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The Walls Came Tumbling Down achievement in State of Decay 2

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Destroy 20 plague walls in Heartland

The Walls Came Tumbling Down-11.0
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How to unlock the The Walls Came Tumbling Down achievement

  • SeinteSeinte#1147411,675
    12 Oct 2019 24 Jun 2019
    20 3 4
    This achievement is a lot easier than the ratio suggests.

    Once you destroy the final plague wall and complete the game, it will bring you back to a save point right before destroying it, allowing you to destroy it multiple times, meaning you can simply farm the last wall in the game for your kills.

    It's a lot easier to grab some other players/friends, burn the wall down in 10-30 seconds, rinse and repeat.

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    Parkman RulesAt the end after I killed the last plague wall I looked at my achievement tracker. It was still at 20% but it should have been at 25% (each wall gives 5%). I tought that your solution was not working anymore so I retried it and my tracker went from 20% to 30%. So the tracker may be a bit off but the game still keeps track of your progress.
    Posted by Parkman Rules on 12 Aug 19 at 22:08
    KanchanaburiThat last wall is insane. And you don’t keep the resources you used. Dam.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 07 Feb at 22:18
    MistalityFor solo it is possible to kill the wall without fighting the zeds. I was solo and 3 jugs spawned during my second wall and I just left but noticed when I reloaded the progress was saved and jugs were gone. Im using an AK47 and this is pretty easy. The time to reload is was quicker and less deadly then fighting the hordes off by myself.

    Throw the plague buster, get a bar down and when it turtles up exit your game. Reload, throw a plague buster, take a bar down and exit the game.
    Posted by Mistality on 24 Jul at 14:36
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  • Boss ComplexBoss Complex680,247
    14 Aug 2019
    9 2 2
    the easiest way by far is to farm the LAST MISSION BASED WALL

    as the other guides state once you finish the game and are back in the main menu simply choose to continue. you will be back at the checkpoint before the last wall.

    now, this is really easy. on the other side of the area with the plague wall, there is a AWNING (front of "olde something laundromat") you can jump to FROM A WELL PLACED CAR and lob over grenades and MOLOTOVS.

    thats it, bring lots of each plague grenades and molotovs, make a outpost nearby (mine was at the "stinky red house").
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    bobby trippeWorked great. Plus, I deleted the local save which allowed me to do this over again quickly.
    I worked the wall to half a bar. I loaded up both characters this tons of incendiaries and a lot of plague busters. I than parked a vehicle right under the awning. I then created a new save by quitting out via the pause screen. Stated up the game again and destroyed what was left of the wall. As soon as the logo appeared, I hit the LIVE button and deleted the save.
    Posted by bobby trippe on 03 Nov 19 at 09:51
    ChunkzUnlimitedI’m glad I’ve just read this when I have a save with just a smidge of health left on the last wall, thanks a bunch
    Posted by ChunkzUnlimited on 21 Mar at 19:02
  • fabian907fabian907318,178
    12 Jun 2019 13 Jun 2019
    10 4 21
    This can be difficult to pull off solo, as I got my first five done alone. There are 5 in every regular playthrough. One on the Crashed Plane Site and 4 in the Mian Streets of Marshal.

    You will need 15 Plague Busters but six are given to you by Logan when assaulting the first one on the plane. You may leave the destroyed wall site with three to none. Look for bloaters for samples and craft Busters back at base.

    What I did was help random players on LFG on Xbox and used my existing community (You can bring your existing community from Vanilla/Base Game) Bring lots of ammo, health, stamina, lure, explosives, gas, and etc.

    Automatic Guns, .50 Cal, Auto Shotguns and some sorts of explosives are very helpful, lures are extremely useful to get the regular plague zeds lured away from you.

    First wall is easy on its own but I'd recommend 100 rounds of bullets and some lures.

    Marshal Walls
    1. Bloaters and Screamers lurk around the primary Gauntlet wall but if you are unlucky there could be some ferals or juggs that can join the battle.
    2. As you are getting into the gauntlet Juggs and maybe a feral will spawn along with a screamer will push towards you.
    3. More freaks will spawn as you are assaulting the third wall
    4. This last wall can be very difficult as there can be about 20 zeds, 2 juggs, 2/3 ferals, a screamer or two, and bloaters. Destroying the final wall will kill all zeds.

    Note: Zeds can spawn after a third of the wall's health is lowered so be aware when assaulting alone or in a group. Hence why I recommend you do it with others as it makes things easier minus the terrible server the game has. Expect lots of resources used when aiming for this achievements .
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    Fuzzmeister J^ Wait...That's illegal!

    Got 15 of the walls done with randoms. That was very annoying. Half the time it was an early quest without walls, and the rest would ignore the walls and drive around getting nothing done. I got a few survivors killed, but it's over...for now.
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 22 Jul 19 at 01:34
    BaronVoNewmana really easy way to do this solo is to craft c4 and have 10+ plague busters at least. plant 3 c4 and then throw a buster. shoot the wall down til the horde comes and then exit and quit. Then get to wall down to a little bit on the last bar. fully quit the game by force closes after you save and exit and then plant c4 and throw your buster and kill it. When you see your cheevo progress go up delete your local save and then when you reload youll be on the wall again with that little bit of health left
    Posted by BaronVoNewman on 04 Aug 19 at 23:11
    Woolyguy24^ THIS WORKS WONDERFULLY. Will post video of this.
    Posted by Woolyguy24 on 19 Aug 19 at 04:16
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