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Player of the Mad Mage achievement in Neverwinter

Player of the Mad Mage

Complete Dungeon: Lair of the Mad Mage

Player of the Mad Mage-2.1
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How to unlock the Player of the Mad Mage achievement

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    NOTE TO THE NEGATIVE VOTERS: I don't understand why I keep wasting my time writing these solutions. Negative votes tell other people that a solution is missing something or is just not good. Which means some people don't even bother reading the solution because they think it's waste of their time. Now I'm not saying this is a perfect solution so please tell me what's still bugging you about this achievement? How can I make this better? If there's going to be a lot more negative votes then I guess I'll just delete this and rather not spend any additional second of my own time in trying to help others. It's not like I HAVE to help you.

    The dungeon Lair of the Mad Mage (known also as LoMM in-game) unlocks after you complete the Undermountain campaign. Unlike most other campaigns you can run through Undermountain in one sitting if you like. There are no weekly caps for currencies that are required to complete campaign tasks.

    The dungeon has a minimum item level of 20,000 and you need to be level 80. You should reach level 80 easily before the end of the campaign.

    Before going in to the dungeon you should reach most of the stat caps on your character. Here are the stat caps you should reach (armor penetration is most important, the rest don’t really have an order of importance, you should try to cap all of them):

    DPS Classes
    68,000 Armor penetration
    68,000 Critical strike
    68,000 Accuracy

    Focus on getting power as high as you can after these. Power has no cap. Combat Advantage has a cap of 118,000 but it’s the hardest one to cap so don’t worry about it too much yet.

    Paladin tank (most likely these same apply for Fighter)
    68,000 Defense
    68,000 Deflection
    73,000 Critical Avoidance
    78,000 Awareness

    After these stats I would focus on getting hitpoints to at least 400,000 and you want to have your armor penetration close to 68,000 as well so you can make damage to the mimics during the first boss (more on that later).

    I’m not too sure about healer’s stats as I don’t play one myself. But I’ve heard the critical strike cap of 68,000 doesn’t apply to healers so you might want to get that over the cap and of course more power = more healing. If someone knows good stats for a healer in LoMM then please comment and I’ll add them to the guide.

    The phases between bosses are pretty straightforward, just follow the glowing dust and kill all the enemies you encounter. That’s why I’m only going to write tips about the boss fights for this guide.

    A good group combination is 1 tank, 1 cleric and 3 dps. I’ve done it with 1 tank, 2 clerics and 2 dps as well but the 2nd cleric was built for dps on those runs.

    First boss

    The first boss is called Arcturia.

    Arcturia is the hardest boss of the dungeon. You start off by hitting the boss and getting 2 bars of health down. After that the mimic phase starts. There are 4 corners in the room and each corner has it’s own color so it’s easier to coordinate where people go. The tank and the healer will go together to one corner (usually the green corner) and the 3 DPS classes will each go to their own corners (blue, yellow and purple). The mimics spawn in to the corners and you need to kill them before they reach the platform near the middle of the room. If the mimics reach the platforms they will turn into golems and the more golems you have the harder it is to kill the boss.

    Tip: The doohickey does a lot of damage so you should have it equipped to the potion tray. You can buy it from the trade house from the refinement category.

    After the mimic phase you go back to hitting the boss. Now after a while one of the players will be put inside a cocoon and they will be unable to move or do anything. The healer needs to heal this person who is inside the cocoon to full health or otherwise they will die. The cocoon will explode and if any other player is near it then they will die. So whenever there is a player inside a cocoon, the healer needs to heal that player and everyone needs to get away from the explosion (including the healer).

    Tip: If you are in a party chat you should say “cocoon” if you are stuck inside of it so the healer knows that you need healing. There’s only a few seconds before the cocoon explodes.

    Tip for the cleric: Using the encounter Intercession is advised. Most of the time the player inside the cocoon has the least amount of hit points and Intercession will heal them without having to aim.

    After the cocoon explodes you’ll go back to hitting the boss and after a while the mimic phase comes again and after that another cocoon again.

    There are a lot of things going on during this boss. There are butterflies, some black liquid on the ground and green gas you need to avoid. Also the boss sometimes does the stun move where an orange eye pops up above it’s head so you need to look away to avoid the long stun. Then there’s the “I need a hug” which was introduced in Svardborg, meaning if there’s arrows pointing towards you, you need to go close to other players so you don’t take damage.

    Second boss

    The second boss is Boreworm.

    Tip: As a preparation for this boss fight at least 2 people in the group should have the Sigil of the Paladin equipped. It helps a lot. The cleric should have Hallowed Ground equipped.

