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Claire's Sanctuary

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Claire's Sanctuary

A new home achievement in Jurassic World Evolution

A new home

Complete Challenge mode on Sanctuary in under 8.5 hours (hard difficulty or above)

A new home-1.5
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How to unlock the A new home achievement

  • Fuzzmeister JFuzzmeister J679,887
    21 Aug 2019 22 Aug 2019 22 Aug 2019
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    This wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. The time needed is 8.5 hours and I got there in just under 6.5 hours. I made a new save file each hour to be safe. Run Dr Wu and Sanctuary stories to 5 stars and knock out the other challenge achievements first to get a better feel for this one. It's not too tough at all when you got a feel for the game. Many of these tips can be used for Jurassic Difficulty (or any really) too.

    Contracts are the main source of income. Restart the challenge from the pause menu until you get 3 good starting contracts.
    When you get the pop-up to pick a who you want a contract from, save the game and choose one. If it's too tough, then reload that save. Make sure to choose a contract type that has the least reputation. You can always see the rep bar at the bottom of the screen. If it's too close to tell, just pick one and catch up the next time. You do not want any faction to get too far ahead of the others or you will have to deal with sabotage. I didn't encounter any trouble keeping all 3 at similar levels. I had 12+ million at most times from 1-3 stars.

    At the start, place a power plant, expedition center, and fossil building, Run expeditions and work on your genomes as much as you can. I would suggest building the incubation building pretty fast and a small pen to get a couple of dinos out and get an income coming in. I kept the fossils coming in and got everything I could to 100%.

    For facility 5 stars here are some tips:
    -Viewing does not matter. You need at least one viewing platform to get guest facility points.
    -Travel matters, but only between viewing platforms. With 1 platform you won't worry with travel. I had 2 for early contracts, but generally reload to skip them.
    -I had 1 Clothes Store/Restaurant/Arcade for a long time and upped the staff as needed. Around 3 or 4 stars you will make one more of each. I had staff maxed on both. Clothes/Restaurant I charged $17 for the 2nd option, and Arcade $12 for the 2nd option.
    -You will need one Hotel around 1 star and end up with 3 Hotels.
    -Use as few small power stations as you can until you can unlock the medium one. Keep herbivores until then so it's safe to delete the small ones (leave a little room) and replace them. I had 3 medium and one small at the end with an even number of protection 3.0 and power 3.0 mods.

    Dinosaur 5 Stars
    -Get dinos to 100% (with a few exceptions early on). I modded all dinos with default mods until 4 stars with the exception of carnivores because they need the low stress gene. Be sure to complete the Dr Wu story first so you have this.
    -100% genome is important so you can put plenty of lifespan traits on your herbivores. Without it, they die off pretty fast when you are at 4 stars and need to focus on the big ticket dinos.
    -Research viruses right away. You don't want those dinos sick at all.
    -At 4 stars have upgraded Brain Ageing and Robust Digestion. This helps a ton with the large herbivores in the late game. Don't upgrade these until then as it's expensive and lowers success rate a ton.
    -Do not bother with Stress Inhibitor upgrades past level 1. 2.0 lowers the value of your dinos by a ton!
    -Don't put more than 3 of any dino in the herbivore pens early on and watch comfort levels. Variety is more important early on.
    -For carnivores, you can put 2-3 big dinosaurs (execpt T-rex and Spino without mods) with smaller ones like the troodons and dilos. Late game the small ones got sick because the big ones bullied them from eating. I split them up. I circled the pens to show the original size in the image below. It was a snug fit for some of them, so make your pens a little larger to plan ahead better than me.
    -I churned out large herbivores in the end. I did build a green house and put a feed for just them. The big ones all like ferns, conifers, and palms. The small ones are too picky to feed them right.
    -I had 1 indo rex at the end in a pen and was 400 points short of 5 star dinos, I made another one with 400 rating and when it hatched the achievement popped. That may be a good them to have incubated in case you need the points in the end.

    Here is an image of my map/I numbered the pens in order that I put them up. I tried to group things as they unlocked and put the low population dinos in small pens to themselves.
    External image
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  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral342,639
    24 Dec 2020 24 Dec 2020 24 Dec 2020
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    I used Jurassic Park as the era instead of Jurassic World and finished with 90 minutes to spare.

    The thing is, JP has significantly lower requirements on visibility and the number of unique species required since fewer are available. As long as you have the binoculars researched, the dinosaurs will count as “visible” if they’re anywhere near the tour vehicles.

    In Park mode you also need substantially fewer facilities, I built a single Tour and put all the paddocks around it. I built 3 hotels to ensure the facility rating was 5 stars then proceeded to mass produce Brachiosaurus until reaching the required dinosaur rating toward the end.

    I did end up building one of each guest facility, only because the arrival helipad, visitor center and aviary where far enough apart to warrant it.

    Without modifications, the dinosaurs cost half as much as one modified to have maximum rating, so you can make more of them at a time. This is essential when you’re in the home stretch and just need to pad out your dinosaur rating score.

    Also, you ALWAYS want to have two contracts from Dr. Malcolm as his are almost always timed contracts to keep the power on and prevent carnivores eating anyone. And save before accepting any contract from anyone else; you don’t want to end up with contracts you cannot complete quickly when you’re short on cash.

    Having the constant income stream from Dr. Malcolm’s contracts will meaning having money to burn to incubate the more expensive dinosaurs and build the best possible tour.

    And do yourself a favor, the SECOND you hear about an approaching storm, immediately send your Rangers to tranq your Raptors and T-Rex. If you put up electric fences the Dilophosaurus won’t be able to break free, and the Ceratosaurs and Spinosaurus don’t care about a storm enough to rampage easily, same goes for Baryonyx. The time spent trying to chase them down after a storm and fix fences is time and money wasted.

    Stegosaurus WILL be your biggest source of drama as they start to panic as soon as there isn’t 5 of them in the herd, and they will tear down fences fast if not kept happy, so always keep 6 of them in a paddock at once. Otherwise you likely won’t be able to release a new one in time before the others lose all comfort and start attacking your fences.

    And yes, you only need the one tour. Keep a fence between the tour vehicles and the dinosaurs. The vehicles can see through the wire fences so it will not affect dinosaur visibility.
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