Showing Some Dedication achievement in Wreckfest

Showing Some Dedication

Reach Player Rank 50.

Showing Some Dedication-3.0
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How to unlock the Showing Some Dedication achievement

  • CheshireMulishaCheshireMulisha1,326,967
    08 Mar 2021 09 Mar 2021 26 Mar 2021
    46 0 9
    As of 08/03/2021 I think this is the quickest method to gain xp.

    Obviously before this you should finish all of the championships, multiplayer and miscellaneous achievements before grinding this. You'll probably be at around level 40 which is about 66% of the way to level 50.

    First of all upgrade the Lawnmower so that it has the race engine (Money shouldn't be an issue)

    Map: Motorcity Circuit

    Vehicle: Lawnmower

    Event Type: Bangor Race
    Laps: 60
    Opponents: 23
    Ai Vehicle: Lawnmower
    Damage: Realistic

    Difficulty: Very Hard (If you want to change shifting back to Automatic you can and according to comments this doesn't affect the XP earned)

    With the engine improvement you should be the fastest vehicle on the grid. When the race starts accelerate into the lawnmower in front of you and then try to hit as many after that as you can (If using manual shifting press cn_A to shift up when the revs go into the red). I would normally hit around 3 or 4 in basically a straight line. Then just crash into the wall to wreck yourself. It should take 10-20 seconds.

    If you crash straight into the wall you'll get around 12k xp for 10-20 seconds work.
    If you hit a few other lawnmowers before wrecking yourself you'll get around 20k xp in the same amount of time (Depending on what contact bonuses you get credit for (Spin out, Crash out, Wrecked etc.)

    Depending on how fast you are this is 4-8 times quicker than the 2 minute deathmatch method for the same amount of xp!

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    Jon81DBrilliant guide, there are 2 things to note though, firstly you can use automatic gears with no change to the multiplier and if you change the difficulty up to very hard, it doesn't change the ai difficulty, so that needs to be manually changed, the difference between novice ai and expert is from 1.95 to 2.1, but changing from manual gears to automatic or even manual with clutch, leaves the multiple at 2.1.
    Posted by Jon81D on 26 Mar at 11:10
    CheshireMulishaThanks Jon81D I'll update the solution
    Posted by CheshireMulisha on 26 Mar at 12:21
    ResinousHashishbest solution by far, taking me 30-45 seconds per match with loading (series X), and I am netting 13k-16k XP each time.
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 11 Apr at 18:37
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  • RexDarrRexDarr254,246
    01 Sep 2019 26 Aug 2019 20 Aug 2020
    40 12 18

    Experience can be earned in both career and custom events (BiLLzuMaNaTi has confirmed that XP can be earned online as well).
    You can also farm credits in custom events to use in career mode.

    This method nets you a lot of XP (40,000-60,000+) and over 10,000 credits per race. You don't need to complete all the laps, just be the last car standing

    Custom Event

    You: your strongest car
    23 lawnmowers or sofa cars
    Motorcity circuit
    60 laps
    realistic damage
    hard difficulty
    expert AI

    They do a pretty good job of taking themselves out but you get more XP when you wreck them. Take out the entire field and make sure you have the fastest lap. Then wreck yourself and net those credits and XP!
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    WcG iFredy29For anyone asking how to pick the AI cars it seems to me that under AI vehicles you just pick "Same As Player" and they all have the same cars as you.
    Posted by WcG iFredy29 on 19 Feb at 01:29
    exactor itThis solution works again. You can choose lawn mower for AI and pick any car you want yourself. Some tips: choose shorter tracks on 60 laps. The quicker you can finish the race the better. Pick the A class car that is black. Driving in reverse direction is ok although you cause yourself massive damage and you need to redo the laps when they are all DNF. I found it quicker to stay at the front of the race and wait for cars to catch up. The grind is not so long as it was. I went from 39 to 50 in about an hour and a half (something like 10 races to finish it up). In fact I haven't even got the 100 wrecks yet.
    Posted by exactor it on 19 Feb at 17:39
    JKSullivanI finished all other achievements and was only level 33 - this seems to be a good farming method, doing it twice brought me almost to level 40. 3 or 4 more runs should do it...

    And to correct what WcG iFredy29 said - to pick the AI cars, go to the "Event Options" section, and keep scrolling the "AI Vehicle" selector all the way to the right - once you get far enough, you'll start to see specific cars instead of just class descriptions, the lawnmower shows up as one of the first, and the sofa car is almost all the way to the right
    (or go left from the default for Class A).
    Posted by JKSullivan on 09 Mar at 03:59
  • RenattoooRenattooo405,744
    27 Aug 2019 27 Aug 2019 27 Aug 2019
    24 3 1
    Here is my Custom Event:

    Track: Fairfield County

    Car: used the main car with only performance upgrade

    Deathmatch 2-20 MINS (see below), 23 opponents, AI Vehicle Sofa Car, Damage Realistic

    HARD difficulty, Automatic, ABS off, TCS off, Stability off, difficulty Expert.

    With 2 mins you can easy wreck 8-10+ cars and get 18-20K EXP points and 2.640 CR (FYI with 10 mins setup got 50 wreck and got 41k and same 2.640CR).

    For LEVEL 25 you need 390k EXP points
    For LEVEL 40 you need 990k EXP points
    For LEVEL 45 you need 1.230k EXP points
    For LEVEL 50 you need 1.530k EXP points
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    Arsenic 17Not sure if they patched this or not, but this did not work for me. The opponents always fly off the sofa cars for 10 points. They dont get wrecked (for 200 points). This results in very little XP.

    The method I used was similar though. Same map and settings, but pick the bus for your car and the supervan for the opponents. Then just do a reverse donut the entire time in the bus hitting the cars with little aiming. You can get 100k XP in 20 minutes.
    Posted by Arsenic 17 on 30 Mar at 16:39
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