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Wyldstyle achievement in Forza Horizon 4


Complete all 'Skill' Brick Challenges.

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How to unlock the Wyldstyle achievement

  • Cr4zyFr0gggCr4zyFr0ggg387,898
    17 Jun 2019 17 Jun 2019 15 Aug 2019
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    I know, this is not a solution for all skill challenges, but i guess we will have to piece it together, as there are a few skill challenges to knock out of the way before getting this achievement. Here is one solution for the Skill challenge 'Best in Show' (worth 30 bricks) which requires you to perform 20 Showoff-Skills. These are earned when passing an opponent racer while drifting (drift has to start before passing the opponent). I set up a road racing series event (blueprint) on Brickchester Loop Circuit called 'Showoff-Event'. It is set to 10 rounds, which should give you more than enough opportunities to get all 20 Showoff skills (time required: 7-10 mins). You can also quit the race after you completed your challenge! I used the 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Barrett-Jackson Edition, tuned it to S2 952 class and the drivatar difficulty was set to highly skilled (I also created a Tune called 'Showoff Cheevo' which you can use instead of tuning yourself).
    Another solution from
    @HolyHalfDead 'The way I got 20 show off skills was a dirt track, easy difficulty, drop to the back of the pack, get 11 cars ahead on a bend you will slide on, speed past them and you are bound to get a show off skill, rewind twice and get the skill again. Rinse and repeat. No need for 10 laps.'
    I used the Plymouth, as I also used it for the 'Feeling Hungry' (worth 50 bricks) skill challenge, where you have to perform 20 ultimate drafting skills in a Plymouth Cuda. This I did on the Road Racing series 'North South Sprint' (same drivatar difficulty as mentioned above). Just try to stick behind the car placed 2nd or 1st and you can do 4-5 Ultimate drafting skills in one run (~2mins).

    - 'Real Ultimate Power': perform 200 Ultimate speed skills. When I had completed almost all brick challenges except for this one and the 'Lego Speed Champion' Event Challenge (144/200 skills already completed), I took my Lego McLaren Senna to the Falcon Speedway and lapped around it. You can do 4-5 skills per lap, if you have tuned it to X 999 class. Another option would be the street from the falcon speedway all around the island. There you should also be able to do a lot of the skills.

    - 'The Sampler': perform 10 trading paint skills in 2 minutes (worth 30 bricks): as some people already mentioned, it might be easier to do this in Horizon Solo (to do this, go to the menu, select Horizon Life and then Horizon Solo), however, it is not necessary since you can get the Trading paint skill on the same traffic car(s). A good option to do it is on the outer streets of Brickchester. I selected the Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna, tuned it to X 999 and just looked for a road with at least two cars (one might be sufficient, but two cars will make it easier). I highly recommend to NOT try going for the skill on oncoming traffic. Always use traffic that is driving in front of you. Then you get your Trading paint skill on those (two) cars, make a 180 turn, and get back behind them to go for another trading paint skill. Rinse and repeat. Should be no problem to complete the skill challenge within 2 minutes. You might be able to do it with another car as well, but I recommend doing it in a fast car (S2 or X) since you can then easily turn and get back behind the cars to get the skills in time.

    To visualize it, here's a video of me doing 11 Trading Paint skills in about 2 minutes (skill challenge doesn't unlock since I already unlocked it). Please excuse the crappy sound, I don't know why the Xbox Game DVR messed it up:

    @Gaz NCFC: For Sampler you can actually just rub against another 'player' car in solo view repeatedly no need to turn around
    @TheFlyingBobin: Did similar to PolacoForever but chose a 15 lap blueprint that had already been created @ Flacon Loop Circuit. I managed to unlock two other skills at the same time:

    - The Stalker (Perform 3 Ultimate Drafts skills in 3 minutes)
    - Racing Master (Perform an Ultimate Drafting, Ultimate Pass and Ultimate Clean Racing skill, all within a minute)

    Because the track is a small and simple circuit you can maintain good speed, easy handling/stability to stay behind the other cars for the drafting skills and it’s contained in a round circle so doing this inside a minute should be easy peasy. Just don’t go crashing into the walls.

    Hope this helps guys! I’ve completed the whole DLC and these were my last few challenges.
    @WWookie Cookie: "Burn and Turn" - Ultimate Burnout skill

    szogyenyi1993: 'Hold on twice' - 2x Threading the needle in 2 minutes:

    - It's not a Toy!
    FAILGUBBE: For ”It’s not a toy!” you can do a drag race with low difficulty and just wait at the line for a sec then pass the bunched cars
    Big thanks to all contributors!

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    Ahh DobyThank you so much for the hint on 'the Sampler' - I was on the struggle bus with that one for a while! 1000% do that one in a Solo session and find an avatar to bump/rub against. Would recommend a quick car just in case they do pull away
    Posted by Ahh Doby on 01 Apr at 14:58
    KinectKid333For the trading paint challenge, use the Volkswagen Iron Knight. There's more room for error because you have less risk of losing your combo. Also if you are in Horizon Solo there will be a lot of other trucks. Trucks are long, which means there's a bigger time window to rub up against them. Very easy with the Iron Knight, I got it first try.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 16 May at 23:28
    MathGuy42I found an unusual way to get Hold on Twice: 2 Threading the Needles in 2 minutes. I saw a video where someone rammed into NPC Mini Coopers in the Stunt Park to setup another challenge (Stuntman). If you push them off the road, the AI can get stuck. I was trying to set it up so I could pass between two stationary cars. I actually got lucky that the cars were stuck near the road, causing two pileups. Whizzing between the pileups, I instantly got 2 Threading the Needles. At least I think that's what happened. I was also using Rewind and didn't have the challenge pinned, so it was hard to tell exactly how the challenge popped. But it definitely happened by passing between stationary Mini Coopers in the Stunt Park.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 10 Jun at 12:56
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  • MST3000MST3000238,774
    20 Aug 2019 21 Aug 2019
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    Easiest and fastest Way for the Stuntman Skills ;)
    Stuntman Double
    Drive to the Stunt Park and ram a Mini ...
    Then push the Mini next to a Ramp...jump ....finish :)

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    K1LL3R BEEZVideo's not working anymore?
    Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ on 03 Mar at 22:31
    FiveWizzI thought the same but if you click to view all comments the video seems to work. Going to try this tmr thanks.
    Posted by FiveWizz on 18 Mar at 03:14
    MST3000Yes Video still works ;) Click on the view all Comments
    Posted by MST3000 on 14 Apr at 11:02
  • WWookie CookieWWookie Cookie327,166
    29 Jun 2019 27 Jun 2019
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    "Burn and Turn" - Ultimate Burnout skill

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    erod550Don't know why the downvotes. Got it first try doing this. Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by erod550 on 27 Aug 19 at 19:58
    Posted by FamousCFC07 on 25 Sep 19 at 13:08
    AsceticEdenThis was the last one I needed and I couldn't get the burnout for the life of me. Worked on my first try, thanks!
    Posted by AsceticEden on 11 Oct 19 at 22:19
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