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Taking One For The Team achievement in Dead by Daylight

Taking One For The Team

Protect a recently unhooked Survivor by taking a hit near them 250 times.

Taking One For The Team-1.6
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How to unlock the Taking One For The Team achievement

  • PixelFixedPixelFixed254,828
    28 Jul 2019 26 Jul 2019 28 Jul 2019
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    there are three requirements needed for the counter to go up:

    1. you must be close (7 feet-ish) to the unhooked survivor. (i like to heal them so they don't move and i know they'll stay put until the killer can catch up)

    2. you must be hit within 7 seconds (approximating) of when the survivor was unhooked. it's a very short window.

    3. you must get protection points shown on the left side of the screen.

    be close to a chase. i like to use bond (the only perk worth anything, imo), and when they are down you must be VERY close. by the time they are hooked you need to be within several feet or on the opposite side of the wall because the killer will then begin to move away after they're hooked. IMMEDIATELY run for the hook because you need him to come back and the time countdown will have started.

    typically i will get hit, run to something super close to block my view and watch for the unhooked to be caught again. once hooked again i run and unhook yet again though i will be downed that time. (deliverance wink)

    you can get credit for getting hit while mid-unhook, but it's flaky.
    you can still get credit if they down the unhooked survivor first. let them still hit you after.
    you must be the first hit after the unhook (barring the survivor that was hooked). you can't be the second.
    it seems killer special attacks and the huntress' hatchets will not count as a 'hit.'
    the achievement tracker is slow sometimes and can take up to a full 10 seconds to reflect the tick.
    4% of the time you will not get credit though everything was done correctly. roll

    i'm sure this was an attempt to cut down on tunneling, but with the low amount of seconds one actually has it makes it much worse for the team because the killer must essentially be with you during the unhook.

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    DomainThis information is very useful but man this achievements shouldn't be this much of a grind
    Posted by Domain on 02 Jun 20 at 06:37
    StEalThY cAt 3I used
    self care - for full health to get other survivors , borrowed time- so killer doesn’t hit them after the unhook,
    we’ll make it - the unhooked survivor usually stays near you so you can heal them , and
    bond- to know where the killer is chasing the other survivors
    Posted by StEalThY cAt 3 on 15 Aug 20 at 05:14
    Ravenpaw14I would use this build, as it makes the most of what you are trying to do:
    Mettle of Man, Were Gonna Live Forever, Borrowed Time, and a perk of your choice.
    You get stacks of MoM and WGLF by taking hits, and the unhooked have an extra protection too.
    Posted by Ravenpaw14 on 10 Nov 20 at 09:39
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  • cathair9292cathair9292397,228
    16 Aug 2019 25 Jul 2019 22 Aug 2019
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    Use a survivor you have self care, and empathy on and just wait somewhere safe until another survivor is hit and then just follow the chase closely until they are downed.

    Once they’re hooked find a pallet or window near the hook and make noise after the killer leaves the immediate vicinity. The killer should then come back toward the hook and once they are close save the hooked survivor (be careful that you don’t get grabbed) and make sure to take a hit.

    If you don’t use achievement tracking, the best way I found to know for sure that it counted was the “protection” score you get for taking a hit around another survivor would be 200 points instead of 100. Also it will count if you are past the point of no return when unhooking someone even if they aren’t on the ground yet.

    My personal advice would be to only get %5 progress to this achievement everyday you decide to play dbd, because if you get too bored or frustrated you will become ineffective and it will take much longer.
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    gobey17This achievement is so dumb.

    It be fine I guess if it was like 50 or just make any protection hits count but 250 with very strict parameters is rubbish. Not to mention it normally ruins the game for other players. I've gotten multiple messages being accused of farming and throwing the game. :(
    Posted by gobey17 on 26 Jul 19 at 23:11
    KanadianKevinsame; they need to redo these 2 Achievements cuz doing the last gen AND getting the exit gate as the last survivor when a hatch is right friggin there is super dumb and this is just tedious as all hell

    if you want to be that guy who camps at hooks PLEASE use Borrowed Time so that if your plan backfires you don't kill your team and maybe We're Gonna Live Forever so you can get a small reward while you grind this one out
    Posted by KanadianKevin on 28 Jul 19 at 15:15
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