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Brother 1

Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 1.

Brother 1-1.2
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How to unlock the Brother 1 achievement

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    15 Nov 2019 16 Nov 2019
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    This is the boss battle at the summit of Brother 1.

    This can be a bit of a nightmare if you're playing with the AI partner as they tend to get boxed in by the Ubergarde pretty often and can't come to your aid. However it is possible if you play patiently.

    The Ubergarde is a big robot enemy that has a few attacks. Lasers will fire from the arm guns, and it releases a cloud that it then ignites which will really hurt you, particularly as it's pretty hard to see with everything else going on.

    At least as damaging as this however are the lasers that cover the floor and head-height which are really hard to avoid while on the floor and will truly eff you up very quickly.

    The best way to avoid all of this is to double-jump yourself up to the platforms that ring each of the 'library stacks' that line the centre of the room. Hop up onto one of those (and if you're playing duos, get your partner to hop onto one on the other side of the room). Then you will be able to avoid the floor lasers and the fight becomes at least 50% easier. Keep the stack between you and the Ubergarde and pop out and take shots when it's safe. Kite around the stack to keep it at a disadvantage and aim for the weak spots (the arms and the back) while avoiding its lasers.

    You are likely to get blasted by the cloud attack which the robot often releases on the other side of the stack (out of your viewpoint) and then when it ignites, it can make the whole stack cause damage to you. A quick double-jump to the platfom on the next stack along will minimise this. You will get a bit battered. Remember to keep sending out high-fives (up on the d-pad) or whatever they're called to replenish a bit of your armour.

    Your AI partner will not join you on the platform, preferring to run around on the floor. They will go down frequently. Wait until the lasers on the floor turn off, then hop down and heal them while crouching (this will avoid the other wave of lasers which are closer to head height), then immediately hop back up to the nearest platform.

    If you need more ammo there is a ton of Laserkraftwerk ammo on the desks around the edge of the room (the yellow triangular boxes are what you're looking for) but honestly once it all kicks off it's a bit of a nightmare to tell what the heck's going on and I found it safer to stay platform hopping and shotgunning.

    Anyway. Hope this helps someone!
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