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Circus Master achievement in Decay

Circus Master

Balance across the hole as true master in Part 4.

Circus Master0
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How to unlock the Circus Master achievement

  • OzbrithianOzbrithian
    23 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020
    The other guide and the walkthrough are great and all but I wanna make it clear for the next guy that in order to unlock the achievement you don't just have to get across, you need to make sure the line NEVER touches Red or Yellow. And it's a pain.

    I can't give much better advice for how to do it other than to keep crossing or dying until you get it, and if you keep trying for 20 minutes like I did, getting all stressed out, get up, do something else for awhile, maybe make a coffee, then sit back down, put on some music, and you'll get it, maybe on your 2nd try.

    Also the movements you have to counter are random, so some runs will be easier than others, maybe you just gotta get lucky.

    It'll pop instantly when you get it.
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    Inferno118Thanks for the tip for keeping it in the green, the walkthrough was missing this info! I got it on my 2nd retry by hard pressing the left stick each time it switched directions. It helped to keep it aligned properly
    Posted by Inferno118 on 30 Jul 20 at 21:22
    OurEvilLetterP7I don't know what you mean by hard pressing? clicking the joystick? What finally worked for me was IGNORING what happened on screen. As weird as that sounds yes. Simply move the joystick back and forth consistently. TRYING to do it by where the needle is actually is what makes you fail. This gives me flash backs to one of the SAW games where it was exactly the same way. Almost impossible to balance if you try to keep using the character to choose where to push the joystick. Yet beyond easy if you ignore it and just keep moving the joystick at the same pace.
    Posted by OurEvilLetterP7 on 23 Dec 20 at 21:52
    NativeB1ood^ could not agree with evil more. Gave it a couple tries managing it as the character moved and it was completely uncontrollable. Literally just moving the stick left and right, nearly immediately after each other kept it almost completely in the middle and made it stupid easy.
    Posted by NativeB1ood on 29 Apr 21 at 17:02
    LORDOFDOOKIE69Inferno's method worked best for me. Had to do it 3 times as even though I stayed in the green the first 2 it still registered me going yellow so it's pretty touchy on where you can go. I think what he meant by "hard pressing" is each time the meter moves one way you move the stick the opposite way and hold it for about half a second.
    Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 06 Jun 21 at 19:13
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