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Excessive Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Excessive Spider-Man23 (15)

Complete Half of All Optional Goals

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Achievement won on 17 Feb 16
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Posted on 25 February 16 at 19:33, Edited on 25 February 16 at 19:34
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*Warning* This solution contains some spoilers based on the progression of the game as I try to keep you informed on the progression of the goals throughout the completion of the story.

This achievement is for completing ~ half of the objectives. There is some debate over exactly how many there are total. There seems to be ~67-68 of these bonus goals requiring that you complete about 34 of them for this particular achievement which, for me, was not until Act 3, so do not worry if you do not unlock this or the achievement for 60 until Act 3. There are much more goals to do in Act 3.

Bonus goals are essentially little side tasks/missions that you need to complete for your allies for each act. For missions that have multiple numbers (kill 1,2,3 enemies for example), you do not typically have to report back to your ally until you finish all multiples of that particular goal.

This achievement is MISSABLE and is easiest if keeping a checklist as there is no in-game counter that I could find. Also, while there are tricks for keeping your collectibles and stats for future playthroughs, these bonus goals DO NOT carry over to new game + mode. To ensure a higher success of getting this on your playthrough, pay attention to the game when it gives you the following message: “If you accept, uncompleted optional missions will be lost. Continue?” From what I can tell, this is really the only way to prevent missing anything. However, I still had issues with unlocking this (my count total was at 64 when it unlocked for me).

I have provided a checklist below that has been modified and edited from “OCDBuzz311” in a forum on xbox360achievements.org (here is the link: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17986...). I have tried to provide additional information and notes that might make this easier (marked with * under the title of the goal). I found that there were different conversation options in Act II depending on your suit alignment and associated ally.

Act I
1) Luke Cage Conversation - Gangs
2,3,4) Defeat 25, 75, 150 Thugs
*Common enemies that appear throughout this act
5) Save 3 Civilians
*These goals can be a huge pain, this one more so than the ones in later acts. Civilians will get hurt (allowing you to pick them up and take them to hospital) or be in a dangerous situation (like a car that is about to blow up forcing you to rescue them in mid-air). Basically, when your spidey sense is being alerted that a nearby civilian is hurt or in danger, lookout for them. Civilians in these situations will have a blue outline (while enemies are red). You will usually get a button prompt, “B”, to sling to them. These goals are aggravating because they appear very randomly and the game has a tendency to make it difficult to swing or grab these civilians.
6) Take Out 5 Gang Vehicles
*Gang vehicles appear as purple vehicles
7) Luke Cage Conversation - Origin
8) Defeat 10 Heavy Hitters
*Heavy Hitters are larger thugs with baseball bats
9) Swing Kick 10 Thugs
*Luke Cage will teach you how to swing kick. Simply do this to 10 thugs while roaming the city

Act II
10a) Moon Knight Conversation – Khonshu
*Red suit path
10b) Black Cat Conversation – Peter Parker
*Black suit path
11,12,13) Defeat 50, 100, 150 Kingpin Tech Enemies
*Common enemies that appear throughout this act
14, 15, 16) Save 3, 5, 10 Civilians
*Similar to the previous act, except that it gets easier. I forced civilians to be saved in this act by putting a civilian (who is typically in a car) between myself and a mech. The mech will shoot at you and any bullets or rockets that don’t hit you will hit the car. In several cases, the car will blow up and there will be no civilian to save. In other cases, the car will catch fire and your spidey sense will be alerted to a civilian in danger. After the mech continues to shoot, the car will explode. Unlike the previous case where the car simply blows up, this one allows you to catch the civilian in mid-air (if you are quick enough). Other than forcing these situations, you can encounter civilians who are hurt and need a speedy rescue to a hospital (I encountered more in Act 2 than Act 1).
17, 18, 19) Defeat 1, then 2, then 3 Kingpin Mechs
*These are the giant robot enemies. Throw cars at them to weaken them and then perform button prompts to finish them off.
20) Stop 5 Kingpin Gang Wars
*Gang wars are simply fights between enemies and cops. You just need to step and help the cops fight off any remaining enemies.
21a) Moon Knight Conversation – Kingpin
*Red suit path
21b) Black Cat Conversation – Superhero
*Black suit path
22a) Moon Knight Conversation – Concerns
*Red suit path
22b) Black Cat Conversation – Black Suit
*Black suit path
23) Defeat 5 Deranged Civilian Groups
*These are civilians who kept their outward appearance but are bat-sh!t crazy.
24) Wolverine Conversation - Black Suit
25, 26) Defeat 20, 30 Hidden Symbiotes

