Crackdown 3: Campaign

Crackdown 3: Campaign
Crackdown 3: Campaign

Flying High

2.997,8071,125 (14%)1-2 h
Flying High

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Frequent Flyer

Accumulate 30 minutes of flight time using the Wingsuit with a single Agent.

Frequent Flyer0
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Achievement Guide for Frequent Flyer

  • Toms SpaghettiToms Spaghetti485,823
    29 Jun 2019 29 Jun 2019
    5 0 0
    This achievement is pretty straightforward and may not need a guide, but I figured I would post what I did.

    First, complete all the races and you should be around 50% of the way.

    Second, fast travel to Supply Point: TerraNova HQ Summit in New Pantheon and glide off the top of the building. Do this again about 5 times and you will notice the achievement tracker go up in large chunks each time.

    Overall, after you do the races it should take about 15 more minutes to complete (haha...).
  • The SCHWARTZ 00The SCHWARTZ 00671,958
    29 Jun 2019 29 Jun 2019
    3 0 0
    You'll get this naturally trying to complete all the wingsuit races with a Gold medal. If you're an ace wingsuiter and you complete them all first try, then just jump off structures and wingsuit around the city doing your best Batman in Arkham City impersonation and it will pop in no time.
  • meatman75meatman75725,098
    06 Aug 2019 07 Aug 2019 07 Aug 2019
    1 0 0
    Once you have completed the campaign mission at TerraNova HQ, you unlock a supply point at the top of the tower, which is in the middle of the map. You can fast travel back to that point called “Supply Point: TerraNova HQ Summit”.

    Once you spawn there, you can run off the edge of the building, click cn_RB to engage the wingsuit and fly as far as you can before you touch down. You can almost walk away from your controller and make a sammich while you fly, as long as you don't hit a building or a map border. Once you land, go back to the closest supply point and respawn at “TerraNova HQ Summit” over and over again until you get your 30 minutes.

    Here is my capture doing it.

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