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Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

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Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

Spicy Boy achievement in Borderlands 2

Spicy Boy

Defeat Haderax the Invincible.

Spicy Boy0
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How to unlock the Spicy Boy achievement

  • RuneSlayer4421RuneSlayer4421
    10 Jun 2019 02 Aug 2019

    If you find your achievement did not pop, here is a solution that inToX Shredz has posted on my Decrypted solution: "I just signed out and back in and it popped. If that doesn’t work though, try uninstalling and reinstalling your profile. Sometimes works when achievements seem stuck." This did seem to clear it up for a few different people.


    There are a few different ways you can defeat Haderax the Invincible. The easiest way is to have someone at a higher level join your game and have them kill Haderax for you. In Normal Vault Hunter Mode, he is level 38-40 depending on what level you finished the DLC.

    If you are doing this solo, you can get yourself over leveled, and go back to Normal Vault Hunter Mode and take him down or you if you want the challenge, I'll have the steps below on how you can kill him.

    For a legit kill

    You're going to want the retainer and toothpick set that can be farmed off the sand worms in The Burrows. This gives you a massive speed boost while in The Writhing Deep, which is where you fight Haderax. You'll notice that when you fight haderax, he will heal whenever he goes underground. To stop him from healing, you need to have him slagged. If he is slagged while tunneling underground, he will not heal.

    Now for damaging him. He is weak to fire damage. But just hitting him anywhere will not do enough damage to kill him effectively. On top of his head, there is a large yellow-ish area that is his crit spot. If you shoot that enough, he will slump forward and be stunned for a short period of time. Using a fire weapon and a bee shield will melt his health bar.
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    FiveWizzGreat stuff - thank you.
    Posted by FiveWizz On 01 Sep 19 at 07:28
    KINGBANG713If anybody around level 50 wants to team up to beat this piece of trash, please contact me. Preferable somebody with a good slag weapon. I have all the effervescent stuff needed
    Posted by KINGBANG713 On 31 Mar 20 at 22:33
    Gladiator291Anyone wanna help me kill this thing I tried a lot myself and couldn’t do it would appreciate it a lot as it’s my last achievement message me on Xbox Gladiator291
    Posted by Gladiator291 On 11 Dec 20 at 06:23
    meep3rmanXDcould someone help me get this really fast?
    Posted by meep3rmanXD On 12 Jan 22 at 23:29
    RoXx iBerserkerYBM Platinum can help to kill! He is Level 80 !
    Posted by RoXx iBerserker On 06 Mar 22 at 21:30
    RopeADerpFor anyone struggling with this, I found a good video that showed you just need to keep doing damage to him to stop him from healing. This means you need to be getting shots on him while he is visible and reloading while he is not. Fairly easy to do if you keep an eye on the objective marker on your mini map so you know where he will appear. Elemental effects of any kind will keep doing DoT while he is underground preventing healing even more. As long as you are a decent level (you need one character to be 50 for an achievement anyway, right?) and can stay alive and have enough ammo, this fight isn't too bad
    Posted by RopeADerp On 11 Apr 22 at 02:29
    TJ EliminatorAnyone had any issues unlocking this? I’ve beaten the boss solo and co-op and tried the usual troubleshooting steps and nothing! Any help would be appreciated
    Posted by TJ Eliminator On 27 Jun 22 at 09:08
    TJ EliminatorFor anyone struggling to get this to unlock I’ve managed to fix it:

    Use the level 30 boost you get with the Fight for Sanctuary DLC and create a level 30 of any class.

    Have a friend who’s unlocked the boss to invite you in and ask them to kill it.

    As this resets your badass challenge it also appears to reset the internal achievement check.

    Popped after a few seconds!
    Posted by TJ Eliminator On 27 Jun 22 at 12:50
    HoggyBear08If you just need the pop and are playing on normal, DM me and i'll help kill any raid/dlc bosses required.
    Posted by HoggyBear08 On 09 Jan at 05:29
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