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Executive treatment achievement in Jurassic World Evolution

Executive treatment

Eliminate all disease on Nublar North using a manually controlled Ranger Team

Executive treatment-0.2
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How to unlock the Executive treatment achievement

  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,558,362
    31 Aug 2020 31 Aug 2020 13 Oct 2020
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    This achievement remains buggy. I had a lot of trouble getting this to unlock. I came across True_Boredom's solution which I've outlined here. Credit to them!

    Proceed normally until you are:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I tasked rangers to do tasks automatically up to this point so that doesn't matter and won't effect the achievement.

    You can go ahead and cure the Carnotaurus, then set up an enclosure with at least 5 herbivores - Sinoceratops and/or Gallimimus work well. Make sure they are fed, watered and content - you need them to survive! Including the 3 carnivores you should already have enclosed, that makes up the minimum 8 dinosaurs you need to complete the objective (although that is not stated). The infected herbivores will show a low health (32-35%) but should outlive all the other dinosaurs.

    Go around the map and demolish all the feeders - there are plenty randomly spread across the area. Use the map - cn_Y - to spot them easier.

    Now just wait. This might take 20-30 minutes. All the infected dinosaurs outside your enclosures will die, but it will take some time. Keep track with the objective in the bottom right. Remember to keep an eye on the enclosures to make sure they all remain content. Once the number is down to 5, being your 5 enclosed herbivores, make a save (just in case).

    Go ahead and manually cure the 5 herbivores, which should work. After 2 attempts at running all over the map chasing 50+ dinosaurs, this was much easier and successfully unlocked the achievement!

    NOTE: You will want to do this on a separate save. The dinosaurs you save on this mission that will have an effect later on - refer to John Hammond's dream for more details.

    I hope this helps and best of luck.

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    ThrownPage90Additionally, what I did after taking out the feeders was to manually medicate all the dinosaurs outside of my contained park. By this time, they were either dead (in which case do not count towards the acheivment) or where lying on the floor dying (which - as long as you attempt on at a time, made medicating them easier as they were not running around). Just a thought as it helped me speed up this guide a little :)
    Posted by ThrownPage90 on 29 Mar at 11:13
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  • AlphaFistAlphaFist253,930
    29 Dec 2019 30 Dec 2019 30 Dec 2019
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    This Achievement can now be unlocked using a manually controlled ACU helicopter in addition to the Ranger’s jeep.

    Update 1.12 added the ability for the ACU to medicate dinosaurs, while Ranger teams gained the ability to tranquilize them. I did still use the jeep to medicate the dinosaurs that I had enclosed, so I’m not sure if you still need to use it at least partly for the Achievement to unlock. After the enclosed dinosaurs were medicated I then flew the helicopter around the island, manually medicating the dinosaurs until all were cured and the Achievement unlocked.

    It should be easier and quicker to use the ACU helicopter instead of the Ranger’s jeep, as the updated also introduced dinosaurs being able to damage and even destroy the jeep. The helicopter allows you to move and shoot at the same time which makes it slightly easier to cure the fast moving dinosaurs, you could still tranquilize them if they become too bothersome. Most dinosaurs need to be shot 3 times or more to be cured.

    I unlocked this Achievement with a number of dead dinosaurs so I don’t think these will affect it. I also used the ACU helicopter’s camera to complete the secondary objective to photograph all dinosaur species for the Sharp Focus Achievement.
  • green light opsgreen light ops245,627
    18 Jun 2019 19 Jun 2019 19 Jun 2019
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    (EDIT: I don’t know why, but TA isn’t updating to show that I’ve unlocked this achievement.)
    (EDIT #2: Apparently the dead Apatosaurus may or may not be a universal occurrence, so take with a grain of salt.)

    On Nublar North, once you acquire the vaccine for the dinosaurs’ respiratory malaise (volcanic silicosis), you’ll be tasked with vaccinating every dinosaur on the island to ready them for evacuation.

    Very straightforward, just control a Ranger Jeep and drive around the island, medicating every dinosaur you see.

    I will say, I had a legitimate scare when one of my apatosaurs died from the illness because I couldn’t get to them in time. (I had a breakout to deal with earlier on, which may have cut my time down.) But after slogging through the mission, I ended up getting the achievement anyway, which led me to one of two realizations:

    1) Dead dinosaurs do not count against you; the only requirement is that you vaccinate them YOURSELF.


    2) The achievement is buggy.
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    GdinutI had a few of them die on me including 2 apatosaurus and the carnotaurus. At least 2 Gallimimus/struthiomimus also died on me. But like WhiterValkyrie i waited for the mission to give me the order to start healing.
    Posted by Gdinut on 20 Jun 19 at 14:02
    Sam PardonI got it on my third try. One tip I'd like to give that nobody else mentioned is to not task the ranger team with anything. If your fences brake use the ranger team to manually repair it. That is the only thing I did different from my previous attempts and this time it unlocked.
    Posted by Sam Pardon on 28 Jun 19 at 13:50
    KennyannydennyThe latest patch should have fixed this achievement being buggy: https://www.reddit.com/r/jurassicworldevo/comments/cayx68/up...
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 09 Jul 19 at 19:09
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