Jet Setter achievement in MONOPOLY

Jet Setter

Fill all the passports. Awarded to the passport holder

Jet Setter+0.2
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How to unlock the Jet Setter achievement

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    This is one of the game's most time-consuming achievements as you have to land on every property on every board (you DO NOT have to own the properties). One of the fastest ways to get this acheivement is the start a "Richest" game using as many controllers as you have. Play the first mini game, and pick high dice with each of your contollers. Once the pieces are dropped and the old man makes his way around the board (which you can speed during this first round), you will collect stamps for your passports (each controller's stamps will count). Once round 2's minigame begins, exit out of the game and restart the game (choosing not to continue your previous game). Your stamps will still be there. Continue this process as necessary. As you collect more stamps, other monopoly boards/passports will be opened up. You can check your progress at any time by going to the passport on the board selection screen.

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    TheDevilHandExcellent solution, worked like a charm.
    Posted by TheDevilHand on 20 Jan 11 at 22:23
    xSATANACHISTxIsn't the achievment unlocked when I unlock the last board? Do I have to land on every property on that board as well?
    Posted by xSATANACHISTx on 03 Nov 11 at 18:01
    Isn't the achievment unlocked when I unlock the last board? Do I have to land on every property on that board as well?
    No. Unlock the last board and -then- unlock all the stamps on that final board and the achievement will pop.
    Posted by steveRPGmr on 19 Jun 16 at 05:25
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  • KabuKiArcadeKabuKiArcade356,406
    17 Aug 2009 21 Aug 2009 14 Nov 2011
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    I wanted to give everyone an alternate solution to this achievement that I feel is less time consuming, and also viable for people who may not have 4 controllers.

    To recap, you need to land on *OR* own every property on every board in the game. After playing for some time you will likely have unlocked several boards on your own without going for this.

    Dogfather76's solution is valid and quite effective on boards where you do not have any stamps in your passport, and I recommend it if you are filling in a new board.

    Later on, when you have only a few stamps on a board left, relying on the game to randomly deal a property you need can be frustrating, even with 4 players. You'll find that sometimes round one dice will land as 1,1,2,3 or some other low combo that deals out less than 10 of the 28 properties.

    What I did was go into my passport book and for a given board, look at what properties I needed. So, say for example I needed Boardwalk only on the classic board.

    Start a richest game using the board with the stamp you need on Tycoon level (12 rounds) with 3 computer players and play normally. At some point in the first three rounds the property will likely get dealt to a player. If that player is you, then congrats you have your stamp and you can move on. If not you have more options in tycoon:

    - Chance cards that allow you to take one property
    - Community Chest cards that allow you to take three properties
    - Go space lets you buy an unowned property
    - Free Parking lets you move a piece to another space

    Even with these extra ways to gain properties, my primary goal was to use the trade intermission after round three to trade ALL my properties to the computer player that had the property that would get me the stamp. So I might trade 3-6 properties for just one property, which even when breaking up monopolies is practically a guaranteed trade for the computers. This will grant you a stamp for the property, even though you have not technically landed on it.

    If for some reason the property you need is not owned at the end of round three, you can quit the game and then resume it at the beginning of round, giving you another shot at the property you need.

    After round three its up to you if you want or need to continue on the same board, I found it easier to quit and start a new game, continually playing until the end of round three. Note comments below which indicate you must at least start round four for your stamps to save.

    Using this method I was able to get the 14 stamps I needed to unlock the final board in about 45 minutes, and then filled in the final board in another 30 minutes or so.
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    Sindarin EagleThis works great. It may be worth noting, though, that you have to start round four (possibly get into the minigame), or the stamps you get in round three aren't recorded.
    Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 13 Nov 11 at 11:24
    KabuKiArcadeThanks Sindarin Eagle, I have update the solution to include this information.
    Posted by KabuKiArcade on 14 Nov 11 at 18:20
  • SinisterPhoenixSinisterPhoenix215,188
    27 Jul 2012 27 Jul 2012
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    Here's the method I used:

    Start a classic game on the board you need stamps for. Set up four human players on one controller. Go to the House Rules settings and turn on forced auctions. Since you now control all four players just keep going around the board with everyone. Each time a player lands on a property, it will automatically go to auction. Make sure that P1 wins the action on the first bid. Every property won at auction will give you a stamp in your passport. Every so often I went through and mortgaged all the properties to keep the other players from paying rent. This stops potential bankruptcies and also saves time from having to select OK after every money transaction. Once all the properties have been purchased, I quit the game when P1's turn came back around and started a new game for the next board. You also have to adjust the house rules for the auctions for each new game you start.

    This method took me approx 30 minutes to fill all stamps for a complete board. Boards where I only needed a few stamps went a little quicker, but it really just depends on the roll of the dice as to how long it takes to complete the board.
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    The Ol n De+1.
    I confirm that landing on a property does not give you the stamp.
    You need to purchase the property.
    If for a reason or another, you set house rules to distribute all the properties, you will not get any stamps for it, as you will not get them through trade neither.
    Posted by The Ol n De on 27 Mar 17 at 03:48
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