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Flawless Brickstory achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Flawless Brickstory

Earn 27 Stars in the LEGO® Speed Champions Horizon Story.

Flawless Brickstory0
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How to unlock the Flawless Brickstory achievement

  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip
    01 Dec 2019 01 Dec 2019
    For this you have to 3-star all 9 chapters of the Hype Tour story. The chapters & their 3-star requirements:

    Real Lego Senna 100% Not Fake - complete in 1:35 or less
    100% Proof That Lego Valley Exists - reach a speed of 233km/h (~145MPH)
    Could a Fake Car Do This? - complete in 40 seconds or less
    Mini Mega Awesome Skill Park - achieve a score of 80,000 points or more
    Brickchester Smash - achieve 20 or more wreckage skills
    Storm Surge - finish in 55 seconds or less
    Flight of the Ferrari - achieve a jump of 276M or more
    Sennasational Speed - achieve 13 or more awesome speed skills
    The Awesome Tour - complete in 2:02 or less

    Most likely won't give too much of a problem. Some chapter specific tips:

    Mini Mega Awesome Skill Park - this one took me a few tries, but I found that mixing up e-drifts, wreckage and air skills worked well. I didn't do a single long combo streak, but I think on my 3-star run I did 2-3 separate streaks that ended up totalling over 110K.

    Storm Surge - the game has a route that directs you down to the aqueduct before hitting the finish, I found it easier to go through the city & come down on the finish than to try and navigate teh aqueduct. Having said that, I *barely* (maybe by 0.2 seconds) got 3 stars on this one.

    Sennasational Speed - do *not* use rewind, if you do it resets your speed skill counter, which means even if you rewind back to a point where you're going 300+km/h you'll still only get "Good Speed" on the next trigger of the skill. The key is to just get to know the route and let off on the gas on those turns & maintain most of your speed.

    The Awesome Tour - kinda obvious, but the recommended route has you doing a full lap around the speed track before the finish. This is unnecessary and you can shave several seconds off by turning towards the finish early & going offroad just before going onto the speed track.

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    Greedy136For mission 4 Mini Mega Awesome Skill Park I recommend to drive to the north and either stay in the flower field area to receive points through destruction skills or drive to the desert to receive points through jump skills. It would not be much of a challenge to receive 200,000 points or more and only 80,000 are required.
    Posted by Greedy136 On 18 Dec 20 at 07:28
    MikaszStorm Surge. Go to the city but don't slow down. If you turn right before the last bridge, fly and hit the right side of the bridge wall (under it), you should ricochet and land in the destination. I got under 50s with this and I didn't have a 'clear ricochet'. Obviously abuse rewind.

    Sennasational Speed is quite trivial. Manual gearbox, start getting speed up until you have gear 5. Don't gear up. Drive at full throttle and follow the route. Ignore the car screaming in massive pain. If you do the first turn correctly (and you don't crash) you shouldn't have any problems getting 15 skills.

    The Awesome Tour. Not only the one suggested but you can also pick up much easier route by turning directly right when you start. You are skipping all the tight curves in the original route and the turn left (which is the intersection between regular and my suggested route). I got under 1 min 20 seconds first try.
    Posted by Mikasz On 23 Dec 20 at 17:02
    Wobblo@Greedy136 Great tip, went to the field and drifted around at high speed and ended with 285k! toast
    Posted by Wobblo On 03 Jan 21 at 01:47
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  • CruzeberryCruzeberry
    29 Jun 2019 29 Jun 2019
    Not a solution for the full thing, but I struggled most with the “Storm Surge” chapter. I found that the secret is to not get drawn into going off road... just follow the road round, you should have plenty of time to get the 3 stars
  • HoggyBear08HoggyBear08
    05 Mar 2021 05 Mar 2021 05 Mar 2021
    1. Real Lego Senna - Instead of following the mapped road i cut across the grass to the road that comes at the start, the issue is trying to hit 150mph and slowing down enough to take the corner. Essentially follow that road straight until it curves and meets the curve of a trail road that leads to the finish line. If you get the line right (you're kinda aiming for a gap between the trees behind the ridge of the hill) you can land it and head straight to the finish with about 30 seconds or so to spare.

    2. 100% Proof that Lego Valley exists - This one is pretty straight forward, follow the highlighted route to the Speed Zone aiming for 145MPH might take a few tries or rewinds but it's simple enough. If done right you'll be accelerating out of the corner and i think i did around 148MPH in mine?

    3. Could a fake car do this? - Just do a lap of the speedway as fast as you can with the goal of completing it within 40 seconds (Mine was around 33 seconds).

    4. Mini Mega Awesome Skill Park - If you've got traction & stability control on i'd recommend turning them off for this, I managed it with them on but i'd imagine it'd be considerably easier with them off. Start off by following the route to the stunt park (I was lazy and just cut through the middle of Brickchester). Once you arrive at the stunt park you've simply got to achieve 80k in skillpoints (16kx5.0). I just drove out of the stunt park and did donuts in the flower fields outside for a few minutes just making sure to spin out, do 180's, j-turns etc. to stop it from banking the score prematurely and help increase the multiplier.

    5. Brickchester Smash - Traction & Stability control optional ones here again. Start of by following the route to Brickchester (I went straight into the city centre and turned left). Objective here is to simply get 20 or more wreckage skills, Either trash the city or make your way to one of the flower fields on the outskirts and just hoon it around a bit, this one shouldn't be difficult.

    6. Storm Surge - I followed the route on this one, in the storm drain the key is to keep at least 2 (obviously preferably 4 but not always possible) wheels on the dry ground on either side of the water. I managed this first try at 53 seconds.

    7. Flight of the Ferrari - Probably the easiest one of them all, simply follow the route through Brickchester and hit the stunt jump. I was doing 189/190 when i went through hitting 333m so shouldn't be a problem.

    8. Sennasational Speed - You need to hit between 180MPH let go of the throttle until it goes down to 175ish and then power back on the throttle when you can do so do achieve another, just need to do it 13+ times. If you're driving manual just let it scream away in 5th gear and you'll collect them all before the finish line so long as you don't crash just try and make your line as smooth as possible.

    9. The Awesome Tour:
    - In the Ferrari just spin a 180 as soon as you start and just cut across the field towards the route cutting out the raceway section.
    - In the Mini i just cut out Brickchester and drove across the fields in a straight(ish) line.
    - In the Senna instead of following the highlighted route turn right immediately at the start and instead of doing the whole lap at the raceway just hit a 180 as you come in just drive around the truck and straight to the finish line.
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