    At first you start off by hitting the boss normally. After a while a text pops up saying “The boreworm’s retreat causes the sands to shift” which means the sand will start to move towards the middle. You need to stay away from the middle or you’ll die. There’s boulders spawning around the map and the boulders start to go towards the middle as well. You need to hit and destroy the boulders before they reach the middle but be careful not to get sucked in by going too near the hole.

    After the boulder phase ends you should go near the door where you came in and under the stone structure that is holding a fire. There will be rocks dropping down from the ceiling and this stone structure will protect you. Now if any boulders got through this part will be a bit longer. The healer needs to keep healing everyone while everyone stands under the stone structure. This is where the paladin sigil helps a lot. The cleric should put Hallowed Ground down and after that ends the sigils should be put down. You need a little communication here so you can time all of them correctly.

    After the rocks stop dropping from the ceiling you’ll go back to hitting the boss. This is a perfect spot to save your mount powers and artifacts and do the bigger hits. After a while the boulder phase starts again but this time there will be golems spawning in addition to the boulders. Ignore the golems and just focus on getting as many boulders crushed as you can. After the boulders stop spawning rinse and repeat the same you did before. Go under the stone structure. This time the golems will come to you and you need to kill at least most of them to make the fight easier for you. Healing, Hallowed Ground and sigils.

    Tip: It seems that if you leave a golem or two alive they will do damage to the worm or reset the stacks it has gathered from the boulders.

    Tip: Don’t go too close to the worm because you might get sucked in to the hole straight away when that phase starts. It has happened to me on my tank.
    That’s basically the phases of this boss. Just keep hitting it, destroy the boulders and go stand under the stone structure to be safe from the falling rocks.

    Third boss

    The final boss is Trobriand.

    This is probably the easiest boss in the dungeon. You again start off by hitting the boss. After some time scorpions will start spawning. You need to focus on the scorpions first and forget about the boss for a while. The tank should try to keep the boss away from the others while they take down the scorpions. They hit hard so you should try avoiding their hits.

    The fight continues like this up until the boss has 3 health bars left. At that point you need to destroy all the 4 electric towers that are in the corners of this boss room. You should go together as one group and take them down one by one. Communication makes things easier here as well. After you have taken down the last tower you should quickly get back to the middle platform, the cleric should put Hallowed Ground down and the paladin sigil should be put down as well. There will be a big hit coming and if you die from it you will die for good and can’t be revived.

    Tip: The paladin could also pop up Shield of Faith daily if they have it ready.

    After the explosion just finish the boss and if there’s more scorpions spawning kill them first.

    That’s it! The dungeon is now done. The hardest part is the first boss like I mentioned earlier already. If you can get past it then you should get past the dungeon without any major issues.

    If there’s something I could add to this guide please leave a comment. If you vote negatively please let me know how I can make this better.
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    JarheadwayneI think your guide is spot on. I don’t know why you got down votes. Maybe those people can’t complete the dungeon? Lol
    Posted by Jarheadwayne on 05 Jul 19 at 14:49
    CATFISH504Guide looks good and solid. Don't know why the negative votes. Know a lot of ppl are still hurt from bans and the mod 16 changes and them still not being able to get all +5 rings so they negative everything they can out of spite maybe.. Also are you 100% on your dps caps? I play TR and for me Accuracy and Armor Pen cap at 66,000 while Crit caps at 61,000 also combat advantage caps at 106,000. dps class should focus Accuracy> ArmorPen> crit> power> combat advantage..
    Posted by CATFISH504 on 06 Jul 19 at 18:19
    MathNotEvenOnceUpvoted, he put in the guide the caps for LOMM. 68K armpen (unless Barbie with overpen feat), 68K crit, 118K CA. 68K Accuracy, rest into power.
    Posted by MathNotEvenOnce on 07 Jul 19 at 18:26
    JappeThanks for the feedback guys.
    Posted by Jappe on 07 Jul 19 at 18:56
    JappeOne more negative vote without feedback on how to make it better and this solution is deleted.
    Posted by Jappe on 13 Jul 19 at 09:18
    Shadow 00 FoxI'd recommend ignoring the trolls... don't feed the trolls and don't let the trolls win...! They're angry, and big, and green, at least they think they're big, they're really very very tiny and losers in their mom's basements.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 13 Jul 19 at 18:47
    JappeI mean the voting system is useless anyway so they should just remove it completely and just leave a report solution button there. Then if there's lots of comments saying the solution doesn't work a moderator could delete it
    Posted by Jappe on 13 Jul 19 at 22:35
    Uplink oo SevenLove the guide, you do great work dont listen to those down votes, wanted to add for healers crit should be 1/3 higher then power. Makes you a super healer. Buddy has a 25.6k healer thsts what hes doing and works amazing for us.
    Posted by Uplink oo Seven on 23 Jan 20 at 21:37
    MichuTop notch guide man, very helpful for a first timer!
    Posted by Michu on 11 Jul 20 at 02:38
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