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John Hammond's dream

Reach 5 stars on Sanctuary

John Hammond's dream-6.4
17 November 2019 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for John Hammond's dream

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    Alright, let's get to it! First i'll give some general tips to make your life easier on the second island, definitely read the first part of the solution! Then i'll specify more info about both the Facility Rating and the Dinosaur Rating in case you need help with one of the two, hope this'll help smile

    For this achievement we'll be getting five stars on the second island of the DLC, Sanctuary. I'd suggest first completing the island's missions to get those out of the way as when one of the dinosaurs from the first island dies of old age before the completion of mission three, you'll fail the mission altogether and can only reload an old save or start over.

    What you did on the first island in the DLC affects the difficulty of this island.
    1) You can't adopt all species, only a few base ones and the ones you rescued. So choosing to rescue 8 Struthiomimus would make this island a lot more difficult!
    2) The order in which you rescue them seems to affect the order to which they enter the second island. So I suggest first rescueing a Brachiosaurus and for example Ankylosaurus (as those can be put in an exhibit on their own, instead of needing a group), so their a lot more easy to get comfortable at the start of the island. Going for animals first who require large groups, ends in a situation where you get only one of those on the second island in the very beginning, and you'll quickly need to breed more to keep that one happy. As the genome's only start at 50% you can't put any upgrades to the Hammond Creation lab into speed, things take a lot of time and the first dino likely breaks out.

    For five stars on the island we're looking at two things: Facility Rating (humans) and Dinosaur Rating. The island has storms, both the small ones and hurricanes. I only encountered the first hurricane after getting five stars, maybe I was lucky but they're definitely a possibility.

    It all depends on what you rescued on the first island, whether this will be easy or a bit more difficult than usual.
    Keep several things in mind:
    1) The new Paleobotany system ups their rating a bit. Research everything for the Greenhouse to make sure you have all types of feeders, food and five plant slots in the Greenhouse.
    2) Placing scenery (added in the 1.8 patch) in the exhibits will also add to the rating
    3) Research Genetics so you can change their genes. After the last mission you'll unlock the Success Rate 3.0 for your Hammond Creation Lab. Put HC full with three Success Rate 3.0's and you'll be able to up dino's their genes to -90 to still have 100% change of incubation (as long as you have collected the full genome with the Expedition Center).
    4) You'll get several species of dinosaur on the island regardless of what species you saved on the first one. These are Kentrosaurus, Euplocephalus (new), Ouranosaurus (new), Polacanthus and Velociraptor.
    5) If you do the side quest about photographing all animals on the first island, you'll get the ability to create a Tyrannosaurus Rex here, very handy for the rating.
    6) Make sure you have enough viewpoints for each exhibit so the people can enjoy the dinos at all times, placing water and food sources in the view of the tower/ride.

    Facility Rating
    To get an easy five star in your park on Facility Rating, make sure you build a complete loop Monorail with accesspoints on several spots on the island. I had four in total, using 2/3rd of the island with my buildings/exhibits. One Monorail near the entrance and the rest near other hotspots on your island.

    Pick a big area and place three hotels (max of this island) there near a monorail station. Then, place near the hotels a Clothes Shop, Bar, Bowling Alley and Restaurant. I had five stars by now. I also had a Fast-Food restaurant, Gift Shop and Clothes Shop near the entrance.

    If Facility Rating isn't on 5 yet, try checking in the Management Views what is lacking. Don't forget to upgrade the staff of a shop/ride if they're at max customers. So for example, if it shows 240/240, up the staff with one tick, which will probably result in something like 264/360, making sure we don't have to turn paying customers away because they're full.

    Dinosaur Rating
    The other part is the Dinosaur rating. This island requires at least 8 unique species and a combined rating of 5500.

    I eventually got the five stars with these dinosaurs:
    exhibit 1) Albertosaurus (2)
    exhibit 2) Carnotaurus (2)
    exhibit 3) Brachiosaurus (5), Ankylosaurus (2) - One tall paleo feeder with conifers, one ground with horsetails
    exhibit 4) Kentrosaurus (5), Apatosaurus (5) - Two tall paleo feeders with conifers, one ground with paw paw
    exhibit 5) Tyrannosaurus Rex (1)
    exhibit 6) Ouranosaurus (5), Parasaurolophus (4) - Two ground feeders with conifers and rotten wood
    exhibit 7) Polacanthus (2), Eupocephalus (2) - One gruond feeder with horsetails
    exhibit 8) Pachychephalosaurus (3), Stegosaurus (5) - One ground feeder with cycads

    I got over 6000 rating for my dinosaurs with this set, but does require the player to rescue on the first island: Parasaurolophus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pachychephalosaurus, Albertosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Stegosaurus.

    It can surely be done with other species but I do recommend at least saving two out of three carnivores (Carnotaurus, Albertosaurus, Baryonyx), Brachiosaurus, and Apatosaurus as those can get to very high rating numbers.

    Getting five stars on Sanctuary unlocks the driveable Jurassic Tour in the Research Center.
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