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Got 500 points as a Stalker within a single mission

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How to unlock the Monkeywrench achievement

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    There is an easy way to cheese this achievement with one other player. Follow the below steps:

    -Ensure both players are level 5+, you have a stalker dossier, and both players have enabled stalkers by visiting the van (if you do not have the disable stalker option in the gameplay options menu, you haven’t enabled it).
    -Have a friend host a friends-only game and join to make it coop (host will not be Stalker).
    -Have BOTH players start with the crossbow
    -Press Select after the game loads, press RB to highlight backpack, then have the non-host person that wants to be the Stalker highlight their dart and drop it for the other player.
    -Have the player that dropped their dart quit the game and rejoin. Continue dropping and rejoining until the host has a full inventory of darts and a few extra dropped on the ground in any easy to find location.
    -Since spotting incapacitated enemies will net you about 100 Stalker points, you need enough darts to hit 5 enemies and have extra for backups since sometimes they don’t count 100 (especially if you record them back to back too quickly)
    -Once the host player has enough darts, have the non-host player quit and immediately stalk a game. It may be good to check the lobbies to ensure there aren’t too many stalkable games and do this at low volume periods, but we have done this every time with no issues with connecting to the friend game as it registers it coop after you quit and stalk quickly. Also note, no need to change from friends only, you can still stalk the game and it ensures randoms won’t mess you up!
    -After you have stalked your friends game, have them use the darts to hit enemies near spawn. They can even pick them up and bring them to a centralized location, but don’t scan the bodies until there are at least 5 incapacitated as the host will get chased by the figure..
    -Once there is 5 or more incapacitated enemies, scan the targets. Have host be ready as the figure will likely come after the first couple of scans. Recommend hiding on a roof prior. Note that if you scan bodies back to back too quickly, it may not award the full 100, so be careful.

    This should net you the achievement, but if you messed up, either reset or help the host search for more darts or sleep traps so they can incapacitate more targets for you to scan. You can record broken doors or the host, but it doesn’t give you many points at all so unless you’re close, the figure will likely get them before you finish. Also, if your friend needs the achievement for kicking a stalker, now is a good time assuming your achievement popped.

    Pro tip: If a random does join and ruins it, have the defeated stalker rejoin the game as a coop and finish the game and he can pick up a Stalker dossier for the defeated Stalker 😆Also, if host dies, you should be able to pick up your dossier from the hideout to use again on the next run. You can purchase them in the van menu using snacks if you need more.

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    IGRIEF247Is they anyway you could help us with this please and the believer achievements too
    Posted by IGRIEF247 on 21 Oct 21 at 12:55
    HealttiHaving finished one match as stalker is a prerequisite, in addition to having the dossier and being lv5+, otherwise you wont be able to have stalkers enabled in your game. Technically speaking the two stalker achvs are viral.

    People who've previously completed the game most likely sacrificed their character for that one achievement as the last thing they did in the game and as a result wont be able to help.
    Posted by Healtti on 31 Oct 22 at 21:25
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  • LEGEND 3LEGEND 3396,641
    21 Mar 2021 21 Mar 2021
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    So, this achievement looks like it's not realistically accessible given no matches can be found. Also, despite having never done one before, my game was invaded. Naturally this was when I was only playing with one friend and not the usual 4 of us, and I was preoccupied / AFK. So whoever invaded us had a really easy time. That coupled with the game mechanics screwing us over constantly (was capturing them and a shape appeared out of nowhere mid capture and interrupted it), left a really strong hatred towards this game.

    If anyone wants to help each other get these achievements out of the way I am up for it.
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    LEGEND 3Another annoyance with this achievement is joining a host game only to have the mission failed screen appear, thereby wasting a stalker dossier.

    And to further add frustration to this achievement, when you finally do magically find a game to invade you may arrive to a screen informing you that there is already a stalker present "there can be only one". Then you're booted back to your lobby. Fun...
    Posted by LEGEND 3 on 21 Mar 21 at 19:19
    IGRIEF247Hey would you help us need the believer& monkey wrench achievement?
    Posted by IGRIEF247 on 15 Sep 21 at 23:47
    K1NG CH4RLESMessage me if anyone wants to boost the achievements to this horrible, horrible game.
    Posted by K1NG CH4RLES on 26 Apr 22 at 09:32
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