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Going Green

Plant's Best Friend achievement in Trove

Plant's Best Friend

Water 1,000 plants.

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How to unlock the Plant's Best Friend achievement

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    Hello and welcome to my solution for the Plant's Best Friend achievement.

    To unlock this achievement you must water 1,000 of the new plants.

    This achievement requires alot of steps to obtain. Its best to go for the Reduce, Reuse, Recompost achievement first. This is because you'll need alot of compost to make the new plants. This is 1 of the steps needed for this achievement.

    This achievement is the grindist of this title update. There are multiple things that can help get this achievement and I'll try to cover them all.

    The free way to get the achievement

    This is the way to get the achievement without spending real money on the game. You'll be making the plants yourself and placing them in your own personal club world or cornerstone.

    Step 1 Make the new crafting tables

    You'll need to make 3 of the 4 new crafting tables. They can be made at the old gardening bench thats now called Antiquated gardening bench. The ones you'll need to make are: Harvesting Station, Gardening Bench, Compost Bin.

    Step 2 use the Compost Bin

    If you've done the Reduce, Reuse, Recompost achievement already then you'll have this Compost Bin section done.

    At the Compost Bin you can compost old materials you have in your inventory. The best material to compost would be, eye of Q'bthulhu. These are easy to get from Shadow Towers. They can also be bought from the in game marketplace but prices on materials that can be composted have increased.

    You can compost all of your battle tropies aswell to help free up your build inventory space which you'll need for the new plants for the other achievements this update has.

    Composting these materials gives you Organic Refuse. This is needed at the Harvesting Station

    Step 3 use the Harvesting Station

    At the Harvesting Station you can turn the Organic Refuse you got form the Compost Bin into Compost Heaps. This is found it the compost section of the Harvesting Station. Make as much as you can. These will be placed in your main inventory page and act like chaos chests. You'll need to open them all. You can be rewarded with recipes, plant seeds or what most of your plants will be coming from Concentrated Compost. You can use the Concentrated Compost at the new Gardening Bench.

    Step 4 use the Gardening Bench

    Before you can use that Concentrated Compost, you'll need your gardening skill at level 150 to access the Gardener section, which has the basic set of the new plant types. You may already have your skill leveled upto 250 if you chose to do this skill set for the Adept Artisan achievement or help towards The Heights of Mastery achievement. You raise your skills by 1 point by making something from the highest section you have access to. Each section caps out at every 50 skill ponits. You'll have to move onto the next section to continue to raise your skill rank.

    When you have access to the Gardener section in the Gardening Bench the easiet plant to make will be Qubbage Seed. Make as many as you can. 500 max. Qubbage only need to be watered once before they can be harvested. Qubbage also go back into a growing state after harvest.

    You may need to farm the other materials for the Qubbage Seed. Mostly being the sunlight bulbs. Tuesdays in game is Gathering Day so you'll get more materials when farming. Materials such as the sunlight bulbs can be bought from the in game marketplace but prices on thes have increased.

    Step 5 Plant your plants

    You'll have the option to plant your plants a club world or cornerstone. Use your own private club world. I use my own private club world for the extra space it provides. I find it easier to manage than a cornerstone. I recommend a private club world because big clubs will have to share the space for the plants. Deppending on the club permission in a big club you might not be able to plant or others will be able to destory, harvest and water you plants. This is why I recommend a private club world.

    There is also a limit on how many plants can be planted at a time in a club. The cap is 500 plants.

    Step 6 Grow your plants

    After you have placed your plants they need to grow. This will take 4 hours. The time to wait maybe reduced for you. This is depending on the time you placed the plants, going off how close it is to the daily reset. For exampe if you place your plants 1 hour before the daily reset your growing time will be 1 hour instead of 4 hours.

    You can skip the growing wait if you have Insta-Growers. They can be bought from the in game marketplace. Prices may have increased with this update. Using these will put your plants into the watering state. 1 use of this can grow you plants in a 10x10 layout.

    Step 7 Water your plants with Watering Cans

    You'll need to make watering cans to use on the plants you've placed. These can be made at the Gardening Bench in the Gardener section. You get 20 watering cans for every single craft. A single watering can is able to water 9 plants at a time if the plants are place in a square formattion (3X3). Stand in the middle of the square to get 9 watered at the same time.

    Depending on the plants you can place they may need to be watered again after the next reset. It will have a notifaction on the plant how many times it needs watering and when your able to water it again.

    Step 8 Harvest your grown plants

    After your plants have been fully watered they will need to be harvested at the next reset. When the plants can be harvested, press X on them. Some plants will go back into a growing state after being harvested and others will be fully destoryed up on harvest.

    Depending on what plants you placed down, you may need to plant new ones down if they was destoryed up on harvest.

    Step 9 repeat Steps 7 to 8

    You'll now need to keep reapeating steps 7 to 8 multiple times. This will depend on how many plants you manged to place down. You'll be doing this until you get the achievement.

    Achievement Unlocked!

    Extra help

    Note that this section is for people who are rich in game or want to spend real money on the game.

    There are many ways that can help speed up the process to get this achievement. They will however cost alot of in game money or cost you real money to do so.

    Flower Power Pack

    If you buy the Flower Power Pack from the in game store it will give you the Insta-Grower Informational Legendary Tome. This tome will produce 20 Insta-Growers when fully charged. This can only be done once a week. The Insta-Growers will help you with the Growing your plants stage of this achievement. This pack costs 1500 credits.

    Cultivated Collection Pack

    If you buy the Cultivated Collection Pack from the in game store or Xbox live marketplace it will give you lots of handy things. This pack contains:

    25 Bobble Pods - This are used like pinatas. They reward upto 8 players with plant seeds.
    25 Golden Watering Cans - This will fully water any plant.
    Mechnized Hydration Tractor - This mount will water any plants ready for watering you drive over. You wont need to make any watering cans if you own this.
    Seed Sower - This mount will place any seeds down from your inventory in a club world while driving.
    Horticultural Harvester - This mount will harvest any plants ready for harvest that you drive over.

    This pack costs $20 or your local equivalent. You also have to option to buy any of these mounts separately for 3000 credits.

    I hope this information helps.

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    Apocalypse KaneVery useful info up there +1 toast
    Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 26 Jun 19 at 22:38
    MortilectMay want to note the mechanized hydrator tractor. Gotta spend a lot on cred pouches but it's a huge time saver.
    Posted by Mortilect on 28 Jun 19 at 07:08
    TRACKEYHello, thank you for the up vote and your comments. Thanks for your suggestion Mortilect. I'll be adding that information into the guide. There is so much to cover lol.
    Posted by TRACKEY on 30 Jun 19 at 16:07
    JayCubzGood guide but I don't think insta-growers are as good as you think. I may be wrong but I think they only skip over the initial 4 hour wait time after you plant them. Unless its under 4 hours before reset or if you dont plan on being on in 4 hours on that day I think it's best to just come back in 4 hours and save your insta-growers.
    Posted by JayCubz on 10 Jul 19 at 08:04
    TRACKEYHello Jaycubz and thank you for your comment. You maybe right, I'll edit that step. For me they are a time saver but not need. However I do have over 600 of them on me and get 20 for free every week with the tome. I get more back than what I use each week. So I dont mind using them. Depends on the persons prefence I guess.
    Posted by TRACKEY on 10 Jul 19 at 14:13
    KiRRAYNEVery helpful, thank you for this
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 17 Sep 19 at 13:28
    x Tyian xThere’s also an infinite water can that you can make, might save some resources and time
    Posted by x Tyian x on 03 Nov 20 at 09:58
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