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Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

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Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

Painbow Connection achievement in Borderlands 2

Painbow Connection

Equip effervescent-quality gear in all slots (except class mod).

Painbow Connection0
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How to unlock the Painbow Connection achievement

  • FoogaFooga
    10 Jun 2019 10 Jun 2019 19 Feb 2023
    There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about where to find these Rainbow rarity items. Contrary to popular belief, Haderax does not drop every Rainbow item. Different slots are tied to doing different things in the DLC. Since there are more than one of everything (but not many), I’ll list all of them, but I will highlight what I felt were the easier items to farm by putting asterisks next to them like this**. You only need to find one gun if you have someone to help you dupe it to make 4 of them. Simply have a rainbow item equipped in every slot (except class mod) at once to unlock the achievement. This can also be done on any playthrough.

    Please take caution that there will be story spoilers in this guide…


    Toothpick (Assault Rifle)**: The best way to get this gun is by doing the side quest The Hunt is Vaughn, Vaughn’s second side quest (you have complete the first one he gives you with the bandit flags). This will take you to The Burrows where you have to kill worms. Simply keep killing them (don’t pick up the trophies that drop), and this will eventually drop. If it doesn’t, simply quit the game and reload. You’ll spawn only a few feet away from the worms (A Batwoman has stated in the comments that you can return here after the quest and kill the worms for it). NOTES: The Retainer shield can also drop here. This gun has the highest drop rate of the Rainbow guns.

    Infection Cleaner (SMG): This has a chance to drop off of the enemies known as New Pandora Infectiologist. Unfortunately, theres not a lot of them, and it has a low drop rate.

    Peak Opener (Torgue Assault Rifle): Has a chance to drop from the Haderax chests, like the Easy Mode shield. Thanks to CodeMonkeysGuy for telling me about this one!

    Nirvana (SMG): “dropped from a badass when I was getting the samples in the Spore Chore quest right at the start”. Thanks to Calex dEUS for this find.

    World Burner (Rocket Launcher): “from Bricks quest "BFFFs" drops from killing a Lt. in Dahl Abandon only appears after doing the flags for Vaughn”. Credit goes to A Batwoman for this find. Please note that this possibly only drops after doing the story missions for this DLC.

    Hot Mama (Sniper Rifle): “drops from Lt Hoffman in Mt. Scarab.“ Credit goes to ikilledbecka.

    Unicornsplosion (Shotgun): After doing the side quest ‘My Brittle Pony’ and saving Buttstallion, she’ll go to The Backburner. Go there and feed her eridium while having the Mysterious Amulet equipped (you get the Mysterious Amulet from the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC). Note that this is a random drop from Buttstallion.


    Retainer**: See above on the Toothpick section.

    Easy Mode: This appears off of Haderax, the raid boss. Check the chests for a chance to get it.

    Note: from what I saw, both of the shields have a fairly high drop rate. Farming for either is fine, but maybe killing the worms in the Burrows might be easier for some since you don’t have to fight Haderax.


    Mouthwash**: This is given to you by Lilith as a quest reward at the end of the DLC, when you return to The Backburner after defeating Hector.

    Hard Carry: Has a chance to be in the chests after defeating Haderax. Seeing as you’re gonna get a free one for doing the story anyway, it’s not that big of a deal. (Thanks to IllegallySam for contributing the name of the relic).


    The Electric Chair: Has a chance drop from Uranus. (wink) Story related boss. You can return here to fight him again after you beat the story. Simply quit out after killing him if it doesn’t drop and you’ll spawn back into the area. Just gotta run back to the boss.

    Antifection: Has a chance to drop from Cassius. Story related boss. You can return here to fight him again after you beat the story. Simply quit out after killing him if it doesn’t drop and you’ll spawn back into the area. Just gotta run back to the boss.

    Notes: In my experience, Electric Chair has a higher chance to drop, but the grenades seem the rarest to me. This one could go either way, so just go for whichever you prefer.

    If I am missing ANYTHING here, feel free to contribute. Anyone who gives good information regarding this achievement will be credited in my guide. Good luck! toast

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    SilverFox Uk 66Buburnator88 helped Me out by dropping the gear.Quick and friendly.Top Bloke
    Posted by SilverFox Uk 66 On 03 Jan at 00:09
    FoogaHey guys. Burbunator has a separate solution so no need to comment here! toast Glad you guys are getting help, though.
    Posted by Fooga On 03 Jan at 06:43
    Se7en68Any help gt se7en68
    Posted by Se7en68 On 27 Feb at 00:33
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  • BytyqiBytyqi
    20 Jun 2019 05 Jul 2019
    If, like me, your achievement don't pop when it's supposed to, follow these steps and they should unlock.

    Open your profile, you do this by pressing the Xbox (dashboard) button on your controller. Navigate to the left until you get to your Gamertag. Press A, select "My Profile". From here navigate to the right twice. You should be under the Gaming tab. Here, select Borderlands 2. Once the screen loads, your achievements should pop. I take no credit for finding this method. Credit goes to Ghost m0de.
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    StanleyCup CAPSJust worked for me as well. Thanks!
    Posted by StanleyCup CAPS On 12 Aug 19 at 03:09
    RadiantCarcassDidn't work for me. :(

    I had a Seraph weapon equipped instead of a rainbow weapon. Wow, I feel dumb. This worked perfectly once my stoned ass started paying attention!
    Posted by RadiantCarcass On 12 Aug 19 at 23:48
    Lord ElohimAbsolutely worked, great tip!
    Posted by Lord Elohim On 04 Sep 19 at 02:43
  • Burburnator88Burburnator88
    Locked 02 Jul 2022 02 Jul 2022
    Hi I'd like to let everyone know that I'd be happy to help out with this achievement and give you the 4 weapons, 1 shield, relic, and grenade you need to unlock your achievement.

    I also offer help with finding Jimmy Jenkins so you can get you get all your challenges done as well.

    If you need the mysterious amulet I can drop that so you can get the achievement also.

    My timezone is PST so we can arrange a good time to get everything done. Have a great one guys.
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    D4VE BID0Awesome!!👍🏼
    Posted by D4VE BID0 On 12 Mar at 01:48
    dubdeetwothreeThank you Burburnator made it simple with great communication. Also was patient with me when xbox was having achievement issues
    Posted by dubdeetwothree On 19 Mar at 06:39
    bowkillr107Burburnator is the man for this! Extremely helpful. Thank you so much again.
    Posted by bowkillr107 On 25 Mar at 06:46
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