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Chrome Lord in Blazing Chrome

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Complete the Boss Rush Mode.

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Boss Rush mode is unlocked by beating the game once and will appear on the main menu screen to select. In this mode you must defeat every boss in the game one after another. The difficulty is set to normal so you start with the standard 5 lives as well as 2 continues if you should run out. As a bonus you will earn a third continue when you get to the chapter VI bosses. Below is a video of my boss run done in 14:03 as well as a boss summary below that.

Mission I Boss 1 (0:00-00:18): Pretty straight forward, quickly switch to the whip and run under the boss and whip it to death.

Mission I Boss 2 (00:18-1:23): Another straight forward boss, the whip is your friend here as well. Aim for the head until the robot heart is exposed and attack that until it retreats. This fight is basically several cycles of attacking the head then heart. The attacks are relatively easy to dodge, stay to the left side of the screen as it punches to avoid being hit. The green ball attack will go towards your last position so try to jump up while it charges. It's pink orb attack also attacks to the last position you were in, I found it easier to be on the ground and jump over it when it happens.

Mission II Boss 1 (1:35-2:00): You are on the hover bike vehicle for this fight, bring out the whip immediately and aim up. The boss will take some damage while jumping over you, the boss will come back from the right hand side of the screen so keep whipping in that direction. The first attack is a laser shot that goes across the screen, in order to dodge it wait until the beam goes from red to white and jump. Switch to the grenade launcher and start firing. The boss will shoot out grenades from the top, make sure to shoot these out of the air before the fall down on you. It will shoot 3 of them and then fly upwards. If you have been shooting the entire time it should be dead right about now.

Mission II Boss 2 (2:06-2:38): You can one cycle this boss pretty easily. Start by dodging the bouncing ball attack, you will have to do this 3 times. Once you have dodged all 3 attacks jump up to the top rail and move as far right as possible. Spam the grenade launcher and dodge any energy balls and the main laser cannon the boss uses when needed. Repeat this process until the boss dies.

Mission II Boss 3 (2:46-3:22): Start the fight with the whip and try to get a hit or two in before the first attack. The first attack consists of blue electric balls that on impact of the ground split into electric shocks that travel in both directions. The boss will do this 3 times until the next attack phase. The boss will now move into the back ground and fire out small electric balls in a set pattern. Most of the time you can run right under the boss and aim up and whip the boss for some massive damage. Once the boss starts leaving, switch to the grenade launcher and start firing and aim for the space in between the center of the body and head. You can hit both places at once with the launcher. When the boss leaves the screen it will come back while shooting lighting down from it's tail piece. Roll under the boss in between bolts to get behind the boss and shoot some more with the launcher. The boss will return from the right hand side of the screen, while it does fir more rounds into it. If enough damage was done it will die right here. If not, you will have to dodge lightening strikes in the next phase before the entire cycle starts again.

Mission III Boss 1 (3:35-4:06): A very easy boss, aim straight up with the grenade launcher and fire. The elevator spider will shoot green shots at you now and again, these are very easy to dodge and posses little to no threat. Eventually spikey wheels will spawn in, make quick work of them with the launcher and continue shooting until it is dead.

Mission III Boss 2 (4:16-5:40): You start the fight in a room with 2 eyeballs as well as 4 teeth hole things. Focus on blowing up the 2 eyeballs with the grenade launcher, dodge the tentacle eye thing when it comes out of the holes. This is random so you will need to be paying attention to them the entire fight. Once the eyes are gone, switch back to the main gun and wait for the tentacle to pop out of the holes. Melee it every time it comes of the hole until the holes are broken. The former holes will spew acid every once and a while so be careful. Once all of the holes are gone phase 2 of the fight will begin. The tick is a pretty straight forward boss once you know the pattern. Begin by shooting directly to the right, the tick will jump up and over you. Stay under the boss for now and shoot up while moving left and right with the boss, this can be tricky at first but you will soon figure out how it moves. Eventually the boss will jump up again, roll away from it this time as it will hit you if you do not. Continue shooting it until it jumps up again and as before, go below it and shoot up at the weak point. The boss should be dead around this point in the cycle.

Mission IV Boss 1 (5:44-6:19): This boss does not have a lot of health and can be taken out with the assault rifle rather quickly. The fight is pretty simple, shoot while dodging the bosses grenade and shotgun style attacks. The shotgun attacks are made up of 3 shots that go up, down, and forward that are pretty spaced out. The grenade attack consists of 2 grenades thrown one right after another. Once the boss losses enough health it will throw an incendiary grenade on the floor setting the whole thing on fire. Keep on shooting as the boss is almost dead at this point.

Alternatively, as soon as the fight starts hold down to go prone and hold the fire button and do not let go. The boss will move close to you to shoot, but do not worry as his attacks will just barely miss you. Credit goes to JTorto for this method.

Mission IV Boss 2 (6:31-7:06): Easy peasy, shoot the bosses arms and head while running towards the right. The only attacks this boss does is shoot bullets and a missile here and there that are easy to evade.

Mission IV Boss 3 (8:30-9:05): Another relatively easy boss, going into this fight with a few lives grants you the upgrades for the flying suit which makes very quick work of the boss. Aim for the right weapon first (energy ball one), if the boss shoots missiles from the left you can shoot them down quickly and easily. After the right arm is gone go for the left one, once this is gone aim for the center and dodge the energy balls it shoots from the chest.