*To find hidden symbiotes, turn into Black suit and press the spidey sense button (sry I can’t remember). Once your spidey sense scans the city, you should have normal civilians become deranged and running towards you. I am not sure how critical this is but this goal should be completed before moving onto the fight with Electro.
27) Wolverine Conversation - Claws

Act III - Part 1
28, 29, 30, 31, 32) Save 20, 25, 30, 40, 100 Civilians
*Same as previous acts but much easier! Instead of forcing situations and scouring the city, there are now side activities on the map. These side activities are for following an APC (tank) as police help civilians escape buildings into the transport vehicle. While doing these, you can get ~5-7 civilians per activity. You can also save civilians by separating symbiotes from hosts and then taking civilians to a safe zone. Finally, you can use spidey sense to look for civilians who are about to be attacked and carried off by symbiotes. When using spidey sense, these civilians will appear blue (as before) surrounded by several enemies who are closing in on them.
32, 33, 34, 35, 36) Defeat 50, 100, 150, 200, 500 Symbiotes
*This includes all enemies in the act. There are a lot but there are several story missions where you will have to make through way through several enemies.
37) Find 6 Symbiote Samples
*This goal and the next 6 are difficult to explain. To get symbiote samples, you need to fight through special types of enemies until they drop a sample. Honestly, I do not even know how I collected the samples. I think when you kill an enemy and the yellow/red orbs fly from them to you might be a way the game keeps track of collected samples. Message me if you need further help, but I basically killed each and every type of enemy in the act until a sample was collected. In the end, I was still missing 1/6. I am not sure which type the Slasher is so if you figure it out, please message me and I will update the solution. These enemies appear as the act progresses but will remain/appear throughout the rest of the act.
38) Vultureling
*Flying enemies that appear before and during missions involving the Vulture
39) Electroling
*These enemies will shock you and typically hang from street poles. You will first encounter them before fighting Electro.
40) Grappler
*These enemies are large, black venom-looking enemies. Typically found these near the start of the act and throughout the rest of it. Found them mostly during encounters between police and symbiotes.
41) Berserker
*These enemies are the largest of symbiote enemies. They are red and look like Carnage (who is not in the game, but just reminds me of him). They appear near the end of the act when you need to defend the base on the west side of the map and will continue to appear after that.
42) Snatcher
*I believe these are the smaller, black enemies. If so, these are the enemies that try to absorb humans and make them symbiotes. They appear from the start of the act and throughout the rest.
43) Slasher
*I am sorry but I am not sure which these are exactly. I never collected a sample but if I had to guess these enemies are a white or grey color with a little bit of red on their back. They appear mostly around the Black Widow and Wolverine fights.
44, 45, 46, 47, 48) Separate 5, 10, 20, 30, 75 Symbiotes from Host
*When fighting symbiotes, mostly Snatcher enemy types, use a lot of combos that will do significant amounts of damage to enemies. After doing enough damage, civilians will be freed from the symbiote goo. I don’t believe these counted as saved civilians as my total never increased. However, separating symbiotes from host should occur well before getting the 500 kills.
49) Black Widow Conversation - Origin

Act III - Part 2 (after seeing Kingpin for the 1st time)
50) Kingpin Conversation - Insult Kingpin
51) Kingpin Conversation - Kingpin's Motives
52, 53, 54, 55, 56) Destroy 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 Symbiote Pods

*These enemies open up and spawn others. You will need to destroy several pods as part of the side tasks before fighting Vulture and Electro. You will even need to destroy pods during the Electro fight. All of these will count towards your total.
57) Black Widow Conversation - Venom
58, 59, 60, 61, 62) Airstrike 1, 20, 50, 100, 200 Symbiote

*This is a fun one! To do an airstrike, find flares in the giant blue safe zones. You can only carry one at a time. When you find an area that is heavily populated with symbiotes, place the flare on the ground and watch the fireworks. Get back as I vaguely remember the strike causing damage to spidey if too close. The flares infinitely spawn, so find an area that you are finding the most populated area of enemies and keep placing them there. I typically got 10-20 per airstrike without too much planning.
63) Black Widow Conversation - Black Suit
64) Kingpin Conversation - Vulture
65) Kingpin Conversation - Tinkerer
66) Use Flashbang on 1, 10, 20 Symbiote

*I read this one as part of the list I found but I never actually got this mission objective to even appear. If you are running short on goals, try going back to your allies to see if this one becomes available. If you already have the achievement, then no worries.
67) Black Widow Conversation – Airstrike

I hope this has been helpful. I know the game is nearly a decade old but I hope that this will provide clarity on some of the issues I encountered. Good luck and please comment if you need additional advice or have input on the solution.
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