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Indiscriminate achievement in DOOM II (Classic)


Kill one of every enemy

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How to unlock the Indiscriminate achievement

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    This should come naturally as you play. On the ultraviolence difficulty you should have come across every enemy there is by the middle of Map11, as there are no special secret blue enemies in the secret maps, and the final boss doesn’t count.

    However, what may not be obvious, the game needs to register the enemies as killed by the player! So, if you do like I did and let the ceiling crushers and enemy infighting do the killing for you, the kills don’t register. For example, in Map06 (Crusher), on UV difficulty, you can let a certain enemy be killed by a ceiling crusher, and the next opportunity to kill that particular enemy comes as late as Map20, which is where I finally got the achievement.

    Here’s checklist for enemies, in order of appearance (according to my memory) on the Ultraviolence difficulty.

    1. Pistol zombie
    2. Shotgun zombie
    3. Chaingun zombie
    4. Imp (brown fireball guys)
    5. Demon (pink pig)
    6. Spectre (invisible pink pig)
    7. Lost soul (flaming skulls, although I’m not sure if these count, but you’ll surely be killing these).
    8. Cacodemon (floating tomatoes)
    9. Hell knights (goats who say ”aurora” when they die)
    10. Revenant (skeleton guys)
    11. Spider mastermind (big spiders). You’ll first meet this guy on Map06 (on ultra-violence difficulty).
    12. Arachnotrons (small spiders)
    13. Mancubus (fat guys who say ”cannibael-o”)
    14. Baron of Hell (stronger goats)
    15. Cyberdemon (the big goat with rocket launcher). You’ll first see these in Map08.
    16. Pain Elemental (floating moldy potatoes who spit lost souls at you).
    17. Archvile (skinny guys who use magic at you and say ”Avatar!” when they die). You’ll meet first of these guys in Map11 (UV).

    Edit 05/04/2020: There has been an update on the game, which restores the exclusive blue enemies to the secret levels 31 and 32. It has been confirmed (thanks xNeo21x) that these enemies are not required for the achievement.

    Additionally, in case you have missed any kills, the update also included a Level select functionality, which allows you to choose and enter any level to mop up any missed enemies. The most probable misses are the rarer monsters, Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind (others you should come up with very often and in large numbers), which both can be found near the start of level 20 ("Gotcha!"). Remember, that they must die from your weapon fire, not from attacks by other enemies.

    Edit 04/05/2020: Note that the my advice of using level select is based on the conjecture that the achievement tracker keeps on working. Some have reported that level select hasn't been helpful, and that they have had to start an actual new game.

    Also, when going for achievements, make sure you have add-ons (such as Evilution, Plutonia, etc.) disabled, as the achievements are disabled with them.
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    buttmudBrooksI've been playing Doom and Doom II for over 20 years and I can still name every enemy and their attributes from memory but some of your descriptions made me laugh. I've never considered to describe them how they sound when they die and you did a great job (though I'm not sure about the Mancubus saying).
    Posted by buttmudBrooks on 14 Aug 19 at 15:52
    Rhhe82Thanks smile Mancubus was the hardest to describe, because in finnish, which is my native language, they sound as if they say "kannibaalo". The finnish word for cannibal is "kannibaali", so I took a little translatory liberties.

    And I totally forgot that the spider mastermind clearly says "Who are you!?" when it is alerted laugh
    Posted by Rhhe82 on 14 Aug 19 at 15:59
    troyoyAccording to this fabulous web site I am at 94/100 and am only on level 15 on easy. I am going to assume the last one is on level 20 and give it a shot I will let you know. I suck ass at this game and am currently following the guide to find the two secret levels. I hope to beat all levels but will let you know if level 20 finishes this cheeve.
    Posted by troyoy on 08 Feb 20 at 00:30
    xNeo21xCan confirm, the blue uniformed Nazi guys from the Wolfenstein levels DO NOT COUNT towards this achievement. Was at 94% achievement progress before and after killing a few of them.
    Posted by xNeo21x on 02 Apr 20 at 22:54
    Rhhe82Alright, thanks xNeo21x, updated solution accordingly!
    Posted by Rhhe82 on 05 Apr 20 at 12:58
    DDShadowThis achievement is buggy. My tracker was stuck at 82% and would not move further, even after killing all the required enemies multiple times through Level Select. For some reason it just wouldn't count the Cyberdemon, Archvile and Spider Mastermind kills even though I made sure that I not only killed them, but was also the sole damage dealer. Only after starting a New Game from the Main Menu did the tracker move after killing those three again. Annoying.
    Posted by DDShadow on 02 May 20 at 15:14
    Rhhe82Curious - I suppose it is entirely possible, that level select somehow disables achievements? Or maybe something tricks the game to think add-ons are active and thus disables achievements?
    Posted by Rhhe82 on 04 May 20 at 18:55
    Mr SkottoI am stuck on 94% and can't figure out what I am missing. I beat the game on the easiest difficulty. Did anyone else do that and was missing an enemy? I also beat the master levels on easy difficulty.
    Posted by Mr Skotto on 23 Aug 20 at 18:03
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