you can just cancel it if you're quick enough). You can be online before unlocking the achievement and get a normal timestamp no problem.
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 12 Jun 19 at 17:10
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