Mission V Boss 1 (9:14-10:50): This boss is actually 3 mini bosses you must defeat one after another. The first boss is probably the easiest, use the whip on it for a constant damage stream and keep mindful of the robot bugs flying around. You will need to jump over the first snowball it rolls at you. Keep whipping it and when it does the second snowball you will need to go under it when it bounces up off the ground. The second boss is a flying robot that will quickly die from grenade rounds. It will shoot 3 balls at you which are easily dodged so continue shooting. After a while it will use it's ball and chain attack, wait for it to charge up and move as the ball is coming down to evade. The third and hardest boss is the bear robot. This one is a bit tricky to get the hang of. Firstly use the pulse cannon weapon to charge up and then fire backwards into the bears face. When the bear jumps at you need to slow down a bit and then go forward again so it does not land on you. The bear's face plate will eventually fall off and it will start shooting at you. While all of this is happening you will need to jump every once in a while to avoid the spike walls.

Mission V Boss 2 (10:51-11:27): The robot arm is a very simple boss fight, what you need to watch out for is the 4 enemy doors that spawn in robots. The grenade launcher is your best friend here. It will both murder the robots in 1 shot as well as do insane damage to the boss. When enemy's spawn in make them your number 1 priority before you start damaging the boss.

Mission V Boss 3 (11:35-14:21): Phase 1, shoot the light bulb things at top of the screen until all 4 are broken while making sure to kill enemies when they spawn in. Phase 2, shoot the blub thing on the right hand side while dodging it shots. Phase 3, the worm. A couple things here, it really does not matter what weapon you use here, the assault rifle is the slowest to kill it but still works well. This boss has two attacks, the first is when it swims past on the bottom of the screen it will leap over the platforms and drop acid balls while doing so. Make sure you are on the bottom platforms when it does this attack. Shoot it while it is coming out of the acid and as it flies over you. The second attack is telegraphed by acid splashes coming from the bottom platform. Make sure you are one the top platforms and on the opposite side of the splashes of which it appears. The boss will pop up and this is your chance to shoot it once again. Several cycles of these two attacks will be enough to kill it, beware of flying enemies that will eventually spawn from the right and left sides of the screens.

Mission VI Boss 1 (14:34-15:21): Phase 1, the little robot is pretty easy take down using the assault rifle and melee attacks. It has a basic mid range attack and a rolling attack that can both be easily avoided. Phase 2, the gorilla robot. All you need is the assault rifle and some simple movement. Back yourself into the side of the room where the robot is not and start shooting. It will start moving towards you and stop then jump towards you, roll under it. Parts of the ceiling will start smoking, go under an area where this is not happening and wait for the ceiling pieces to fall. The gorilla bot will then proceed to throw a grenade, stand close to the robot and move away when the grenade gets thrown. Repeat this process until it is dead.

Mission VI Boss 2

Phase 1 (15:35): The grenade launcher makes quick work of this phase. There are 3 attacks this boss does, the first is when it is in the air and it shoots barrage of bullets down at you. The second attack is a dash attack when it is at ground level, the boss will move to one side of the room and then dash towards you either at ground level or slightly above it. If it is above it, you can roll under and if it is at ground level you can easily jump over.

Phase 2 (16:22): The sword phase, boss only has 3 attacks and are easy enough to dodge. Stay away from the boss and when it raises it's sword get ready to jump. Shortly after the first attack it will do another similar sword attack so get ready to jump again after it raises it's sword. The third attack is a super sword slam, when the boss is getting ready to attack roll under it when it jumps. While dodging it's attacks you should be shooting it with the assault rifle and after a cycle and a bit this phase will be over.

Phase 3 (16:39): Switch to the whip an aim straight up in the middle of the room. The boss will attack by shooting blue fire at you one at a time from each hand, so jump over these while still attacking the boss. The second attack for this phase is a laser eye beam that marks where it's fire pillars will be. Just move away from this and you will be fine. The phase will end shortly if you have been attacking it the entire time.

Phase 4 (16:55): The next phase is pretty similar to the one before it expect that there are now flying diamonds you need to damage. The whip is also good here as well but anything will work. Jump over the blue fire attacks from the hands while whipping the diamonds as they pass by.

Phase 5 (17:09) You will be pulled into a weird space with cubes, some empty some with enemies. Do not get hit by the cubes as they will hurt you. The ones with enemies spawn those enemies as you move by them. Once at the end of this area there is a fight with a holographic character. If you have several lives at this point it is worth it to run up to them and melee them, once you get hit just keep mashing melee on them. If not, keep your distance and shoot the holograph.

Phase 6 (18:25): You will be pulled back into the normal realm and need to destroy the remaining diamond. If you still have the whip continue with the damage stream to the diamond, if not any other weapon will work but is a little slower. The only new attack is a greenish/yellow beam from the diamond itself which is easy enough to evade.

Phase 7 (18:41) Back to the other realm, same deal as before. Evade the cubes again and get to the end where you need to fight one last holographic character. If you have the lives go in with melee spam, if not, shoot from afar. The holographic character does not have a lot of health and is taken down quickly.

Congrats on finishing boss rush!
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