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Is everyone here?

Unlock all characters from the original roster.

Is everyone here?-0.2
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Achievement Guide for Is everyone here?

  • YaziteYazite344,740
    21 Jun 2019 21 Jun 2019 22 Jun 2019
    21 0 0
    You need to unlock the following

    - Ripper Roo -> beat him in adventure mode (1st hub)
    - Papu Papu -> beat him in adventure mode (2nd hub)
    - Komodo Joe - > beat him in adventure mode (3rd hub)
    - Pinstripe -> beat him in adventure mode (4th hub)
    - Fake Crash -> Win the purple gem cup in adventure mode (unlocked by earning all purple CTR tokens within each hub)
    - N Tropy -> Beat all his times in time trial mode

    Penta Penguin and Oxide are not required for this achievement.
  • Shadow2327Shadow2327290,854
    21 Jun 2019
    6 2 0
    These are the characters unlocked by the start of the game.
    Crash, Coco, Dr. Neo Cortex, Tiny, Dr. N. Gin, Dingodile, Polar, Pura

    Unlock these characters by winning in their boss battle in adventure mode.
    Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, Pinstripe

    Fake Crash – Earn Purple gem in the Adventure Mode.

    N. Tropy – Beat All of N. Tropy’s Times in Time Trial Mode

    Penta Penguin – From the main menu screen, enter the following cheat code for each platform:
    Hold cn_LB+cn_RB, cn_down, cn_right, cn_Y, cn_down, cn_left, cn_Y, cn_up
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